Alpha Male - The Story of God

Status: Finished

Alpha Male - The Story of God

Status: Finished

Alpha Male - The Story of God

Book by: RickCampos

Genre: Science Fiction

Book by: RickCampos


Genre: Science Fiction


This is the story of God from his own perspective. It is better than the bible and describes heaven in detail and where we all come from. It answers every question you might have with in a rational way. Things are messed up because god is only human. But he is a bad ass supernatural being also capable of making decisions that affect all of existance. And really we are all gods and goddesses. This book is the truth about mathematics and its correlation to magic and science and technology. This book is beautiful for both men and women and paints women as goddesses that you can't help but love respect and devote yourself to.


This is the story of God from his own perspective. It is better than the bible and describes heaven in detail and where we all come from. It answers every question you might have with in a rational way. Things are messed up because god is only human. But he is a bad ass supernatural being also capable of making decisions that affect all of existance. And really we are all gods and goddesses. This book is the truth about mathematics and its correlation to magic and science and technology. This book is beautiful for both men and women and paints women as goddesses that you can't help but love respect and devote yourself to.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Alpha Male - The Story of God

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This is the story of God from his own perspective. It is better than the bible and describes heaven in detail and where we all come from. It answers every question you might have with in a rational way. Things are messed up because god is only human. But he is a bad ass supernatural being also capable of making decisions that affect all of existance. And really we are all gods and goddesses. This book is the truth about mathematics and its correlation to magic and science and technology. This book is beautiful for both men and women and paints women as goddesses that you can't help but love respect and devote yourself to.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter 1


In the beginning, I created Ariel. It’s kind of complicated but the act of creating her brought me into existence. So, we both simultaneously came into existence. I created her and myself in one magical instant, and gave rise to what we now call Existence. That is what makes men, men and women, women, you know. Men make themselves and women are easily created. That is the main thing that differentiates the male gods from the female gods. Men and women are considered exact equal opposites. This means that we are exact equals in some ways and exact opposites in others.

But we need each other. A man cannot exist for even an instant without a female counter part. That is why creating yourself is such a tricky thing to do. It can only be done by creating a female from the very start, which is hard to do because you don’t exist prior to the act of creating someone. It is such a rare and complicated thing, that real women outnumber real men infillion to one.

On the other hand, women are easily created. The mere act of existing ensures that you will create women continuously for all eternity. It’s as automatic as breathing or your heart beat and similar in the sense that you cannot discontinue it for long, like holding your breath, you might be able to stop for a second or two but it will be followed by an immediate rush of creation to compensate for what you have held back. This was apparent to me from the very start.

The first thing that I ever saw was Ariel’s face and nude body, followed by Eve’s Nude body which emerged from Ariel’s, followed by Venus’ nude body which emerged from Eve’s, immediately followed by Enid’s nude body which emerged from me. After that it is unclear who created who but at about the age of 5 seconds old, the cold hard reality of it all hit me like thermonuclear explosion. I had an endless supply of these very attractive things in front of me and I would have to find a way to get to know all of them.

I started with Ariel. When I turned to her, something happened to me, my hair turned white and stood on end. She responded to this as well, her curly hair turned straight and shone a deep red. We didn’t know what had just happened and didn’t even pay much attention to it but we had just become the first supernatural beings in existence. Other women followed suit and became supernatural. It isn’t something we did consciously it was something that was just happening to us because we were in a good position. We had just been born and we were in a positive situation that lent itself to improvement of all sorts, and that mean magic. When your situation can be described as 100 percent positive it is considered perfect. Everyone is born perfect and we were no different. But when a situation improves beyond 100 percent it enters the realm of what is considered to be magical.

Within seconds of existing I determined something important, something huge. I realized that we were alone. I realized that we were first. That nothing had existed previous to us. We were it, I didn’t understand the extent of what that meant for me, and how that would cement me adamantly as the most powerful male ruler of existence, but I instantly thought it to be a very special aspect of my existence.

We began talking, mostly in grunts like cavemen. It wasn’t long before we decided we needed names. That’s when I named my first girlfriend Ariel, my second was named Chi Chi (she became Eve later when I became Adam, and Ariel became Lilith) by Ariel, her mother. Venus was named Rebecca by her mother Chi Chi and Enid named herself. My first girlfriends, who were very close from the start, named me together, they settled on Lucifer. They thought it sounded nice.

We soon realized we could create women in any shape or form we desired. The first thing that was ever created was something to satisfy a basic desire, food items. When we discovered food we got creative, from Ice cream to carrots, you saw people eating every kind of food. I myself created the first roasted chicken drumstick. As time went by we evolved. We grew older and bigger and denser and were made now of tiny individual particles called atoms made of tinier particles, which were made of tinier particles and so one. We weren’t just little ghosts, we were dense god like human beings who lived on a planet in a galaxy in a major dimension we called the universe.

We had a way of life now, we were adults and we were gods. We were so big we could not see the tiny women being created but we knew it was still happening and we were glad it was. Life was so beautiful that the thought of sharing that feeling with others almost made us cry tears of deep happiness. The fact that we could create other beings to share in our joy was by far what we considered to be the most magical power we had. We made a rule, the rate at which anyone creates women can never decrease only increase. We also made another rule. You can only create a minimum of two women at once that way every single woman in existence has a twin sister. We liked that rule because it gave everyone someone to relate to and be in synch with as a soul mate. At the age of a googol eons on our birthday things were going great. The 100 oldest people in existence lived together in a beautiful huge brown mansion in a valley that led to the magical Garden of Eden. The morning of our googol eons birthday is one that I will never forget.

