Letters To Sir:: Episode 7

Status: Finished

Letters To Sir:: Episode 7

Status: Finished


Submitted: December 19, 2015

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Submitted: December 19, 2015



He kept his promise but if I’d known what to expect I’d rather been whipped. Over the next several weeks Sir didn’t touch me. Not to wash me or brush my hair. Not even to spank me. The lack of sensation was driving me insane. For those torturous weeks Sir only came to bring me food. Everything was scheduled; ten for breakfast, twelve for lunch and six for dinner. We talked a lot. It was the only way I knew the time. I was punished to my pallet until I allowed Sir to touch me.

“Today?” he would ask. The silence of our room would answer his inquiry. Usually he would nod but today was different.

“Come with me,” he said gently.

Frowning I stood. Was he finally going to stop pretending I had choices? He held out a hand and waited. When I did not make a move to take it he lowered his arm and turned. Was that sadness in his eyes? I followed. Fear pumped through my veins upon entering the room with the dreaded candelabra. Black wax dripped onto the custom lounger. Gooseflesh engulfed my body from a mixture of revulsion, remembrance, and shameful arousal.

“Sit,” Sir demanded.

Turning to the chair I stiffened. The thing looked like a death sentence. Metal buckles and leather straps hung from the headrest, arms and legs. The seat was split in two for a thigh each with more leather straps.

“This is not a request,” growled Sir. “You will learn not to question my orders.”

Sitting in the contraption as best I could, I watched as he made quick work of buckling me in. He slowly circled the chair, stopping just out of my field of vision. Moments later a red ball attached to yet another leather strap fell before my eyes. I opened my mouth wide. I knew a gag when I saw one, thanks to the novels I’d read.

“Come,” said Sir while moving out of view again. How did the fool think I could do that? He had just locked me in place for Godsakes.

A series of clicks was the only sound heard. Footsteps. Someone else was here. Oh my God. Someone could help me. My heart beat furiously. I tried to speak but the gag blocked all but the smallest sound.

“Welcome Lena,” said Sir. “Please come this way.”

Moments later a finely dressed man and a very naked woman stood before me. Any hope for help was quickly dashed. There was something extremely refined about the couple. The woman was around my age but that was where our similarities ended. Her skin was the color of the darkest chocolate. It gleamed and glistened in the candlelight. Her hair was cut into a pixie style and hung straight just above her eyebrows. The blonde hair, green eyed man was hansome but no match for Sir.

“So this is the Firefly you were talking about?” asked the man. I raised a brow. He chuckled. “I see what you mean.”

“You have no idea Eric.” Sir walked past us holding a regular chair. He placed it to the left of me and Eric took the seat. Soft fingers ran across my cheek. My eyes swung back to the woman.

“This is my cupcake, Lena.” The woman nodded.

Anger was a burning flame within me as I tried to jerk my face away. How dare she touch me?

“Lena?” Sir held out his hand.

“This is going to be good,” Eric whispered.

My anger sparked higher as I watched the bitch lie on my lounger. She was strapped in exactly the same way as he’d done to me. The wax dripped on her skin but she did not flinch as I had done. I struggled against the restrains with the goal of killing her. I stared daggers at her perfect body as he setup the vibrator between her thighs. Jealousy set my every nerve on edge. White hot rage made my attempts to get free more than necessary. Suddenly Lena turned to me. Whatever she saw made her recoil.

“My god. Look at her.” Eric whispered at my side. I would have turn if I could but my attention was only for the future dead slut in my chair. “Stop, Firefly. You are going to rub yourself raw.” The ‘Fuck You’ I tried to say around the large gag came out more as a grunt.

The hum of the vibrator sounded like a massive swarm of bees in the silence of the room. Sir walked over the wall of toys where he chose the same flogger he had used on me. I jerked as if to stop him and felt the strap at my waist give a little. At the first flick of the flogger Lena moan and I saw red. Blows rained over her writhing body. After a while Sir pulled back and went for the fly of his jeans. The strap at my waist popped and my hands went numb. If he was going to-

“Stop!” Eric yelled and Sir’s eyes flew to mine. Eric stood to rest a hand on my shoulder. A small gleam of emotion shone in Sir’s eye at the contact. “This is new. I have never seen you so…. What is the word? Possessive?” Eric chuckled.

“Why did you stop me?” Sir growled.

“Well besides the fact that you are about to break what little trust you have with her, you may want to notice she has just broken a part of her chair, her teeth have dug grooves into the gag and her wrist have just started to trickle blood. If that is not sufficient, I am seriously thinking of taking her for myself. She is amazing.”

With this information Sir blanched racing to my side to remove the gag and restraints.

“Oh and she cursed at me. I owe her a couple of swats,” said Eric.

It was now my time to blanche. I watched in fascination as Eric moved between Lena’s thighs and unfastened his pants. My eyes flew to Lena who was grimacing as if she were in extreme pain. With one hard thrust Eric entered her. The bliss on both their faces spoke volumes. They were breathtaking together. Neither making a sound. The madness of such a peaceful chaos was hard to process. Their bodies moved as waves on the ocean. They breathed as one while staring into one another’s soul. I could not tear myself away.

“They are beautiful, aren’t they?” asked Sir. I did not answer. “We could have that. Connect. Be one. But you have to open to me.”

“I don’t want to connect with you,” I hissed.

“Yes… you do,” He sighed. “You would not have had such strong reactions. We cannot make this work if you keep fighting yourself.”

“I am not fighting myself. I am fighting you.”

“I am a part of you. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I am yours.”

“I don’t think Newton would appreciate you using his laws for your fucked up agenda. And you are not my anything.”

We didn’t speak again until the couple finished their performance. Eric stuffed himself back inside his slacks as he walked over to us. My eyes were still fixed on Lena when he spoke to me.

“She has been with me for five years, voluntarily of course. I know the way you came to Sir is rather unorthodox but he only wants your happiness. Give him a chance.”

A moan from Lena swung all eyes to her. Eric had left the vibrator on a now climaxing female. A thick white drop of fluid fell from my chair onto the floor. It was an obscene sight. I turned to Sir only to see a predatory smile cross his face and the large bulge in his jeans twitch.


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