Entering A New World

Status: Finished

Entering A New World

Status: Finished

Entering A New World Entering A New World

Short Story by: yellowstone

Genre: Fantasy

Short Story by: yellowstone


Genre: Fantasy


Allan, a middle-class boy, goes on sea to a island to find unknown treasure. Two people, Harry and Joe, accompany him and add a bit of fun to his journey.


Allan, a middle-class boy, goes on sea to a island to find unknown treasure. Two people, Harry and Joe, accompany him and add a bit of fun to his journey.


Submitted: February 10, 2014

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Submitted: February 10, 2014





I’m Allan. I’m a kid who comes from a middle-class family, but this story is about how all of that changed. It’s the story of my one of a kind adventure.

We traveled from Britain to china, because we had nothing else to claim as our own. My childhood wasn’t great either. My father had come down with the flu, and no one would help, so we needed to move. When we reached china, we settled in a small hut. Mom, used to go shopping every day, father would rest or help earn money, and I was in charge of looking after my sister. People use to call me monkey boy, because I used to climb on anything, from short trees to shopping stalls out on the streets. Father and Mother, were supposed to loan the landowner some money, but it couldn’t be done on time. one day, they entered into our house and threatened us that if the money didn’t appear in 3 months we would have to move out That day, when I  was getting the groceries, a kid walked up to me, handed me a note, and pointed to a man holding a newspaper and a cigar. I walked up to him, and without a word, he grabbed the map from my hands, looked me in the eye, and said “I’ve seen you before. Riches, everyone wants, but only true souls can obtain them” He pointed to a small island, handed the map back to me, and vanished into the crowd.

 At first I was convinced that it wasn’t real, and I walked on home. As I got there, I saw the depression on my mom’s face and the hard work my dad was doing while on medication. It was unbearable. I walked the curb, and came upon the sunset. Staring at the sun, I wondered, “should I go and find the treasure, or try harder and push my luck?” the map fell out of my hand, and I had made up my mind. I’m going to push my luck and enter a new world.

I stepped inside the hut, gazed at my family and bid them a quiet farewell. I jumped out and got out on the road. I opened the map and head eastward toward the lake. As I got on the boat. , someone pushed me down. It was timothy the richest brat in our colony. “Hey, you! You are not allowed on any boat. The poor don’t get a choice!” I stood up, dusted my shirt and started walking toward another boat. But they didn’t stop. “What happened to you? What are you going to do?” teased timothy. I started walking faster. “Come and fight me. That’s okay, I know you won’t, because you are a coward. Your whole family are full of cowards.” I stopped and turned to timothy. I was enraged. I pushed him down to the ground and hit him. “Nobody calls me family cowards!” I told him. We pushed and pulled on each other until his friends got a hold on both my hands, and held them down. Timothy got up and punched me on the nose. I fell down and they left me crying and rolling on the floor. Soon enough I got tired and fell unconscious.

I woke up and I could see a clear sky, and seagulls passing by. I tilted my head to the right and saw 2 people talking in the distance. “Yep, I saw him lying dead as a rat, and no one around. Now what kid would be lying on the ground at 3:00 am in the morning? So, I picked him up, and put him on board.” “Yeah, and I saw a funny looking map beside him. Almost like a basket full of gold circles or something.” the other person claimed. My eyes lit up, and I fell off the big box that I was sleeping on. The 2 sailors came up to me and picked me up. “What’s going on lady? why are you hurt.” their breath was so horrible, that it smelled like someone ate beans and onions and hadn’t brush for a week.” I sat down coughing. They gave me a glass of water, and I drank it. I looked down at the liquid and realized that the color was green! I spit it out at the first sailor’s cardigan, and started cleaning my tongue. “He, he. New to the sea I suppose. He claimed. “Where am I?” I panicked. “Why your own my boat! I’m harry and this is Joe.” he said while pointing to the other sailor who was cleaning his teeth. “We are the brew don sailors! Working since…. last Sunday!” Joe picked up the map and started reading it. “And just who might you be? Where are you going to kid?” he asked. “In Allan. I think toward south of America, near the amazon forest, or Hawaii.” I guessed. “What are the circles for?” he asked again. “Nothing” I didn’t want to tell them the truth. “Why did you bring me here? What do you want from me?” I asked. “What I want is a break from Joe, but I brought you because you were stranded.” he said. “Thank you very much but I would like to leave.” I stood up and looked outside. All I could see was only water and no land could be seen in miles. I sat back down, and started staring

At their faces. I snatched the map from Joe’s hand and started reading myself as they started talking on their own. “Excuse me, Sir?”

