Canadian Horror Story

Status: Finished

Canadian Horror Story

Status: Finished

Canadian Horror Story

Short Story by: SBV

Genre: Erotica


Short Story by: SBV


Genre: Erotica



Filming a horror show on Hollow's Eve, in Toronto.


Filming a horror show on Hollow's Eve, in Toronto.


Submitted: October 31, 2016

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Submitted: October 31, 2016



“Pleeeeease! I don't want to die! You don’t have to do this! Please let me go, I swear I won’t tell anyone!” The girl tied to the chair pleaded, as tears streamed down her face, to her hooded captor. She struggled in vain to free herself from the ropes that bound her arms to the chair. She watched on helplessly in horror as he sharpened a meat cleaver on a stone.

The dark, musty, sound proofed, windowless basement was his torture chamber. She strained with all her might against the ropes biting into her forearms, and miraculously, she was free. The ropes unraveled from around her arms.

“CUT!” Jason, the director screamed out and jumped out of his chair. “Who the fuck tied ropes!?” He screamed out at no one in particular. “It’s fucking Halloween! We’re filming a horror show. This should be magic, not a fucking disaster!”

His assistant, Natalie, or, Nat, as everyone called her, ran up to him and answered his question, “It was Brian, the lighting guy. It’s not his fault.”

Jason snapped back in a furious rage, “Why the fuck is the lighting guy tying up Veronica!? You idiots are costing me money! Find me a fucking boy scout who can tie a woman to a chair, and not have her wiggle her way out! Jesus Christ! Is that too fucking much to ask? Why can’t all of you do what the fuck I pay you to do? Can anyone here tie a fucking knot!?”

Nat was nervous and scared. It was her first real job in TV after she graduated college. The production was a slasher pilot. If the show got picked up by a cable network, Nat would have long term employment, and something to put on her resume. The storyline of the first episode had been done a million times before. A Halloween party at a sorority house, where half naked college girls are killed off, brutally, by a crazed villain.

Nat swallowed hard, and cleared her throat to get Jason’s attention, “I know someone,” she almost whispered.

“Tell me, Nat. Tell me this savior’s name! Can they be here in half an hour!? If not, you’re wasting my fucking time!” Jason yelled at her.

Nat jumped with a start at Jason’s words. She grabbed her cell phone, dialed my number as she scurried behind one of the curtains that separated set from the rest of the warehouse.

“Hello Nat,” I answered the call.

I had met Nat at a Kinbaku seminar, months ago. She was interested rigging, but, discovered that she enjoyed being a rope bottom much more than doing the tying. She quickly volunteered to be tied and suspended by me. Her small and slender frame made her the perfect rope bottom.

“Gil! I need the biggest favor ever!” Nat said the words so fast; I had to ask her to repeat herself. She took a deep breath, shut her eyes tight, and asked the question, “Okay. Can you be at Queen St. warehouse district in half an hour? The director needs someone to tie an actress to a chair, so that she cannot escape. And, I think the tie should be sexy. This is a ‘T n A’ show we are filming. Can you be sexy and scary while you tie her?” Nat smiled to herself, remembering the private sessions we had over the last few months.

Nat is twenty three years old. She is very smart and ambitious. And, she enjoys being tied rather tight, and being submissive to me. " You really scare me sometimes, Gil. But, that makes me so fucking wet. I love when my cunt drips for you." She had confessed to me after an extremely hard session we had.

“Inescapable, sexy bondage, Nat? I think I can fumble my way through that,” I chuckled, as I imagined Nat getting wet at the memories of our time alone.

“You’ll do it!? I owe you, Gil! I’ll text you the address! See you in a bit?” Nat excitedly rambled as she made her way to Jason.

“See you in twenty minutes, Nat.” I smiled into the phone.

I work downtown; it’s a twenty minute cab ride to the Queen St. warehouse district from my office. I like Nat, and was more than happy to help her out with her career.

When Jason saw Nat come out from behind the curtain, he screamed at her, “Well!?”

Nat smiled at Jason and replied, “Gil will be here in twenty minutes. You won’t be disappointed. If I may say so, you should film him tying up Veronica. In the event you want to spice up the scene, you know, scary and sexy.”

Jason glared at Nat with a scowl on his face and shouted, “Shut it, Nat!”

Nat turned and walked away from Jason. “Prick,” she thought to herself.