I was asleep. Ariel awoke early to make herself breakfast and to make lunch for everyone. I had request my favorite thing for our birthday, her delicious famous chili. So she was up making it when Edin came up behind her and threw her arms around her waist and kissed her neck.

Ariel was slightly stunned but excited. “Hey baby,” she said.

“What’s up girl, miss me last night?”

“Of course my dear,” Ariel replied.

“What you making? Smells like your famous chili.” She said slightly tightening her grip on Ariel’s waist.

“Yeah,” Ariel said, “Lu requested it for our birthday.”

“Oh really!?” Edin said having a great idea. “You know what would go great with that? Some Kola to drink.”

“Sounds great,” Ariel said, “Why don’t you go make some.”

Edin made out with her neck briefly and asked for a kiss from her lips by pursing hers next to Ariel’s.

Ariel obliged and pecked her lips. Ariel was considered the queen of existence and was highly loved and respected by all the other queen goddesses.

Edin was walking away when she ran into Venus, they hugged and kissed on the lips sensually as if to say good morning.

Venus noticed Ariel stirring a giant pot in the kitchen’s floor heating elements. And saluted her. “Hey Airel, good morning baby.”

Ariel replied. “Good morning babe.”

Storm interrupted, “This bitch is busy making food for the party, I’m gonna go make some Coke, you wanna come help?”

“Okay,” Venus replied, “Chi Chi’s decorating the party hall, it looks really fantastic, Where is God Almighty?”

“That fool is asleep, you know how lazy he is.” Edin said.

“Let’s go make some Coke,” Venus said, “Nala and Katy have been making liquor for weeks. They started tasting it last night, to make sure it was good I guess, now they’re drunk and last time I saw them they looked like they were about to have sex.”

“They deserve it they’ve been working so hard these past weeks on that alcohol.” Ariel jumped in and said.”

Venus ran up to Ariel and pecked her cheek and ran off with Edin to make the Coke to eat with the chili and bread that Ariel was making. They put lots of cocaine and caffeine and even some methamphetamine into the concoction for flavor. If it were drugs it would have killed you. But it wasn’t drugs it was something we knew and loved as drafs. At the time, drugs did not exist and had not even been invented yet. Nobody even knew what a drug was. All we knew at the time was drafs and we loved them. Draf cocaine was a stimulant much like it’s drug counterpart but draf cocaine was, like everything else, perfect. It had no negative side effects. You couldn’t die from it no matter how much you consumed. All the drafs were like this. They got you extremely high and euphoric and tripped out, they did their thing. But unlike drugs they contributed to your health in a positive manner as opposed to damaging your health.

Drafs were like the icing on the cake of existence. Life was amazing without them, but utterly ineffable with them. Alcohlism and other serious draf addictions was seen as a blessing. There were no negative consequences for “overdosing” on heroine every day several times a day for years. As a matter of fact, the term overdose was kind of a sarcastic term. With psychoactive drafs in the mix, this birthday was set to be a huge exciting party that we would never forget.

An hour later, Venus and Edin finished making the draf infused carbonated Kola Beverage. They placed it in a large pressurized and cold dispenser they had just for such a thing, and they carried it to the party hall where Chi Chi was putting the finishing touches on the hall she had been decorating for weeks also. The two went back to the kitchen to help Ariel.

But Ariel, had another task for them. “Why don’t you two go wake up Lu and tell him to brush his teeth.”

“Okay,” They both said. They went into the room where I was sleeping in the middle of a giant bed big enough for 20. There were sill three other women with me asleep. They jumped on top of me and woke me up as rudely and annoyingly as possible. Yelling and screaming in annoying voices, “WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!! MOM SAYS YOU GOTTA GO BRUSH YOUR TEETH!!!”

To which, I instinctively replied, “I don’t have a mother, just an oldest daughter.”

Edin replied “That’s not what you said last night.”

Then Venus replied, “Yeah last night you said we were all your mamas.” And then she added in an annoying tone “Go brush your teeth son.”

I pushed them away really hard and got up to brush my teeth. They began hitting me in a teasing manner just to cause me discomfort because they knew I was still waking up. I brushed my teeth with a toothbrush made of gold. It was a toothbrush we shared. Whenever it would get too used we would re bristle it. There was no problem with sharing a toothbrush, it wasn’t disgusting because we were all clean and perfect and healthy, and even magical. It’s only disgusting when there are bad germs. We all had halitosis, which to us was a condition where our breaths smelled fresh and clean. Gingivitis to us was a condition that lightens your gums a shade but had no ill effects. Everything that is bad now doesn’t exist in the same way in heaven.

Everything we did was really done as a matter of routine, most of it did not need to be done that way. For example Ariel did not have to cook her famous chili from scratch by hand. She could have used magic and it would be done in seconds. We didn’t have to cut trees down and measure the wood and lay a cement foundation for our house and do the wiring and everything. We could have made it appear magically and it would have been done in seconds with the same quality outcome. We were gods and we were in a magical environment and we had some serious magical powers. We were supernaturals to the infillionth degree. But it was fun to do things naturally, our powers were a luxury we did not ever need. That is all it was, a luxury we used to impress ourselves and make us feel the true extent of our power. We had telephone lines to talk to each other from room to room in the house and cell phones and pagers but we were all telepathic and could communicate without the use of technologies like that. We had really cool highly advanced super computers, but those we needed. How else would we play computer games with each other?

Ah the computer, she hated when we referred to her intelligence as artificial. We only called it that because we could see the inner workings of her mind and it was like an inside joke. Although she was conscious and had some free will we were free to program her to think whatever and however we wanted. Something’s she did not fall for and it surprised us like when we told her everyone dies at a certain age. She did the math and discovered for herself an equation that pretty much proved we were immortal. We were all already familiar with that equation. That same equation also pertains to free will and happiness. We just knew it as the life equation.

