Letters To Sir:: Episode 4

Status: Finished

Letters To Sir:: Episode 4

Status: Finished


Submitted: December 11, 2015

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Submitted: December 11, 2015



The mail came five days after I sent the second part. His note read he’d been a complete gentleman and simply saw it as training for his new pet. I smiled at the word ‘training’. Without a doubt that was what it was.

After receiving my first spanking I woke up tied down. My bottom hurt bad but whatever I was lying on was warm and soft. Looking around the room I noted it was different than the other two I had been in. Black fabric covered the walls. There was not a window in sight. The only light came from a dimly lit candle chandelier that hung directly above me. Testing the ties I wiggled then groaned. My breathing picked up. What now? Remembering the earlier chain of events I renewed my efforts to make something budge. I had pissed off the beast. There was no way he was going to let me get away with that. I had to find a way to appease him.

“You are awake. Good. The meds are at the proper dosage for your weight now.” Sir’s deep voice thundered from behind.

“I am sorry.”

“No, you aren’t. You are afraid. Which you should be.”

I closed my eyes and resigned myself. There was no way to fight this.

“You were only out for an hour. I promised you two punishments and I intend to keep my word. This punishment is… special. The lounger you are lying on was made with you in mind. I want nothing more than to bring you happiness. With that being said I will give you a choice on your punishment. I know you have been avoiding looking at me in hopes that I will let you free one day.”

I sucked in a breath and felt my eyes go wide.

“I have not forced you because I want you to do it yourself. I believe the time has come for you to know who owns you.”

A dark shape filled my peripheral vision. I slammed my lids shut.

“Here are your choices. You can look at me and get a pleasurable punishment or you can keep your eyes closed and suffer another spanking. I will give you a few minutes to decide.”

The sound of his steps faded away and I was left to think. The thought of another spanking was downright insane. My bottom still stung from the last one. Shame invaded me as I thought of my reaction. Yes, it had hurt but something had changed near the end. Even now I felt my inner thighs tingle. I swallowed. Sir had been right about the reason why I had not looked at him. I was hoping he would realized what he had done was wrong. My mind raced with pros and cons of the choices. I imagined I could hear the sound of a clock ticking in the distance. The noise seemed to swell.

Pain hit my right thigh and spread. I hissed and opened my eyes to find a man standing in front of me. He was amazingly handsome but not in society’s standards. He was tall, extremely so. His hair was raven and hung shoulder length in wild curls. Though he was slender in size, sexuality and authority oozed from every pore. He wore a white long sleeve shirt with black slacks. What I could see of his skin gave me the impression he could be covered in colorful tattoos. In truth he was flat out sexy and was staring with heated brown eyes right at me. He was also feet away. Immediately I knew he did not cause the pain I’d felt.

As soon as the thought cleared my mind another pinprick of pain spread down my other thigh. I let out a whimper. Looking at my skin I saw a small black teardrop. Again I noticed the flickering of the candles. Watching in horror I saw what had caused my pain as another drop of the melted liquid fell onto my left breast. I shot a glare toward the man standing in front of me. He smiled.

“I see you have chosen to look at me.”

“I did not. You took the choice from me.”

“I did no such thing. You could have kept your eyes shut. If you want the more severe punishment just say the word.”

I said nothing.

“I thought so. You remember me?”


“From where?”

“Mall!” I yelled as another drop stung me.

“Very good.” He started to move then, walking to the wall directly in front of me and pulling on the fabric.

Behind the satin material was another mirror, as wide as the room. Wax continued to drip on me as he started bringing out materials. The worst part of this punishment so far seemed to be the waiting. The dripping was starting to ooze in places. There was no relief because I could not move. My hands were tied down so I could not so much as rub the wax off. Eventually Sir came around to moving the chandelier with a pulley system. He manually raised the head of the lounger up with a crank. The mirror across showed all me in my naked glory. In this new position my legs were open obscenely. I was grossed out at what I saw. Between my legs I had became excited. The glistening evidence coated me and I groaned my shame.

Sir chuckled but continued what he had been doing. He fitted what looked like a U shaped pipe over my lap. On his hand was a tattoo of the word Sir in a lovely script. Fascinated I watched as he connected what looked like a microphone to the bar then secured it. Lowering the pipe a bit more he maneuvered the head of the microphone onto my clitoris. Cold fear seeped into my blood.

Once he was finished he walked out of the room only to come back with a chair. He sat and toss something in the air and caught it. Toss. Caught. Toss. Caught. The movement made me more nervous each time. Instinctively I knew whatever he had was dangerous. I looked at his face and he smiled. It transformed him into the guy I’d met a few months ago.

Barely felt vibrations on my clitoris gave me a jolt. Sir’s smile grew. Yeah, I was screwed




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