I arrived at the studio and was escorted to the lower level of the building.

Nat spotted me and called out, “Gil! Over here!”

Jason turned in his chair, looked at me and shouted, “Never mind her! Come here, Gil!”

I wasn’t impressed with the man in the director’s chair. I walked slowly to Nat, hugged her and kissed her on the cheek, then made my way to the director.

“I’m Jason, the director of this all Canadian, fucking, nightmarish, cluster fuck, of a production,” Jason half snarled at me.

I was about to tell him to go fuck himself, and leave, just as Nat ran up to me and handed me three coiled lengths of rope.

She smiled and said, “Hemp. And ready to go.”

I had explained to Nat why I prefer hemp rope over jute. Hemp is much heavier and denser. Its fibers are much longer than jute, and are softer to the touch. It gets softer with use, and wears better over time. I also want the rope bottom to feel my rope’s weight, not just its bite.

I turned to Jason and asked, “How do you want her tied?”

Jason snarled back, “I don’t give a fuck! Just make it so the fucking rope stays put. She’s supposed to be struggling and shitting bricks.” He turned around and pointed to a tall, leggy, blonde dressed in a sexy vampire outfit and make up. Her long, black dress was slit on both sides, all the way to her hips. Black stockings and garter belts hugged her shapely, slender legs. Six inch, black stilettos, and a black, silk vest, that appeared two sizes too small for her triple D breasts.

Nat wrapped her arm around my waist and replied to Jason, “He can do so much more than that. Sit back and enjoy the show.”

Jason huffed, turned away from Nat and barked out, “Tie her up, savior Gil! And don't think about disappointing me, or Nat is fired!”

"Then her job is safe, Alfred Hitchcock," I snarled back at him.

Veronica walked over to the chair and sat down. I made my way to her and introduced myself, “I’m Gil. Pleasure to meet you, Veronica.”

Veronica pouted, smiled and replied, “Please don’t hurt me, Gil.” And she winked at me.

I chuckled and replied, “I will be touching you during the tie. Are you okay with that, Veronica?”

“Pfffft. Touch away, get your rocks off, I don’t care. I just want this scene to be over. No close up of my face in this shot, so, I couldn't give a shit,” she replied in frustration.

“I will do my best, Veronica.” I winked at her and walked around behind her.

Veronica gasped when she felt the rope sink across the top of her breasts, around her arms, and pull her tight against the chair. She gasped again as I wrapped the rope under her breasts and pulled it tight. She looked down at her breasts to make sure they hadn’t popped out of her vest. I pulled her arms behind her and bound her wrists together, and closed the tie around one of the thick, horizontal slats on the back of the chair.

I uncoiled a second rope and pulled Veronica’s head back by her long blonde hair. She stared at me, wide eyed and with her mouth open. I winked at her. I wrapped the rope around her open mouth with two passes. Then, wrapped it three times across her eyes. I grabbed her hair, close to her scalp, twirled it three times in my hand, and wound the rope around her hair. I pulled her head back tight, and tied her hair, and rope, around the top, horizontal slat of the chair. I closed the tie.

Nat gasped as she watched me twirl Veronica’s hair and yank her head back. She touched the back of her head, as the phantom felling of her hair being pulled manifested itself. Nat loves when I use her hair in a tie, especially when I suspend her. She also begs me to pull her hair when I fuck her doggy style, in her ass or pussy.

Veronica looked delicious. My cock was semi hard. Her tits were tied tight and bulging around the rope. Her pink areolas were peeking out from under the vest. I unwound the last rope, kneeled in front of her, tied her ankles together, one on top of the other, slowly spread her legs, and tied her knees to the front legs of the chair. I wrapped the excess rope around the four legs of the chair and closed the tie with a double constrictor knot.

“Are you okay, Veronica?” I asked her.

“Mmmmm,” she replied and tried to nod her head.

I stood up, turned to face Jason and said, “She won’t get out of that tie, I guarantee it.”

The set was deathly quiet. All eyes were on Veronica. She looked helpless, vulnerable and sexy as all fuck. She was breathing hard, obviously aroused by being tied.

Nat walked over to me, got up on her toes and whispered in my ear, “My next tie is in a chair, promise me, Gil. That is so fucking hot.”