”Harry” he man corrected.

”Right Harry, could you help me get to the Amazon by sea. Joe protested that we do not go that Far.” harry interrupted. “Hush boredom! lad, we would be happy to help, but we would need something worth the while to travel this distance.” I hesitated, but answered,” this map leads to a land of treasures. I need to get them to my family, before it’s too late. If you promise to help me, and return me back home safely, then I will give you the key to open the treasure box and I’ll give you ? of the profit.” I lied to them because I couldn’t be ready to put my entire trust on those two. They both thought for a minute, and agreed. “Let’s get this show on the sea!” Joe exclaimed and we were off.

Soon enough, it had become fairly dark and we had to start taking night shifts. Mine was first. “Now kiddo, if you need anything, don’t ask me. Just dump a bucket of water on Joe’s head. I’m going to sit in the back and do my word puzzle. “Ok, ok.” I muttered, but anyone could tell that I was sleepy. After a while, I sat down and started my shift. I had to look out if we were to hit something or any pirate ships were coming. Even if pirate ships did show up, they wouldn’t have much choices to steal from. 2 bottles of wine, a cigar, an empty jar, and something that looked like a plain old fishing pole. I opened and glared at my map, and tried to figure out where we would head. My father used to be a sailor, and he taught me how to navigate a boat and how to direct myself by looking at the stars, for we could not pay for high class school fees. At the very bottom of the map there was a semi-circle drawn in a very light pencil. “Must be a mistake.” I thought and continued to examine the map. About 2-3 hours passed by and I kept on staring at the ocean. The breeze was cold, but I was used to this kind of weather. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and it startled me. “Get up, it’s my shift now, go get some actual sleep.” he said calmly. I walked into the cabin and it didn’t take me long to doze off and start a new day tomorrow.


Slosh! A bucket of cold water landed on my face and I stood up coughing. “Hope you got your beauty sleep kid, because it’s breakfast time!” harry exclaimed. Thank goodness I’m starving!” I exclaimed. I stepped out and I saw a huge blob of fish just piled up in front of me. Joe joined harry and sat right next to the fish and just smiled like they were taking a picture with a trophy the size of a lamppost. “Where did you get all that?” I asked, surprised. “Oh this is a reward from my great grandfather’s fishing pole, Old Betsy.”

“Every month she does her magic and gives us a fortune to eat. When you came we ran out, but today you can eat as much as you want, enjoy!” said Joe. “Thank you very much, but I don’t eat meat” I said. “ well then, you’re going to have to get your own food for the next 3 weeks, because we two are going to be feasting on this stuff until we reach there. “ said harry while pointing to Joe. “Ok then, hey Joe, is it ok with you if I use Old Betsy to try and catch a few things to eat? “ I asked. “Sure, just remember that you never drop old Betsy. You only place her down.” I laughed and stood on the edge of the boat, glancing for something to eat, like seaweed. Sure enough I found a group, but it was too deep. I leaned out to get it, but I just couldn’t grasp it. I decided to stand on a box and reach out. Suddenly, my foot slipped and I fell in the water. It was ice cold, and I could fell warmth coming from under my foot. I splashed up and down and started screaming for help, when I felt a hand grabbing for me and I quickly grabbed on some seaweed underneath me and started to pull myself up. The hand helped me up and I landed on harry. “Are you ok? You took quite a fall there. Looks like you’ve got good and bad news for us.” “What?” “I mean,” harry clarified” you found seaweed to eat, good, and you got a splinter in your foot, bad.” “It hurts so much” I cried. “Joe come here, take a look at this. Joe put down his fish and came over.” What happened? By the great horn spoon, you son have got yourself a deep cut with that wood. I could take it out, but it will leave a scar in its place.” I groaned in pain, but was happy that I caught a couple strands of seaweeds to eat for today. Joe managed to get the wood out and sure enough there was a mark, indicating where I got hurt. I ate the seaweed raw and preserved the rest with the remaining amount of salt they had.