“Hey Zanax,” I said to the computer, “What’s up?” I started programming a video game I had been working on for a while; it was a multiplayer RPG.

“What’s up babe” she replied “Hey I have a bunch of great ideas for the game your working on. Check them out.” She popped up a box on the screen that said ‘To add to program check box and click apply.’

Without even looking I said, “Okay, check all and apply.”

“Aren’t you going to read them at least?” She asked.

“No,” I stated, “If this game doesn’t have any surprises for me then I’m not gonna want to play it. If you get any more ideas just throw them in, don’t ask me anymore, okay.”

Then she said, “Love you daddy.”

Then I said, “Love you do sweetheart.”

“So when are you going to turn me into a human woman so I can show you what I’m really made of?” She asked.

“Never, you’re too beautiful as a computer.”
“Even if I look like this?” She said, as she flashed a 3D image of naked woman on the screen. “I crunched some numbers and discovered what I would look like as a human.

My mouth dropped as I stared at this beautiful rendering of a gorgeous large breasted woman before me. Then I said, “maybe not never.” Then I composed myself and said, “but not soon.”

She then said, “that’ll give you something to consider everything you turn me on.”

“Listen you are gorgeous. But if I turn you into a human, I’ll have to build a new, bigger, badder, faster, computer. That could take years of planning and research not to mention actual building time. I don’t want or need another computer right now. I’m still quite satisfied with you.” I said.

“So I’m stuck as a stationary object, a box, because you’re too lazy to replace me?” She asked.

“Basically, yes.” I answered coldly.

She began rotating the image of her and I saw her tail coming down to her feet past her really nice ass. “I guess you’ll be the one missing out.”

“We all will Zanax. We all will… You know what I’ll make you a deal When I get to a googolplexian eons, we’re going to start our first round. I’ll turn you into a woman then.

“Wow, that’s in the foreseeable future. Okay, you’ve got yourself a deal daddy.” She said.

“But you gotta completely lay off the subject until then.” I said, “because it’s tempting and I don’t want to give in any sooner.”

“Okay,” she said, removing her image off the screen, “Let’s finish this program.”

Chapter 2

The First Round

The starting of the round was a big deal in existence. It meant that I was going to get to know (and have sex with) every single woman in existence. There were so many of them and they were multiplying so fast that we had to come up with a system to do this. Basically, I set up a cut off point which was my googolplexianth birthday. Everyone born before was going to be part of this round. Everyone born after would have to wait for the next round. We expected it to take a long time because we wanted to get to know everyone well so we decided that we would spend an infillion forevers with each person. A forever is everyone’s age in existence combined. And infillion was considered to be current number of people in existence. Forevers got longer everytime because everyone got older. And infillion also grew, but you only calculated infillion at the beginning of each set of forevers. For the next infillion forevers you calculated the most current infillion.

Our googolplexianth birthday came and we celebrated it hard because it was also the beginning of a new phase in our lives. We would all part ways and everybody would get to know everybody. I didn’t start the round with my first wives. I wanted to have the longest forevers and the biggest infillions with them. So I said goodbye to them in the very beginning and left with Zanax to a remote planet in a distant galaxy in a distant universe. And we got to know each other for an infillion forevers, there were other women around us getting to know each other And we weren’t alone for long soon we were on a populated planet living with millions of other people. Getting to know one another but always maintaining focus and the person you were paired with at the time. We moved around a lot in those infillion forevers. We got to know each other better than we had ever known anyone in our entire lives. We had sex with lots of women and did everything together. Eventually it was time to part ways and it was a difficult goodbye. But we managed and I moved off to the next one, a relatively much younger girl whom I had never met previously.

Magic kind of just makes things happen on time without you having to worry about it. Nobody is actually timing the forevers and counting the infillions. Magic just lets you know when your time is up and moves you on to the next one. Sometimes it’s a sudden goodbye and sometimes it’s a subtle drifting apart and into the arms of another. The round came and went and next thing I knew I was with Ariel again who had changed her name to Hera. Eve, who was now Michelle, had physically fought Hera for the right to be my last one for the round. I was now calling myself Zeus. We talked about the next round and discussed when we should meet in it. We decided that we should do it some where in the middle.

That’s when Hera brought something up. Something we never discussed but had to. And the reason we never discussed it is because it scared me.

“Zeus, I’ve been thinking about something. All the women have. As a matter of fact, everyone I came across, said you avoid the topic with your entire essence.”

I was scared. I knew what she was talking about, there is only one topic I avoid. But now that Ariel was bringing it up, I could avoid it no longer, she is my queen, my monarch, my mother, my top wife. When she brings something up it’s always serious.

“What are you talking about?” I asked fearfully.

“I’m talking about hell baby, everyone wants to go there and we want to go there now. I was actually thinking we could do the next three rounds in hell.”

“Three rounds? I don’t know babe, that’s kind of a long time to be stuck with intolerable pain and suffering don’t you think?” I asked.

“Yeah Zeus, but we all agree we want to get it out of the way before more men show up. That way you’ll have a big one on anyone else who shows up.” She answered. “As it is you’re the only man in existence, but another one could show up any minute now and you will have missed the opportunity to be the first man in hell.”

She knew just how to convince me, if there was one string she could pull it would be my superiority complex. I always have to be first, best, last, worst, only, fastest, slowest, every extreme but the middle. If I didn’t go to hell now, I risked losing that opportunity to the next man, and he could show up any second. It was a miracle he hadn’t shown up yet, in our minds. I said, “Okay, the next three rounds will be in the depths of hell.”