Before I could tell Nat that I looked forward to it, Jason went off on a rant. “Did one of you morons get that on film!?” Jason screamed at the cameramen, “Someone tell me we got that! Now!”

All three cameramen shook their heads. Nat walked over to Jason and assured him that I could do it again. Jason placed his arm around Nat's shoulder and walked her out of earshot of the crew.

"Does Gil, you know, go both ways perhaps?" Jason whispered his question to Nat.

Nat looked up at him and smiled, "You're out of luck, Jason. Now, was I right or what? This is a T n A show. Maybe you should have Veronica bound like that and just have her make loud noises, with a lot of close ups of her face, terrified, crying and unable to plead for mercy. What do you think, Jason?"

Jason turned to look at the bound Veronica and huffed, "She looks like she's ready to cum, the lucky slut." He turned to Nat and winked. "Yes, I like the idea. Veronica has been driving me crazy, asking for close ups of her face. Will Gil put on the costume? Does he have the time right now? I need this scene completed today."

"Let me ask him, Jason. No one makes Gil do anything. He likes control, if you get my drift," Nat snickered.

Jason gasped and stared at her. "Nat! You slutty little girl. I think I misjudged you," Jason whispered.

I agreed to tie Veronica again, wearing the costume. Four cameras filmed the sequence from four different angles. When the scene was completed, I untied Veronica and made my way to Nat, to say good bye to her.

Veronica came up to me as I was getting ready to leave and said, "I came, and got almost a minute of close ups in that scene. I owe you, Gil. Just tell me when, where and how you want me." She got up on her toes and licked her tongue slowly over my lips as she purred.

I laughed to myself as I watched her saunter away.

Nat walked me out of the building. “So, what did Veronica say to you? Before she tried to lick your lips off your face?” She asked with an obvious hint of jealousy in her voice.

I chuckled, “Nat, are you jealous? She thanked me for getting her face time, or something. And, that she owes me.”

“I was jealous of you twirling her hair in your hand and tying it. And, I don’t know why,” she pouted after she replied.

I took Nat in my arms and kissed her. “I promise to make our next session special. Okay, Nat?”

She kissed me back and nodded, “Okay, Gil. You better make it super special, ” she giggled and added, "Sir.”


When I got home that night, I called Nat and asked her if anyone found my cell phone at the studio. I told her the studio was the last place I remember having it with me. She was still there, and would be working late to get the prepping completed for tomorrow's shoot.

"Sure, Gil, anything for you, and I mean...anything," she snickered.

Nat called me half an hour later and told me that my phone was not there, but, she would ask the crew tomorrow, and keep me posted.

As soon as she ended the call with me, the power in the studio went out. The emergency lights flickered and turned on a few seconds later.

"Fuck, really?" Nat cursed as she threw her arms up in the air and shook her head.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end, when she heard a loud metallic sound, like a steel door being shut.

"Probably the cleaning crew getting an early start, Nat, you big pussy." She nervously laughed to herself for being scared and went back to work on her laptop.

Another sound startled her, a cold chill ran up her spine. The sound was familiar. A meat cleaver being dragged across a stone.

"Who's there?" She called out as she jumped out of her chair. "Not funny asshole! Jason will fire you if you fuck with the props." She warned whoever was in the dark, just behind the curtains. The sound stopped. "Is that you, Brian?"

The lighting guy, Brian, was a prankster. He was known for elaborate pranks. Nat decided to call him out. She dialed his cell phone. She would hear the ringtone if Brian was in the studio. Not a sound came from inside the studio. Brian answered the call. Nat could hear his baby crying in the background. It couldn't possibly be Brian pranking her.

"Hey, Nat. What's up?" Brian asked.

"N-nothing. Just wondering if anyone told you they would be working late at the studio tonight?" Nat asked with a tight throat.

"Nope. Only you, Nat. As usual. Get out of there, have a few drinks, relax, get laid for fuck sakes," Brian chuckled.

Nat laughed and said goodbye to Brian. He was right. She was stressed out, and, probably was overreacting to the sounds. Her skin crawled, goosebumps covered her entire body, she gasped and became paralyzed with fear, as she watched the curtain, separating the set from the rest of the floor, being drawn.

Her heart beat pounded in her ears so hard, that her temples hurt. She swallowed hard, gathered up as much courage as she could and shouted, "Enough! You scared me! Now just stop this, please! Show me who you are, this isn't funny anymore!"