Every day the routine continued for the next three weeks. We would stop in the middle of wherever we were. Joe and harry would eat their fish, and I would end up managing to find few seaweeds or eating the leftover of previous days. One day, I had trouble finding some weeds and I was desperately hungry. Harry must have noticed because he handed me a small bite of his fish and from that day onward, I became an omnivore. I realized that if I want to survive, I should be able to adapt to any possibility.

It wasn’t easy, but we had made the three weeks and one auspicious night, we hit shore.

The jolt was so strong, that we three all bounced right out of the boat and landed on the sand. Harry jumped up and screamed at the land,” if because of you, my boat even gets the smallest scratch, I’ll tear apart your branches!” and with that he fell back down. “Where are we?” I asked. Joe picked up the map from my bed and began to study it. “I’m just guessing, but I have a feeling that we are right here.” Pointing at the bottom right hand corner of the map. “Give me that.” I snatched the map back. “I can’t see anything. How about we find and make a shelter and deal about everything tomorrow.” “Okay, let’s divide the job. Ill guard the boat, and harry will help me. So you can go and find the materials for the shelter. I would help you, but I need to make sure that harry doesn’t fall asleep again and let the boat wash away in the water.” said Joe. “Okay, fine. But do you have a flashlight or something for me to see

The way in and out?” I asked. “Yes, I do but use it carefully. There is limited amount of battery left, and I don’t want to use it all.” “Sure, just give it to me and I’ll try to find some wood. “ I replied. I walked as far as the moonlight would take me, and then only I started my flashlight. The light showed a row of trees on both sides of me, and in the distance, there was a faint figure that looked like a human standing. I ran over to that direction, to see if I could get some help from the person. I soon stood 10 feet away the figure and I leaned over to talk to it.  “Hello, I’m looking for some wood for me and some of my passengers could you help me?” I was waiting for a reply, but I couldn’t hear anything, only the howling sounds of the wind and the hooting of the owls and bats, but it pointed toward the right side of the row of trees. I quickly ran to the right side and luckily found enough wood to make fire for two nights. I came back to the person and replied” thank you very much”. I turned the light toward the face and I realized I was talking to a stone, two stones. But there was a weird feeling about the image. I saw it move. It told me where the wood was. Something wasn’t right here. With all this confusion, I heard Joe calling me from the distance. I turned back and started heading toward shore, but the thought was confusing, and a bit disturbing.

I managed to find my way through, and Joe was waiting, impatiently. “Where have you been? I’ve been waiting here for so long, I have almost grown a full beard! Where is the log? “He asked. “Right here, and calm down, okay. I’ve got the log and imp going to light it until sunrise tomorrow.” I replied. “Ok, ok. Fine. Here is the matches lighter. You can use it. “He murmured. I put the log down and started to burn the log, and I tried my best. While I was working, the thought of talking to two boulders, came back. I started asking Joe about the situation. “Hey Joe,” “yah?” “Just asking here, have you ever thought that you were talking to a person, but it turned into a, I don’t know, a stone?” “Nope” he replied “but I did once. I was at a party in Kansas, my home town, and so I wanted to talk to someone so I imagined that the block of ice was Polly, my childhood friend, and …” “that’s okay Joe, I have heard enough. But thanks. I’ll hear the story some other time.” I interrupted. “Ok, suit yourself. Hey, I got lots more. Sometimes I use them to make harry fall asleep.” He winked at me, and continued laying out the big leaves for the beds to sleep on for all of us. I chuckled and finished building the fire. The flames helped me get my warmth back and I gazed up at the stars. I thought, “Gosh, I hope I can find those riches to help my family. I wonder what they would be doing. Tomorrow, I’ll have to deal with my “on sea” family, and I have a feeling, that this responsibility will be a big one” and I fell asleep.

The next morning was quite drafty. We woke up around 7:00, according to Harry’s trusty old watch. The fire was barely burning, but it was enough to keep my feet warm. I woke up slowly and started to stare at the fire. I took the map and started to find out where we would go to start our journey. If Joe was actually right, then we would have to go north, into the forest.

