For The Master

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For The Master

Status: In Progress

For The Master For The Master

Book by: SweetDreamer92


Genre: Romance




When asked to do a favor for her jumpy friend Celissa eventually gives in knowing it's a bad idea. Though it leads to a rather interesting open door as her desires guide her right into her new master's arms.



When asked to do a favor for her jumpy friend Celissa eventually gives in knowing it's a bad idea. Though it leads to a rather interesting open door as her desires guide her right into her new master's arms.

Prolog (v.1) - A snatch and grab

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 14, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 14, 2017



(Don't really know where this came from, it stemmed from a general idea then it turned into something else...still general but the plots are completely different as I wrote it out deleted it and made this. Heh.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)


A snatch and grab



“Okay're my closest friend, I love you like a sister and there is very little I wouldn't do for you, unfortunately this is something I wouldn't do.”


“Oh Celissa pleaseeeeeee?”


She shook her head they sat in her apartment, they were supposed to be watching movies laying on in her colorful living room in tank tops and matching plaid bottoms. Against the pillows, under blankets, surrounded by snacks sitting in the dark. It was cozy and then her friend drops a request in her lap. As she said they were as close as could be but being asked to break into someone's home to recover a lost item. Aimee nudged her she sighed heavily.


“Look if you want it so badly that you don't want to go through the police why don't you do it?”


“I can't go back....I just won't you don't understand.”


“So then make me understand.”


“It's just...I'm scared, the person who has it may not even realize where it is and I can't go back after I needed so much help getting out. I still remember the schedule and I know if you go tonight no one will be there.”


Celissa gave her a look.


“You were there so much you remember the owner's schedule?”


“It's the place my grandmother sent me to stay at while I was in college.”


She sighed, Aimee's grandmother was a psycho on her best days, the elderly woman couldn't even pretend to be fragile she worked hard on her form was an ex-bodyguard and in jail now for murdering her employer. When he tried to fire her, she couldn't take no for an answer she thought she was entitled to his affections though he had a family and loved his wife. She didn't even have to confess he hit the silent alarm in his office and when the cops came she was still there taking care of the rest of his family. It had been a gruesome scene.


She always pushed Aimee sending her where she didn't belong just because she was just too soft she scared easy. She was the type that couldn't handle a cheesy jumpscare, those from much older movies you could almost see coming they were placed so obviously. Anything worse than that and she shook like a leaf. She never wanted to talk about some of the places she had to go to though Celissa knew a little bit.


She shook her head.


“What did you lose?”


“My mother's locket....grandma put a tracker in it, I thought it was in perfect condition but the only way it would have slipped off was if the lock broke. I was in a hurry...grandma told me about the tracker when I visited her. It's all I have left of hers. Grandma got rid of everything else.”


“But Aimee, you know the type of places she approves of what if things were changed? A fast kick to the groin doesn't always work.”


“If anyone is I know where they would be watching...schedules are important to's worth nothing to him in fact I wouldn't be surprised if it was still where it fell. I can handle taking you there and hiding while you go in, I couldn't send you alone just a quick snatch and grab.”


She examined her nervous friend, frizzy red ponytail, watery blue eyes freckles, she was cute was a lot less nervous with just dating she got out. Though that was due to Celissa's influence she knew she was always there for her. Celissa sighed brushing her wavy platinum blond hair out of her eyes, green from her mother, she was pale but sort of rosy where Aimee was much paler. The one thing they shared was the nicely curved figure though Aimee was slimmer with a smaller chest.


Sighing she shifted.


“Fine....but you owe me.”


“Oh thank you! Anything you want I'm here if I can get it!” she said bouncing throwing her arms around her.


She only hoped it was worth it, she knew from stories how much her mother meant to her, as she had been bounced between foster homes she never met her parents during a time she would remember. She didn't understand the desire just why it was so strong for Aimee. They met in middle school after a few home switches her grandmother took her in so she knew first hand how crazy she could get. Though she knew quite a bit of course. Often saying that because Celissa wasn't technically under her control she only gave her light lessons. Still Aimee knew she had enough knowledge to put to use.