Her phone rang. She jumped with a start and fumbled to pick it up off the desk. Gil, was illuminated on the phone's screen.

"Thank God!" She thought to herself and quickly answered the call. "Gil!"

No reply on her phone. "Gil, someone is scaring me! Can you come get me, please!?"

"Look at the curtain, Nat," a sinister, mechanical voice ordered.

Nat couldn't stop herself from looking at the curtain. Her heart raced faster, the ache in her head intensified. A gloved hand appeared from behind the curtain, holding my cell phone with Nat's name on the screen. Nat shrieked in terror and fell over the chair as she stumbled backward. Her phone flew out of her hand and bounced off the desk on to the floor, away from her.

A menacing, dark figure pulled the curtain back and revealed himself to her. He was big and was wearing the murderer's costume from the show. Well worn, leather welder's gloves. A thick, black, plastic butcher's apron that ended just above the black, engineer boots. A plaid, full sleeve shirt, and a burlap sack with eyes cut out on his head.

Nat thought she was going to pass out from fright. The menacing figure closed the gap between them with a supernatural speed. He grabbed Nat by both wrists, lifted her off the ground and carried her to the stainless steel, killing table. Although it was only a prop, it was functional for the purpose it was designed for. The concave surface, and drain at the foot of the table, assured that any liquid poured, or spilled on it, would flow directly into the large grate on the floor, and down to the sewer.

She was no match for his power. As hard as she struggled and screamed, he easily overpowered her and bound her wrists and ankles to the leather restraints attached to the killing table. Nat cried out and pulled on the restraints. The dark figure placed a gloved hand on her throat and squeezed, till Nat couldn't make a sound. His other hand gripped her blouse and tore it open. Nat shivered at the sensation of the cold, rough leather against her soft, defenseless flesh.

The cold glove gripped her laced bra and ripped it off her. Her small, perky breasts jiggled from the force. Nat heard a menacing growl come from the dark figure, as he squeezed and slapped her breasts. She was repulsed by the uninvited touch. Everything was blurry to Nat, as she tried in vain to focus on her captor, through tear filled eyes. The pit of her stomach felt like a hole had been punched through it.

Nat shook her head frantically and whimpered through deep, restrained, uncontrollable sobs, "No, no, no, no, pleeeeeasenoooo!" She felt the cold glove travel up her inner thigh towards her cunt.

Again her ears were filled with the menacing growl from the dark figure, as his gloved hand roughly rubbed her cunt. Nat squirmed, and twisted her body frantically, struggling to free herself. She was repulsed by the monster's gloved touch. He growled louder and slapped her between the legs hard. Nat cried out at the stinging pain.

The gloved hand in between her legs gripped the waistband of her panties and yanked them. Nat's hips were pulled up and away from the table, then crashed back down on to it, when her panties were torn off her. Nat screamed at the top of her lungs, for someone to help her, as she watched the dark figure above her remove one glove. She heard him growl again, as he shoved the glove into her mouth.

His bare hand grabbed her left breast and squeezed it. He pulled on it, letting her breast slip through his fingers, till her nipple was trapped and being squeezed between his finger and thumb. Nat grimaced in pain and screamed out for someone to help her. Oddly, she felt a twinge of arousal from having her nipple pulled and squeezed.

The bare hand slid down across her belly, and came to rest on her slit. Nat begged the monster to stop and let her go. She hadn't notice that her cunt was beginning to get wet. When she felt her clit being pinched and rolled between a thumb and finger, she gasped. A shiver shot through her. There was something familiar in the dark figure's touch. She was too terrified to think about it, and kept begging for the monster to stop.

To her surprise he did. He pulled her long, brown hair out from under her head, and let it dangle off the table. Her grabbed her hair, close to her scalp and twirled it three times in his hand.

Nat's fear suddenly turned to anger. "You fucking prick, Gil! You scared me shitless! Let me up! Now! I am going to kick your ass, mister!" She was furious at me.

I tried to hold back my laughter. "I was hoping it would take you a bit longer to figure out it was me, Nat. I was enjoying myself," I chuckled.

The familiar touch, the way her clit had been pinched and rolled. What gave me away, was the three twists of her hair.

"Ohhhhhh, you are in for a world of hurt, Gil!" Nat shouted at me. "Take the restraints off of me this instant, you fucking asshole! I hate you! I will never forgive you for being so mean to me!" Nat shouted at me.