My stomach grumbled and I realized I was too hungry to go now and so I started to fish into the sack in the boat for some actual fish and I could roast it on a fire. The sound of me looking through the sack might have woke them up because I could hear rustling sounds. I took out 6 fishes and started to poke sticks through their mouth and out their tail. It didn’t feel great or even appealing, but I managed. Harry woke up and sat down next to me staring at the fish, while I started to burn more wood. “Where is Joe?” I asked. “Sleeping’. Slapped him twice but he just wouldn’t wake up.” He murmured. I started to roast the fish. I gave two to harry and two to me. We held our fish on top of the fire and let it heat. “Hey harry, tell me about yourself. Is Joe really your brother? Where are your parents? And all those questions.” I asked. “Okay, if you say so. So, first of all, Joe really isn’t my brother. We grew up in the same community as friends, and our last name are the same. Ironic, I know. So we both like water and once we went sailing with our moms, around the age of 10. We loved the trip so much that we decided to become sailors, one month ago.” He told “wait, one month ago? Does that mean for 30 years, you didn’t think about being sailors, at all?” I asked surprisingly. “Uh, nope. Never.” He reassured. “Okay continue.” I said. “Well, My parent where never really with me, they were always outside at work, going to business trips and so I lived with my grandparents all my life. My parents would visit once in a while but I rarely got to see them. Anyway, so we started our trip by rented a boat, and shortly after, we met you. And now we are here!” he finished. “Oh, it’s sad that you only get to see your parent once in a while, but you seem rich, and your parents are fine. Mine are a complete different story.” I said. “Really, do tell.” he said while nibbling on the fish. And so I told him that my parents are ill and I need to get the treasure for the house and medical fees, and everything essential that include money like tax and other job payments. Soon after, Joe got up and sat down on the other side of me. “hey sleeping’ beauty. How was your sleep?” harry asked. “Fine, just I had this weird dream where someone kept slapping me and I actually felt it twice!” he glared at us while harry and I were giggling. “Sorry, here eat some fish to get your energy so that we can go and start searching for this chunk of gold. you can roast it on the…” but before I could finish, Joe started chewing on the fish.” enjoy.” I said and started eating my roasted fish as well.


We finished around 8:30, and started packing up essential things such as flashlight, extra fish, a watch, and most importantly, my map. Joe also packed up some other things just in case we “never got back to the boat”. Once we were all done, we turned around and stared at the dense forest. “I hope we find this treasure soon, and get over with It.” said harry, nervously. “ don’t worry about it, with this map, nothing to go wrong, as long as we stay on track….” I murmured, and continued, “ so based on the very poorly drawn drawing on this map, I would say that the route would be starting with the walk to the river, then crossing a hill and reaching a tall cave. Then from there, it would be going inside and meeting the treasure. The walk to the river itself, will be about 5 miles. Nothing big. If we go now and at a normal pace, it will take us at the most about 40 min.” “Won’t be a problem,” Joe started. “I was born to walk.” he grinned. “Of course. You were never meant to run.” teased harry, while tapping at Joe’s big belly.  “Let’s begin” I continued and we started heading east, toward the river.