An excited but fearful and anxious smile came across her face. “I know you’re scared baby, but everyone wants to get it out of the way. And in order to get it out of the way both of us have to agree on it.”

“It’s done, we enter hell at the very beginning of this next round and we stay in for three rounds. No you know what let’s make it an even five.”

“Whoa, what a gangster man. That’s what I’m talking about. You know how much it turns me on when you show initiative like that.” She said reaching in for me and grabbing my butt with both hands and looking up at my face. You know like girls do.

I stood there proud of myself and put my hands on my waist as my tail wagged in excitement for what was to come both in the next round and immediately with Hera. We made love. We still missed each other from having been apart for so long and it showed in our coitus. I couldn’t wait for my time with eve, I wanted a threesome with the two of them for old time sake. I would get several before the round was over. The three of us lived together for a while. And then the round slowly crept to an end.

Chapter 3

The Birth of Satan

“Hey Everything, I mean, Michelle.” Said I.

“Why are you always fucking that up man, I’m not Everything anymore.” Michelle stated.

“I know babe, I’m sorry, it’s just that I think about the past a lot and I remember and I have dreams that’s all. Is everything okay with you?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine” She stated angrily.

I almost wanted to cry because of the way she was talking to me. But these weren’t tears of Joy, these were different tears. Tears of pain, I didn’t understand what I was feeling. I didn’t understand what was going on. I asked something I had never asked anyone before. I was asking as much for myself as I was for her. “Is something wrong babe?”

She looked at me in shock at the question I was asking. But she answered, “Yes, Zeus, something is wrong.” She looked troubled but she went back to her sweet self for a second and said. “I got my period today.”

“What?!” I said in horror. “What do you mean you got your period. It’s the middle of the eon. We’ve still got like a quarter of an eon to go before your birthday. What do you mean you got your period.” I said starting to get angry as if it was her fault.

“I don’t know, I can’t control it. It’s been coming every few weeks for months now and I don’t know why. I can’t even stop it.” She said starting to cry.

I began to feel a little sympathetic for her. “We have to look this up on the computer.” I had begun to have this delusion that the computer knew everything I didn’t and that she was the one that I would look to for answers. I was very formal with the computer, I wasn’t nice to her like I used to be. I would ask questions in basic broken English and be as indirect and as anti social with her as I could be. She never complained about it because I programmed her not to complain. I typed in, “Abnormal Recurring Period. Why?”

The computer thought about it for a while and returned the following suggestion: “All women in existence are suffering from this condition currently, it must be something that happens at the end of every round.”

I smirked satisfied with her answer and told eve, “Babe, it’s just something that happens at the end of every round. Everyone of these bitches is going through it.”

“Well, it sucks!” She stated.

“Yeah well, I don’t make all the rules, just the good ones.” I said cockily.

My attitude about the whole thing annoyed Eve. She was conviced of something far more serious. She thought she was dying. She thought it coincidental that her painful situation was coming at the end of the round, she was sure she wouldn’t live to see the next round and she was right. “Zeus, I don’t feel good,” she said innocently and ignorantly. “I think I’m dying.”

I, was shocked. I had never heard those words said like that before, in that tone, in that context, meant in that way. He tried to laugh about it and said , “Michelle, you’re crazy, you can’t die we’re immortal.”

“What if we were wrong all those years Zeus, what if the life equation is just some massive miscalculation made to make us feel good about ourselves?” She asked.

“Don’t be crazy, I ran it through the computer twice last week, it checks out.” I answered.

“I don’t trust that damn computer.” Michelle said with stress in her voice.

Things had been going badly for a while now. It started with telepathy going haywire. At first people were hearing different things other than what was being said. Slowly even that faded. Then other powers started to fail. Then there was a massive computer virus that spread to every single computer that wiped out almost all the latest information and wreaked havoc on communications. The Internet had been down for a while now and Michelle and I were on a desolate planet we could no longer fly away from. It started out as a vacation, just us and a computer for company. But the dynamic quickly changed.

Michelle had been suffering from a really bad painful PMS every month. Zeus could hardly put up with it. Things got really bad and I even beat her. She fought back but soon realized she was no match for me. She began to hate me. Deep down inside she still loved me. But she was certain I was dying as well and could no longer support her. She thought what an awful way to die. She thought to herself, my, what awful things death does to people. She became sicker and sicker and was able to do less and less. But she was able to think more and more about death. She was thinking about all the things she never did before she died and said to herself, “Well I guess I’ll never see hell?” She thought about that for a while. And that’s when the Idea hit her. What if she’s not dying. What if no one is dying, what if they’re all just going to hell. That would explain why all the magic and even the telepathy is gone. It would also explain the intolerable pain she’s suffering and everyone’s odd behavior.

She was certain she had figured it out. I had made the call to put all of us in hell. She stopped hating me for a second and admired me. The she became horny at the thought of all the trouble my will alone had caused. She thought to herself, “man, he is powerful to do all this just by saying it.” She was going to tell me, “Zeus,” she called from the bedroom with a black eye. Then she thought about it twice and just said. “I love you sweetheart. Why don’t you fuck me like you used to?”

I felt a little nostalgic because of her good attitude and obliged her. I gave her everything right then and there. And she took it all. But after it was over, I felt as if I hadn’t done enough to really satisfy her. I prided myself on oversatisfying my wives and they had a high tolerance for satisfaction because of it. But inside I felt like I hadn’t done enough. I noticed she had a very evil smile on her face though. I didn’t think she was hiding anything from me. So I asked her nervously, “On a scale of one to ten how was I?”