"Hmmm, I don't think I'm ready to set you free just yet, Nat," I smirked down at her. "You look much too delicious, scared and horny, to walk away from."

"Lay one finger on me and I swear, Gil!" Nat threatened me.

I slid my finger over her clit and rested it on her wet opening. "You sure, Nat?" I teased her.

"Prick! I hate you!" Nat hissed at me.

I slapped her cunt and shook my finger at her as I reprimanded her, "Now, now, Nat. That is not a very nice thing to say to me, after I provided you what you wanted."

"Owwwww! Prick!" She hissed at me again.

I slapped her cunt again, harder.

"Fuuuuuuuuck!" Nat gasped.

"Do I have your attention now, my pretty whore?" I smiled at her.

"Mmmyesss," she cooed.

"Good," I smiled and softly replied. "Do you remember telling me, ' You really scare me sometimes, Gil. But, that make me so fucking wet. I love when my cunt drips for you'. It is Hollow's Eve, after all."

Nat stared coldly at me and replied, "Scared and aroused, you jerk! Not, make me shit my pants and stop my heart scared!"

"Are you aroused now, Nat?" I teased her as I ran my thumb across her slick slit.

"Nope. Not even a twinge. I am soooo mad at you right now, Gil!" she shouted.

"You're very wet, almost dripping, Nat. Are you sure you want me to undo the restraints, so you can kick my ass?" I chuckled.

Nat moaned at the sensation of my thumb parting her cunt. "In a bit, you big jerk. Just keep doing what you're doing for a while longer. Then I'll kick your ass," She replied in a throaty voice.

The adrenaline rush of being terrified, mixed with physical stimulation, intensified Nat’s arousal. I stroked her cunt harder and faster.

"F-f-fuck me, Gil. Fuck me hard, please! Don't make me cum without your cock buried in me. I'm so fucking horny!" Nat pleaded.

I grinned as I took off the costume. I climbed on top of the table and sprawled on top of her.

"Stab me with your cock! Now! Please!" Nat begged.

I aimed my cock at her soaked cunt hole and impaled her with a savage and brutal thrust. Nat pushed her shoulders off the table and screamed like a banshee as she came. Her cunt clamped around my cock and squeezed it harder than anything I had ever felt before. I kept still, my hips pressed hard against her, ensuring the full length of my thick throbbing cock stayed deep inside her.

"Ohhhhhhfuuuuuck! I'm gonna cum again!" Nat screamed out as one orgasm ended and another began to build.

I waited for Nat to regain her bearings. She was covered in sweat. The orgasms were incredibly intense; she quivered from the inside out, and moaned out long and low from deep in her belly. I started pumping my cock in and out of her.

"No, no, no, no, please, Gil! In my mouth, I want you to cum in my mouth," Nat purred at me.

I slid off the table and undid the restraints around her wrists and ankles. Nat sat up and grabbed my cock as she lowered her mouth to suck the cum out of my balls. Before her lips touched the swollen, pulsating head, she jumped off the table and excitedly said, "Ohhhh! I have a kinky idea! Follow me!"

Nat lead me by my cock to an upright coffin on the set. She got up on her toes and kissed me passionately, pouted and asked, "Will Sir allow me to suck his cock while he stands in the coffin? It would make me very happy. I don't know when we will have the chance again. It is Hollow's Eve, after all."

I grinned and stepped into the coffin.

"Thank you, sweet Sir. I promise to swallow every single last drop of your precious cum," Nat cooed and purred.

Suddenly, and without warning, Nat slammed the coffin shut and locked it. I could hear her laughing to herself.

"Nat, not funny. Let me out now," I calmly ordered her.

"Nope, no way, no how. You stay right where you are, till I decide to let you out," she chuckled.

"Nat, I will spank your ass till it turns a shade of red that has never been seen in the visible light spectrum. Science will name the new primary color after your ass! Let me out, now!" I pretended to be mad at her, but wasn't at all. I had put her through an intense, emotional, harrowing experience. She could play her game for a bit.

"I look forward to it, Gil. You know how much I love when you spank my saucy, little ass. Now, stay still and quiet, while I sit in front of the coffin and finger myself. After I cum two more times, I'll let you out. What you did to me was very mean. And, you’re taking me out to dinner," she giggled.



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