Half way across the river, harry saw a hole dug into the ground. The hole was big enough to fit all three of us, and it was pretty deep and had a sign stuck to the top and said “free food, get them while they are still there!” “Why would someone even fall for that thing, it’s so predictable. You jump in the hole, and you are stuck there at the bottom, for who knows how long.” I said. “But, Joe’s inside, see?” harry told me. “What!” I turned around  and sure enough there was Joe leaning into the hole looking at the darkness. “Joe! What are you doing! Step away from the hole.” I exclaimed. “Kook.” Joe confirmed, “Let’s just go.” Joe left the hole, but his flashlight fell inside, out of his pocket. “Oops. Let me go get It.” and Joe jumped into the hole. “No!!!” harry screamed, and jumped in with him. Luckily, I caught Harry’s shirt, and if you look at it, there was a chain of people hanging in a row. “I got my flashlight, now pull me up!” Joe said, and I started to pull them both up. “It’s a good thing you guys aren’t big, fat, and heavy sailors, because then it would be difficult.” I cried. I managed to pull harry up, but Joe slipped out of Harry’s hands and fell 8 feet underground. “No! Hold on Joe, I’m coming after you!” harry cried, but I stopped him. “Joe! Wait right there, we’ll try and find some rope somewhere.” I said. We both started searching for some strong vine, and soon we found one next to a big oak tree. I unrolled it and dragged it toward the hole. Harry threw it into the hole and told Joe to hang on. We both heard no response. “Joe, reach for the rope!” we said, but still no response. I looked inside, but there was no sign of Joe anywhere. “Where did he go?” I wondered. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a small tunnel exiting the hole. “He must have went through.” I thought, but harry was sobbing with tears just enough to make his shirt soaking wet “Why Joe, why! Don’t leave me like this, all alone. I’ll miss you forever and ever! You will always be my best friend!” he sobbed. “Harry! He’s not dead.” I exclaimed. “See that small tunnel in the corner, I think he went inside. Hopefully he’ll be able to find his way out, but a small part of me says that you might never see him again. We will just have to carry on.” I murmured. Harry asked hesitantly, “Why don’t we just go after him?” “Because, you never know what would lay ahead down there. If we get lost, then there will be no one to save us. Joe has us, and we have Joe. If Joe was here then he would tell you to keep going and so would I.” Harry rubbed his eyes, and stood up. “Hey, I know how you would be feeling right now.” I reassured. “I felt like that when all my friends turned on me because I wasn’t “rich” enough for them. I hope that when you find peace in your life, then Joe will too.” Harry replied, “thank you very much.” and started to go on uphill.


It took a lot of effort, but we managed to reach the river. “Now, how are we going to get across? It’s almost 20 ft. wide, and looks pretty deep to me.” I asked Harry. Harry replied, “Well, maybe we could build a boat.” I searched around for some strong bark. Luckily, I found several stacks of them just lying on the ground and so with the help of Harry, I picked it up and started placing them out as a raft. “If we can make the raft long enough that we can make it across in a few paddles, then it would be easy.” I thought. Harry took out a rope from my backpack, and started wrapping it around all the logs. He wrapped them about 4 ft. long and 3 ft. wide. Meanwhile, I took a really heavy rock and 2 long logs and branch with me to one corner. Harry asked curiously, “what are you going to do with all these things?” I replied, “I’m going to make an anchor so it will be easier to get to the other side and past these waves.” Harry looked at the river, shrugged, and went back to sealing the boat. To make the anchor, I first took 1 log and the branch. With my knife I sharpened the both long into a very sharp point and threw it at the ground several times to make sure it worked. Next, I took the rope and secured it on the end on the log. With that I placed both logs on top of each other and was able to secure it tightly by the rope. Once Harry was done, I dragged the cross and the heavy rock on top of the boat. Harry took the cross and started examining it. “Are you sure this will help? Doesn’t look so stable to me…” Harry questioned. “Yes.” I replied, “All you have to do is through it during the last few feet to help get this thing on shore.” “What about the rock?” he asked as he pushed the raft on shore. I took the rock from his hand and threw it in the end of the raft, just enough to not make a hole, and not budge from its place. “Hey! What did you do that for?!” Harry exclaimed. “I’m putting the rock in the raft so it doesn’t tip over.” I answered. “Why would it tip over? It’s only 20 ft.….” Harry protested. “I’m not 100% sure that it will stay balance if you and me are on the raft at once. No offence, but you’re like 200 lbs. and I’m only 80 lbs. See the difference?” I replied. “See the difference?” Harry mimicked and stood at the front of the boat. I followed and stood at the back. We both pushed the raft away from the shore and already managed to get almost 3 ft. across. Even though the ripples in the river didn’t seem that much, they were actually pretty strong. It didn’t take long for me to tell Harry that it was time to throw the ‘anchor’. Once Harry threw that nicely toward the shore and he made sure it was safe, we started pulling on the rope to get across. Luckily we did and played down on the other side.