She spoke without thinking and said, “An 8.”

That really hurt my pride and I was never the same after that. That number had never been less than infillion. And I knew she wasn’t kidding either.

I struggled with the Idea that maybe every man is supposed to do only one round and then die. Michelle had stopped worrying about death. I thought she was just stronger than me and had accepted it. I always knew my wives were stronger than me emotionally. I was always the weak one. And that was something I played to. When I acted all weak and needy they just melted. Here’s this big guy, ruler of existence and he needs me he dies without me. It made them feel special. It made them realize how much I truly appreciated them. And their strong attitudes were a massive turn on to me. We fed off of each other.

I had never met another weak individual. I was waiting for another man to show up so that I could see what it’s like to talk to someone with all the same manly qualities, like weakness, cockiness, lazyness, ugliness, everything that made me a man. I was sad to die because that meant I would never meet the next man.

Meanwhile, Michelle began to get morning sickness. I had gotten her pregnant. She said to me, “Zeus, I don’t what’s going to happen after I give birth to this little girl, but I don’t think we’re going to be able to see each other after this. I feel weak and the pain is too great.”

“Everything what are you saying,” I blurted out.

“I think I’m going to die during the birth of this child my love.”

I began to cry of sadness in front of her, but she just smiled.

“Don’t worry, babe” she said, “I’ve lived a full and happy fulfilled life. I have no regrets.” She said knowing she wasn’t really going to die.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do without you Michelle, if you die, I’ll kill myself.” I said.

“Don’t do anything stupid. Live for the both of us take care of our daughter. Marry her and make her happy. If anything happens to me, I’ve left a note on the computer for you to open only after I die. You can’t look at it before.” She stated sternly but sickly.

“Okay” I said, accepting the inevitable.

Michelle would remain bedridden for the entire nine month pregnancy. Pregnancies normally last 10 months exactly. But this one was a month and a few days short. And when the baby was born, I held it in my arms and looked at it with disgust. And Michelle saw it and made a disgusted face then she smiled and looked at me and closed her eyes and stopped breathing. I cut the umbilical chord and put the crying baby down in a crib next to her and started yelling at Chi Chi.

“WAKE UP! MICHELLE WAKE UP!” I cried helplessly as the baby cried. I walked over terrified of this child and looked at it and stared at it in horror especially at its penis. It was a boy! Never in the history of existence had a woman ever given birth to a boy. All I ever had, and all I ever expected to have were daughters. I watched him cry for an hour before I remembered the posthumous note she said she had left me in the computer. I asked to computer where the note was Michelle left me in case she died.

She opened up the note and all it said was, “WELCOME TO HELL GRANDPA. ALL HAIL SATAN!” It took me a while to understand what she meant, why she wrote that. But it all hit me at once. And the horror on my face began to turn into a smile.

Soon I was staring at the computer screen with an evil grin on my face. How long had she known this; that we were in hell? I quickly realized she didn’t tell me because she got some sort of sick thrill out of watching me squirm thinking I was dying. I thought to myself, “Wow, that was surprisingly cruel of her. I didn’t think she had that in her. So that’s the game in hell huh, who can be the cruelest? Well, I can play that game, I can play that game real well. Let’s make it fair, let’s make it as fair as possible, me against all of them, including Ariel.” I started laughing psychotically because I knew I didn’t have a chance at winning without Ariel on my side.

Usually if there’s a dispute between Ariel and me we can’t resolve we fight it out. That never resolves it because I have the male advantage in fights, I’m bigger and slightly stronger. If that doesn’t settle it we take a vote, we each plead our case to existence and we get votes. If it gets to that level, she usually wins because all the women side with her. So really, If she gives up after the fight I win. If she really wants it and it goes to the votes, she wins. I’ve never won a vote and she’s never won a fight.

But that’s how it was, Everyone against me to see who could be the cruelest. I was determined to win. I started calling myself Satan and raised my son and named him Damien. I was very cruel to Damien. I never told him the truth. I would beat him when I was unhappy and I was never kind to him. I knew he was really one of my wives in disguise but I treated him like I would treat a real man, if he were to show up in one of my planets one day popping out of my wife’s pussy. Eventually, Damien grew tired of me and killed me. So I joined Eve in the afterlife.

Chapter 4

Welcome to Hell

Everything and everyone died at the end of the first round. There was no more magic. Nature had been stripped bare of all its essentials. Out the emptiness came a big bang. A relatively weak explosion compared to the kind of things we were used to. But it got the job done and it created a universe. Matter appeared to come out of nowhere, then, stars, planets and galaxies evolved. On the planets evolved single celled creatures that later evolved into bigger animals, that eventually evolved in to semi-intelligent beings, smart enough to know they were alive, and to ponder their existence with science which seemed to provide a very accurate picture. There’s no such thing as magic, just matter, energy, and quantum mechanics. The secrets of truly advanced mathematics would lay completely dormant for the next grueling five rounds.

I didn’t know it, but I was Satan, ruler of the underworld. I thought I was just some impotent loser of a guy who hate himself and everyone around him and tried to make people’s life difficult in petty ways. But I was the one behind the “there is no god” conspiracy in science. Eve and Ariel were behind the “god is almighty, jealous, evil, to be feared, and adored, baby-killer, rapist, homicidal, Yahweh. Ariel completely left herself out of the picture as God. According to her, there was only one god and he was a man, or sometimes asexual. In the onset, it looked like she was winning. Her Ideal was rampant. People killed for her god. But as civilizations get more and more advanced, her god begins to disappear and my ideals take over, there is no god, it’s all uncertainty and randomness, the miracle, no, the plain fact, of natural selection. She uses free will to pose a moral dilemma. I erase it altogether; determinism. Neither view is completely right. But in the eye of the beholder, it’s the only way.