“Yeah sure, anyways if we're on a time crunch let's go and if I have to choose between running and getting caught you know what I'll pick.”


“Of course I don't want you to get in trouble we just...really need to go while we can.”


She just wondered if it had been moved where it could be, she was surprised that Etta even told Aimee about the tracker. She guessed the woman loved her in some way though her way of showing it was questionable at best.


Time to be stupid she guessed.



“ failed to mention where I was getting into.” the neighborhood was gated however the stone wall was without spikes it wouldn't be to hard to get over.


The problem was the neighborhood, there were several houses as expected but at the same time not as many because they were large. Even if he wasn't here these pretty wood and brick way they would be left without security cameras.


“He doesn't have cameras.”


“Bull, what if he just didn't tell you where they were?”


She pulled a package of gloves and a mask out of her purse, she sighed.


“Thought of everything huh?”


“I can do this much at least, hurry I'll text you if I see anyone coming, whether they make it to the house or not, her's right in the center the round about ends at his driveway. Remember it's all silver except for the painted on rose on the cover.”


“You're so lucky I care about you so much.”


She sighed as she hugged her.


“The luckiest.”


She pulled her hair up under a cap as Aimee had an old Halloween costume wig for her and the mask covered her eyes it was a nice warm July night she changed into boots, the darkest skirt she had and a thing long sleeve shirt borrowed from Aimee's closet she liked larger shirts so it was fine for both of them. The landscaping wasn't over the top but it was beautifully done with a trend of bushes she could run behind. She would have to pick the lock something Etta also made sure she knew how to do. As she said there was more than guarding to the position you had to be able to rush in during emergencies.


The pin she used had a little chip just right for any basic alarm.


They had to find her hidden stash to get a couple things, though they always knew she was loose lipped when drunk enough, and with her tolerance it was hard to get her to that point. She pushed the door open and settled on the hard wood floors it was fairly dark though there were a few candles burning closing the door really hoping Aimee hadn't forgotten about any pets. She sighed the back door led to the kitchen and there were large windows . Crawling off the wood to the carpet in the living room and up the covered steps she didn't notice anything.


Though she wasn't blind, knew Etta was off, she'd been thorough in her training she knew better than to get cocky with good luck. Aimee told her the room was the fourth on the left, she crawled forward she could almost swear at her concerns hearing the lock turn to the front door. She hurried in the room and stumbled into the closet.


She swallowed thickly seeing the lines of polished shoes, neatly line expensive suits , a business man just from the look of things. Etta hated corporate suits as she called them. She hid behind a laundry basket just as she saw the light flick on under the door.


“Aimee I know that's you, how you got in without tripping anything I'm not sure.” his silky voice floated to her ears she bit her lip not moving.


She couldn't give up Aimee, she paled wondering if it was too late she hadn't gotten a message.


“I didn't notice any issues and luckily for you I'm in a good mood, you could leave now and I could forget about this I know what you came for. You could have just asked but you were never a very good girl.”


What the hell did that even mean? She looked down hearing some shuffling then she saw a pendant fall she was far enough that she saw the necklace. There was shuffling again, then a door was opened and closed, she was afraid that that was all that happened that he hadn't left. Something to look for but she didn't know her place at the moment. If she could trust him to leave her to escape or if he would come and get her because she didn't take it.


She crawled forward and pushed the door open just barely, she swallowed the lump in her throat looking around the white and red room. Grabbing the necklace she darted past the bed where his suit jacket was and to the window she jumped as she was grabbed around the waist and turned shoved against the wall she kept her eyes closed she didn't know what he'd do when he realized she wasn't Aimee.


College years, the private college that she paid for, it had only been a few for some credits to use, however Aimee didn't know what she wanted to do and Celissa just wasn't interested in anymore at the moment. She did what was required by Etta, she never understood why they were sent to two different locations. Not that she was getting answers, they were both twenty seven, both in good shape Celissa had been born in January and Aimee in May. She wondered if she had mentioned her they did get to email another after all so she was some level of stranger she didn't want him losing his shit if Aimee was afraid to even come when she had been so sure he wouldn't be here.


“Now Aimee you know I always take something.”