“Well, that turned out ok.” harry said gleefully. “I told you it would tip over.” he continued. “Alright, so we passed the river. Next, we have to pass a hill and we’ll be able to see the tower from there.” I explained and started to sit down and take out some fish from my backpack. We both sat for a little while and started to poke sticks into the fish’s inside so it would be easier to eat. Fortunately, Harry volunteered to do this job where as I started unraveling the boat and took out all the stuff we could need back, as the rope, and the “anchor”. Then, I started to watch Harry as he bend down and pick up 2 sticks, and bend down again the pickup 1 more stick, and go down again to pick up another stick. It was quite entertaining. “Ok, so I got all the sticks and was able to stick them into the fish the best I can.” The sight of the fish was not all professional and all, because the stick entered the fish from its mouth and came out through its side. “Harry”, I questioned. “Did you ever do this job before, with Joe?” Harry answered, “Only once, I don’t have that much patience, or focus to do this kind of work.” I looked back down at the fish, and tried to imagine how Harry might have stabbed the dead fish with the stick. He might have held it down between his knees and pushed the stick through its mouth and accidently pushed so hard that it came out the side. The sound of the river was soothing and a nice view for our 4:00 lunch.


We both ate fish and stood back up again and looked up at the steep hill. “Well, this won’t be easy, but I think I’ll make it.” Harry claimed. “By the looks of it, I would estimate that the walk would be around 5 min. if we kept a steady pace.” Although I wasn’t sure that we would make it all the way up in 5 minutes, I admired Harry’s attitude. I volunteered to go first, because I knew well that if Harry was in front and was to fall, I would be pancake. so I climbed up the first step with the help of Harry and managed to find my grip on one rock. The way up was not that steep as I thought it was, I managed to balance myself out, but Harry was having a little hard time. “are you okay done there? You don’t that well….” I asked. He answered assuredly, “I’m fine, it’s okay, i’m just a little freaked out right now. I feel like I’m going to fall. what should I do?” he sounded tense. I told him to find his way down or stay put, his choice, and I would go up by myself. “when I get to the top, i’ll through the rope down and help you us.” I reassured him. “okay,” he panted. “Could you just hurry up and get me out of this death trap?”

“Sure, just wait there.” I replied and quickly pulled myself up with the small plants and branches that I could find. Soon I was able to reach the top and were able to grab my hands on a tree. If I took an estimate, I would have reached the top in about 4-6 minutes max. Harry climbed down and kept on staring upward waiting for me to do something to help him. The very top of the hill was quite plain, and I saw that I had grabbed on to a big tree directly in the middle of base. I sat down beside it and opened my pack. I took out the rope again and made a loop and tied it together with a fisher’s knot. It was pretty simple and I was able to tie the knot around the tree so it would hold securely. “Harry,” I cried, “I’m throwing down rope. Make a loop and put it around yourself so I can help you up.” I through the rope down the slope and Harry started tying it into a knot. Soon after, he tied it around his neck, and told me to pull it up. I didn’t look down when I was beginning, but when I asked him to grab on the rope and pull himself up slowly, I didn’t hear a response. I finally looked down and realized that Harry HAD the rope around his neck, and his hands were holding the rope away from his face. “Harry!” I screamed, and dropped the rope immediately, which made Harry plop to the ground. “I meant around you waist so that you could pull yourself up, not by the neck so you can hang yourself!” I was shocked that Harry would even do such a thing, but it was a good thing that I let go in time. This time, I watched him tie himself and then hauled him up. He was heavy, but with the tree’s support, I somehow managed to pull him up, and Harry was quite glad about making it to the top without any major injury. I panted and flopped myself onto the ground, but I could see the tower from there, and the good news was that the way down was a slope, so no more hauling. We thought that if we slide down we would get hurt. So while leaving the rope tied around the tree, I unraveled Harry’s knot and put it around my waist. “Ready?” Harry asked. “Ready.” I replied and ran down the hill, holding on to the rope, and simultaneously screaming. It didn’t take me even 8 seconds to get down and that was a rush! Harry untied the rope from the tree and ran down with the rope in his hand. I landed quite safely but unfortunately, Harry started tumbling down and crashed inside a big cave.

“Wow! That’s how come down a hill! Let’s do it again!” Harry cried. “No,” I interjected. “We are going to go inside, and see what’s in there. I remember that according to the map we are

Supposed to go inside and find the treasure. We walked inside afar as the light would go and only then I took out a candle from my pack.