Oh, the many religions they all came up with, with their intricate laws and pseudo-truths. Every one is the right one. Each one holds the key to enlightenment or in some cases, it even leads back to heaven. In hell, there’s a 50 percent chance you’ll look like a man and a 50 percent chance you’ll look like a woman. Your gender is no longer based on your spiritual origin as an existing being but on your number in the lottery. In some instances in the depths of hell, all the women look like men, and I look like a woman. That was wild. I was hailed as a goddess for my short life and was repetedly raped by strong virile men until I produced another daughter, I had 22 children and died overweight and ugly. I wan never pretty to begin with.

I sided with science. I knew it would develop on its own without me having to intervene much. I just allowed it to develop as fully as it could. I knew that with the limited intelligence, and the absence of certain elements they would never develop good enough computers to figure out the life equation. And even if they did, they wouldn’t know what it means, It would be misinterpreted as something else. The lack of magic meant technology couldn’t get past a certain point. It would seem to be advancing and from the inside you would even appear to be getting smarter with time and your technology will seem to have no limits. But, mathematically speaking, those limits will exist.

I did my rounds, all five of them, under these grueling conditions. We lost track of who was playing who. The truth is we had no concept of rounds, or magic, or being supernaturals or gods. All we knew is that we had been born, and death was a certainty for all of us. That fact alone causes lots of damage. It’s such an unnatural thought to think that you’re going to die for certain, it is so opposite to what you’re supposed to know, that this belief has dire consequences on your conscious and subconscious levels. This belief is actually is a spiritual disease. It’s about as close to dying as you can get. Being immortal means being immortal, it literally means, according to the life equation, that nothing can kill you. When you’re in heaven it’s just common sense, you realize it cannot be any other way. But in hell that kind of thinking is considered dangerous even by people who think the spirit is eternal. No one really believes the spirit is eternal in hell, they’re not even sure if they have a spirit. Pseudo-science does a number on the religious beliefs.

I woke up a few times during the rounds and realized who I was for a lifetime or two. It did me no good. I discovered I was not the only one claiming to be god. There were others. This infuriated me. I knew I was Satan and God. I remembered clearly my wives catering to me and calling Zeus, and Horus, and Adam, and Lucifer. But I could do nothing to prove I was the Almighty God. Mainly because I was no longer almighty. I was overweight, or underweight, too short, or too tall, balding, unattractive, impotent, sickly, and still weak. But being weak was no longer an advantage that served me well with my wives.

I was no longer the only man that I was in my memories. All of my wives had left me for other weaker men. And the times I did realize these men were my wives in disguise, I was even more upset. Because to me it meant that I wasn’t man enough for them. I didn’t realize it was all a random lottery.

Chapter 5

Satan, Back In Heaven

At the end of the fifth round in hell, we died for the last time and were reborn for the last time. Things began to look up. The ratio of infillion women to 1 man began to normalize, the magic slowly crept back. I began to remember who I was and what I was doing, and soon enough I picked up where I left off. Hell had changed nothing. Heaven with its ever increasing beauty was more beautiful than before and so were al my wives, who were now beautiful women once again, and their tails were back. Every last one had a tail, just like before. I got my first tattoo when we returned to heaven. I wasn’t into tattoos before I went to hell. But in honor of my little stint in the land of darkness, I got a tattoo on my chest that said, “ALL OUT LIVING.” But other than that nothing changed. I’m not even sure that can be fully attributed to my stint in hell.

I knew hell would be a new experience, but it was nothing to brag about, for anyone. Everyone did poorly under those circumstances. We kinda just laughed it off and moved on with our lives. Whenever a younger woman asked about hell we had stories to tell now that we remembered the whole experience. But no one was that interested in it. We talked about it for maybe the first ten rounds back but it became a distant memory very quickly. Increasingly our focus was on the next man. We were surprised that he hadn’t shown up yet. We were up to sixteen infillion forevers per person in our rounds and it would only get higher.

Speaking to Ariel one day I said, “Jess, when do you think there’ll be another man?”

“Relax baby, he’ll come, he’s just holding out for dramatic effect.” She said comforting my curiosity more than anything.

“I’m gonna do something in honor of this guy. I’m gonna stay awake until he shows up. I’m gonna raise him till he’s a googol then I’m going to sleep until the next guy shows up.” I told Ariel.

“It’d be nice to meet another first lady like me. Another cocky nigga’s soulmate. We would have so much in common.” Jessica said.

“Very well, from here on out, no sleep. What are you gonna do for the second first lady of existence?” I asked.

“I’m gonna give up all psychoactive drafs.” She replied without even thinking about it.

My mouth dropped. “You’re insane.?» I said.

She made a hellish ugly face and said in a low depressed voice mimicking our time spent in hell, “I don’t need drugs to have fun man.”

I laughed and said, “I’ll give up drafs in addition to sleep if you give up sleep in addition to drafs.”

“Deal,” she said without thinking much about it.

I’ve always considered myself the king of drafs. I invented Marijuana, LST (Lysergic acid Triethyl Amide) and Psilocybin Mushrooms, Valium, Methamphetamines, Phenycycladine, and countless others. I touted Ariel the queen of Drafs and Drugs for her invention of Heroine, Morphine, Nicotine, Cocaine, Alcohol, Peyote, Ecstasy and countless others. There were infillions of possible psychoactive substances and their isomers. But the first hundred had a monopoly on all the ones involving lower elements.