He pinned her wrists against the wall above her head, she swallowed the lump in her throat, Etta had her ready to sneak around anywhere as a cat burglar to say the least. Good for stake outs and quick runs but as for her concern Etta didn't train her to fight he only pinned her wrists his hand rested on her hip.


“Hmm, not a peep usually you'd be crying by now even if you saw me coming, you have changed since you were that tiny little eighteen year old.”


No she hasn't really, she's still quite jumpy, Celissa thought his grip was strong, she wasn't that scared, in college she was certainly free...tried a few things. She felt the desire to submit coming over her. Telling herself no that that was not where her thoughts should be she turned her head. No they hadn't known one another long but they were the most one another had they knew each other it counted for more than a kind word when you were used to being alone.


He tipped her chin up he reached down to kiss her, she hadn't been easy though she never claimed otherwise but the very vanilla kiss was just a little dominance he even released her wrists and she left them in place. Those little games she participated in during the weekends well they stuck more than she ever thought they would. She kissed him back, a very slow tease of the tongue not a fight just acceptance.


She cursed herself resisting the urge to wrap her legs around his waist, she had more experience than Aimee did and was more often pent up where Aimee could fill the time with a hobby. He pulled back, tugging the wig off freeing her hair as the cap came with it.


“I noticed you weren't Aimee up close though I admit I wondered if I was simply mistaken.”


She sighed.


“I'm surprised she sent a friend.” he said before she opened her eyes she tensed staring at him his eyes were green too but lighter he had a deep tan and his shoulder length, dark brown hair that was a bit curly naturally so, stubble on his jaw and dimpled cheek. He was too good looking for his own good dressed all in white she look.


“And such an attractive submissive at that.”


She noticed the splatter of wine on his suit when he pulled away she dropped her arms and sighed heavily pushing the window.


“Oh I've seen you now just go out the front I think that'll be fine.”


She shook her head.


“You were next door weren't you.”


“Ah she speaks, yeah we had a little party usually I'm working but I took some personal time we made some use of the basement.” she hoped that was all it was and that no one found Aimee she wasn't the type to desert her.


“Why is your suit covered in red, who are you hurting now?” she knew she was pushing it but went with it anyways, the submitting a point worked for her but she was far too outspoken to ever be the same as Aimee.


“One of the girls spit her wine at me, bad manners and all she wanted to get a rise out of me...did Aimee tell you I hurt her? I never even spanked her she was much too soft to take on being my submissive. I don't even tease without a contract but you see a kiss is fair game by my rules. I could tell something was off now I know for sure. Aimee was only here as a servant cooked and cleaned Etta thought she could have a use at least for that. Silly girl walked into my room when I warned her to ignore noises that came out of it, completely lost it. No wonder being raised by a mad woman, how is Etta with her life sentence? Assuming you know her.” he said.


She sighed, so that's what it was, she didn't even share stories with Aimee about it knowing how she could be.


“Fine..last I heard.”


“Good then I don't know her too well she knew my grandfather, he often called her a loon.”


“She still is...just a well trained one.”


She shook her head, she broke into his house, they made out, and now they were chatting like nothing happened at all. He had an odd air around him he chuckled.


“Were you waiting for me to dismiss you? Did your last dom train you to do that?”


“No I didn't have was a thing in college not really a club but that's what they were for, I thought I was nothing like those girls but I'm just as hopeless.”


“Oh...come now, submitting is just taking a role in bed, that doesn't make you less than a person unless you allow it. I of course don't mistreat my subs so I wouldn't have trained you to work it out of your system either. It's a game no one has to win, we're not all equal, pain and pleasure are in hand that's all it is.” she swore she could just listen to him talk she shook her head.


“What was your was in the're Celissa aren't you?”


“ had to monitor her emails?”


“A request to make sure you were the only one she was talking to I didn't have to read them I told her if she was doing nothing to concern her grandmother just to write your name. It's beautiful.”




“Of's Constantine by the way, you're free to go, but I hope you'll be back very soon I'm available at night. Nice meeting you.”


He smirked as she moved to leave.


“I'll be waiting pet.”


She felt her heart race a bit, not for long kissing like that.



(Don't know if this will be very long I have a few ideas.)

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