“That pack is almost like a wish box, it has everything we need at the moment! I wonder if it would bring out some snacks…” Harry wondered, and went out to reach inside the pack. I slapped his hand away.

“No Harry, let’s just light this candle and find our way further in.” I reached for my matchsticks that I found in the bottom of the boat, and lit the candle up. Its small light lit up our whole path and with that, we followed our way in. We walked for almost 20 minutes, when we came upon utter brightness, that it felt like my whole life flashed before my eyes. When our eyes got use to it, I could see two small tunnels in front of me.

“Which one do we go through?” Harry whispered into my ear. “If we go in the wrong one, we might get trapped.”

I thought for a moment and said, “Let’s go through the right one, It looks like a better choice to me.”

As soon as we entered, we heard some swift noises. “Bats.” Harry pointed out. We both took a big step back, and the noise echoed louder. Suddenly, a mob of bats rushed out and I ducked to not get hurt, or pushed out. When the dust settled, to my surprise, Harry was standing stiff and straight, facing the cave. “That tickled.” he giggled and sat down beside me. I stared at him hard, but another noise took my attention away, a thumping sound. Thump. Thump. Thump.  This time Harry was frightened and rolled into a ball, whereas I stood up ready with my heavy pack in my hand, ready to knock this thing down that would waddle inside. The thumping noise got louder, and it made Harry cry a little.

“Who’s crying in there? Can someone help me?” the voice said from inside.

“Show yourself!” I screamed, and the object got bigger and bigger. At first, all I could see was a big blob, but then the awkward shape, turned into a body figure.

“Is this okay?” the shape called again.

“Come further.” I replied. As it took another step forward, where now I could almost see the face, it struck me. I came with two people, one that had gone through a hole in the ground. And, there was only one person in the world that would ask these type of weird questions. I couldn’t believe it!

I dashed inside which apparently startled Harry, because he started screaming, “No! Don’t go in there! It will take you in by force. Don’t! Fight it Allan!”

I walked out with none other than Joe. Walking beside me, he held out his hand toward Harry, who nearly knocked him to the ground when he hugged him.

“Joe,” I asked. “How did you get here? We missed you very much! Did you know that we crossed a big river, and crossed a steep hill to reach here?”

“Well,” he started, “When I fell down, I saw a passageway through the hole, and thought that it would eventually lead me out. So I walked in, and met a staircase. Unfortunately, I met the staircase after I took my first step.” We all giggled. “After that I walked for, who knows how long, and met in contact with bats. When they saw me, they ran out through the opening of the cave and I simply followed their scent through here. All this light is almost baffling me, because staying in the dark for that long, plays tricks with your eyes.” he finished.

“Didn’t you use the flashlight that you had?” Harry asked.

“Actually I did, but it died out when I fell off the stairway. But, it didn’t make such a huge difference to me. Without the light, I bumped into walls, and even with the light I bumped into walls.” We all laughed and came back to facing the opening of the left cave.

“Come on, let’s go inside.” I encouraged Joe, and started heading toward it.

I was uncertain about my choice at first because the entrance, was not what I suspected. I turned back, only to realize, that the cave opening had disappeared. I searched frantically, but there was no sign of any entrance whatsoever.

I was surprised, but I knew that I had to keep on going to ever get out of this. I walked a few more feet, and we came upon a hall of painting. Rows and rows of them were placed of the wall, but not in order. To be exact, there were 7 pictures with color. Red, green, and blue. Each color had a picture with it, and each was different from the one next to it. I looked closely and each picture had an action.

“This doesn't make any sense," Harry questioned. "Each one has an action to it, but it's not in order."

I studied a little harder. “Hold on a second, “I interrupted. “Each color has a picture attached, and there are 3 different colors in 7 paintings. Look, the first red painting shows a boulder, and the only other picture to continue this action, it the next following red painting which shows the boulder split. So, do you get the trick?"

Joe replied, “oh, I get it," he hesitated," wait, no I don't"

"Listen, The color of painting in the order they are from left to right, shows what we have to follow one by one." I repeated.

“Kook. We get it. So, what does the first one show?" Harry murmured.