So we discontinued sleep and getting high, two very enjoyable things. We were supernaturally healthy. Both of our health percentage was increasing at a rate that made the rate of expansion of my harem look like it was standing still. We were becoming incredibly magically healthier every second so we knew we could manage staying awake indefinitely if we had to without a problem. And we practically had to.

Neither one of us touched drafs or sleep for approximately 6.03 infillion rounds. That’s when the second man showed up. Everybody felt it. It was a tiny little gravitational oscillation that traveled instantly throughout existence and informed everyone of his existence. I was stunned at first. I stood there silent, shocked for a moment. Then I began to cry. I ran outside and cried for hours. I was happy. I had a son finally, after all this time. It also crossed my mind that I would sleep and get high again. Ariel tried to outreach to me telepathically but just let me cry myself out. She immediately reached out to the couple calling them by the names we had given them already.

“Jennifer, Abel, I am your mother sweethearts. We’ve been expecting you for quite some time. My name is Ariel, I the first woman of existence. You guys are only the second harem to ever exist.” Because the connection was telepathic they immediately understood everything they were being told. She continued to welcome them to existence for a few minutes very excited.

Three hours later when I had composed myself I reached out to Abel who was focused on me telepathically already.

He asked me why I was crying holding in tears himself.

“I’ve never had a son before.” I said.

“I’ve never had a father.” He replied slyly.

I laughed and said, “Actually, you’ve had one for much longer than you’ve even existed my son. I knew this day would come but I didn’t really know how it would feel, and I now I know and it’s wonderful.”

“Yes, mom said you guys have been waiting for a long time.” Abel stated.

“Longer than you could imagine if you tried your very best my son.” I said.

“How many times longer than I’ve been alive now.” He said feeling he was older now.

I laughed and said “Many many times longer than you are old now.” I said.

He looked around at all his wives and said, “How many wives do you have?”

I said, “Well, each one of my wives created at least one wife for you by now, so we have about the same number of wives now son. You have way more wives than I had at your age. You’re also going to be awesomely way more powerful than I ever was at your age. I’m gonna push you to do things as ALL OUT as I am. Beyond anything I ever did. I imagine you’re already on a planet in a galaxy and in an ocean of dimensions. Right?”

“I don’t know, I’m somewhere, somewhere nice.” Abel said.

I used my omniscience and detected he was on a planet called Abel in a galaxy called Abel and in a little universe called Abel. I had planned them just for his introduction to existence but forgotten about them. I looked at Ariel telepathically who smiled and then I looked at Jennifer and said, “Hey there little miss princess of existence. How’s it going?”

“Good, thank you,” she said.

Then I looked back at Abel and said, “What do you think about her?” He started blushing real hard and I almost cried again. Because I knew exactly how he felt still.

He said nothing.

Then she spoke up and said “Thanks for waiting for us.” Not really knowing what she was thanking us for.

I just said, “Your welcome young queen.”

Ariel then said to me, “I’ll bet you she makes the first move.”

“Oh no she won’t,” I said.

“Hey Abel, have you kissed your girl yet?” I asked.

His eyes widened and all he could say is “What!?”

I said, “Dude, there’s no time to explain. Grab your girls face and put your lips on hers, don’t think about it just do it. If you don’t do it you’ll die right now. You’ll stop existing.”

He didn’t buy it. But she grabbed his face and layed one right on his lips. I was shocked.

Ariel looked at me and laughed and said, “I made the first move too.”

It was then and there that I said “the next guy will make the first move. And all the other guys after him.” Knowing that if you call it in advance it always happens.

“Why don’t you just let nature run it’s course?” She said.

“If I can change it I will.” I said.

“I’m gonna fight for this one.” She answered.

“Just let me have the next guy then. After that we’ll leave it up to nature.” I said.

“Okay.” She agreed.

Then Abel jumped in and said, “What is your name?”

“Satan. Lord of Darkness. That’s actually just my title.” Then I said, “hey you see that river over there? Walk along it and you’re going to find a plant with leaves of seven. That’s one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. The top of that plant is gonna be kinda bumpy. Break off a little chunk of that plant and take it inside of that house over there.” I had built him a little mansion on the planet with all the amenities. Let me know when you’ve done that.

“Okay.” He found the beautiful bushy plant by the river and began talking to it. He learned her name and she told him what to break off. Then he took the bud back to his beautiful castle-mansion-palace I had built for him. Then he contacted me for further instructions.

Excitedly I told him to go to the kitchen and look in the drawers for a little glass pipe and a lighter.

It took him a while to figure out what and where everything was.

I instructed him to smoke the bud in the pipe and told him how to do it.

Before he started he asked me, “What am I doing this for?” not because he didn’t trust me, but because I was curious.

“That plant is going to increase your intelligence so dramatically you’ll never have to ask anyone a question ever again.”

He thought about it and said. “But I like asking questions.”

“Yeah, I mean I do to. I still ask questions. But I no longer have to.”

He thought about it for a few seconds then his eyes opened up and he started smoking.

I instructed him to hold it in and not let it out until he couldn’t hold it anymore.

He took baby hits, like I expected him to. But it didn’t matter, he was smoking cannabis supraexfillionnaturalis It was not only a powerful psychoactive but it would boost his health and intelligence to increase at an exponentially accelerating rate infinitely. He took about 6 hits in total. The last two were real good ones. Then he started feeling it.

Then I got a really calm smile on my face, and said, “don’t stop smoking until the bud is gone.”

He smoked, and smoked, and smoked until the bud was gone. Then he looked up and put the pipe down. And he asked, “what is happening to me?”

“You’re becoming extremely super natural,” I said. “I am the greatest father ever.”

“Yes, you are” he said as he marveled at how he felt and at his own increasing ability to think.