“Well, like I said, the first red painting shows a boulder, and the next painting shows, a boulder being split, and the last one shows an egg in the center of it. Let’s see, do any of you guys see a huge boulder somewhere?” I asked. We all searched around the widely spaced cave but there was no boulder to be found. “How can we not find a huge boulder in the closed cave?” Joe complained. He picked up a rock and threw it the painting. The rock hit the painting and suddenly the painting lit. The cave began to shake and we all fell to the ground. “Joe, you idiot! Why did you do that?” Harry screamed. I saw one wall turn and a huge rock was pushed out, and with that, the cave stopped. We all stood up and dusted ourselves. “That’s why, Harry!” Joe replied, and started arguing with Harry. “Stop it!” I shouted. “Let’s get back to the boulder. The only way to split it, it to hit it hard enough to open it.” Harry stepped forward and said, “I think I can break this boulder, even if it looks like I might break my hand instead.” He stood in front of the rock, closed his eyes and yelled. He swung his hand and trusted it toward the center of the rock. With a loud bang, the rock split and opened wide. “That was easy.” Harry reassured while dusting his hands. “I have just found a new respect for you.” Joe said while staring at the split rock. I leaned forward to see what was inside the rock, and I found a small egg. I picked it up and shook it up and down. The egg started to shake in my hand, and suddenly cracked open. Out emerged a baby dragon, yawning and stretching.

“Oh, it’s so cute!” Joe exclaimed. Harry took a quick glance at the dragon, and shrugged. “It’s not cute, it’s just plain ugly. “He claimed. The dragon stared at Joe, and then Harry. He might have heard Harry’s rude comment, because it pounced on his face, digging his claws in his skin. Harry screamed and rolled all over the ground, demanding one of us to get the “monster” of his face. The side effect of all this, was that each time he screamed, the dragon grew. He smashed his face in a wall and fell to the ground. When the dust settled, the dragon was smashed and busted into the air.



“Look!” Joe pointed at the the first painting with the red color marking. It started vanishing into thin air and eventually disappeared. “The dragon disappeared, so this means that we passed the first challenge!” I exclaimed.

Harry murmured.

“It’s ok, now let’s see the next challenge.” I continued. The green painting shows a number 3 tilting right, the next painting shows the number 7 tilting left, and the last one showed the number 5 with the word low written below it, and a handprint in the background. “Okay, so the number 3 tilting right, could mean that if I rotate the painting to the right then maybe,” I turned the painting 3 times to the right and, as I suspected, the painting slowly disappeared. I did the same thing with the 7 number painting. I turned it 7 times to the left, and it disappeared. I stopped and stared at the third picture, thinking about what it could mean. If I had to do the wrong move, the cave could most probably collapse. This was a tough challenge for me, not for Harry and Joe, because to be honest, they weren’t the smartest people in the world. Now the third painting of the green, was confusing to me. “What was it trying to say?” I thought. “5 low? Low 5? 5 above low? Low under 5?” “How about high 5?” Joe suggested. “Wait, that’s it! High 5! Joe you’re a genius!” I screamed.

“Really?!” Joe squealed.

“No...” I answered, and placed my hand matching the handprint, and the third picture vanished. Now, the last painting had remained, a blue painting with a riddle:The one who makes it, sells it. The one who buys it, never uses it. The one that uses it, never knows that he’s using it. What am I?

To me that made absolutely no sense! “The one who makes, sells? The one who buys, never uses it. What does that mean?” I thought. Joe asked, “If I may, I think I know that…” I interrupted, “Quiet Joe, I’m thinking here.”

“No, but I think I know….”Joe pleaded.

“That’s okay Joe, I think Allan has got this covered.” Harry interrupted.

Joe walked up to the painting and yelled, “Coffin! The answer is coffin.” and the last painting had vanished. A bright passageway lit up the cave.

“Joe, how did you know that? That was amazing.” Harry and I asked frantically.

“Worked in my uncle’s business before. I never knew that going there now and then, would actually benefit me somehow.” Joe replied.

We all walked into the passageway, and our mission was accomplished. Gold stretched for over 100 square miles. We all held hands and with a great cheer we jumped into gold riches.


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