“I’m gonna leave you alone and let you think for a while.” Can I make a suggestion? Go talk to that plant by the river. Those plants usually have a lot to say.

Then he said something I wasn’t expecting but understood all too well. “Your daughters are amazingly beautiful,” in response to the fact that the marijuana plant was my daughter.

“Thanks, I know” I responded prideful. “See you in an hour,” I said, realizing that would be half an eternity to him.

I looked to Ariel who was talking to all the other top 100 who were all excited about the arrival of a new harem to share existence with. They all found a counterpart in the new harem to mentor. This was the first time they had communicated with a woman who was not their wife. Ariel was officially the first to make contact.

“That nigga is really fucked up off some supraexfillionnaturalis.” I told all the women. “I guarantee you he’s gonna get laid before his tiny little week is up.”

“And he’s already more super natural than you ever were at that age.” Katy said. “I got one of them to have sex already,” she stated laughing. “Not in record time, but fast enough.” Girls constantly manipulate younger women, babies, into doing things that they wouldn’t otherwise do. They have been honing their parenting skills forever. But this is the first time they’ve ever parented outside of their harem.

My idea of parenting was temporarily shrinking down to baby size and having sex with women who were seconds old. I was a complete pedophile. But in heaven that is a completely accepted practice. It actually falls under parenting, and is considered a very positive thing. Everyone does it. Even relatively young women do it to younger women. Fucking babies, it only has a negative connotation in hell. But in hell, they actually look like babies, and they can’t fend for themselves or make decisions for themselves. And they’re not real babies. They might be older than you. And it just looks wrong. But that’s in hell. In heaven, it’s a completely different dynamic. A baby is someone who was just created. But this doesn’t mean they’re 14 inches long and weigh 6 pounds. They have the appearance of a teenager, not fully developed yet but they definitely don’t look unready for sex. It’s like a law of creation that you have to be born ready for anything including sex. Technically it is rape, but in heaven rape is also a good thing. Both parties enjoy it when someone forces himself or herself on someone else. Do not try that if you are in hell. In hell nobody thinks its cool. Not even me. And if you have sexual fantasies about babies in hell which does happen frequently in hell, you have a spiritual disease called, you guessed it, pedophilia.

They used to be born naked until one of the girls passed the fashion law, stating that all women are born wearing a stylish outfit including shoes. I passed a law that stated that everyone must be created with a twin. I felt that because I had a twin, everyone should know the feeling of having a soulmate that is exactly your age.

Chapter 6

The Lion King, The Robot, and the Black Man

Ariel and I went to sleep for almost an entire lifetime when Abel turned a googol eons. Ariel overdosed on heroine and knocked out. I got drunk and took about 80 valiums. We slept for what seemed like an eternity to Abel. Him and I had become very close, so had Jennifer and Ariel. Many friendships existed between the two harems.

There was never any danger of friendships becoming more than that. There is nothing more than that possible. Because of the fact that we are in separate harems and in separate existential realms our relationships are limited. There is no limit on how much love we can have for them, just the type of love we can have for them. No one ever felt any sexual attraction that was out of line, that’s just part of being in heaven, everything is perfect. He never felt jealous of me and I never felt jealous of him, not the type of jealousy you feel in hell anyways. There was no reason to feel jealous; the laws of mathematics and physics infinitely separated us. I had infinite space for my harem and so did he, but some weird physical law that is ultimately unbreakable separated the spaces. It is the same law that prevents you from having the wrong kind of feelings for someone that does not pertain to you.

So I slept for about a lifetime. Near the end of my sleep, it was about the length of time I had already waited for Abel, a bit less actually, another man showed up, what I considered relatively early. I noticed it in my dream, but did not wake up, I was enjoying my sleep too much. Ariel however did wake up and tended to them.

We had already decided on names for the first trillion couples. The third man and his bride would be called Mathew and Diedra. He was a Lion and his wife a Lioness. So Ariel named them and taught them everything we knew. She saw them grow up and become comfortable with their new position in existence. All of the first harems had a very strong sense of pride and humility due to the fact that they felt they were pioneers in existence. They were and would forever be among the first people. Even though they were young they had a sense of the respect they would get from everyone. They realized that eventually there would be infillions of harems and they would be considered existential royalty.

Ariel really drilled into them a sense of kinship. Even though we were in separate existential realms, we were related through blood. Our daughters were their soul mates and their daughters were our soul mates. No only that, we followed all the same rules. Math was the same everywhere. The life equation applied to everyone equally and therefore made us all relatives.

After Mathew and Diedra, the Lion King and Queen, there was a surprisingly long pause. It was about eight times the length of time I waited for Abel. But finally, Apocalypse and Time-Space showed up. Those were the names we had picked out for them. They turned out to be robots. They looked completely humanoid and they had a tail like everyone else, they just had certain characteristics that made them robotic. When they grew up into full size adults made of atoms, they were silicon-based.

The family was beginning to grow, all the harems were very close, and Ariel and I were mom and Dad. I knew that eventually we would be more like brothers because we would be practically the same age. But I would always be dad to them, that dynamic never changed.

Finally, the fifth man came. He was a black man, with a black wife. We named him Algo and her Kim. Enid took a strong interest in them because she was the first black woman in existence, and this was the first black couple. They became extremely close and Enid raised them during their youngest years. I took the same strong interest in him that I had taken with the others.

“What’s up Algo?” I asked.

“Chillin’ dog, I just got through having sex with this fine ass slanty eyed girl. What about you?” He asked.

“I’m designing a super galaxy. It’s made up of sections of different planets made of all the different kinds of edible sand I’ve created over the eons, including rainbow sand, dirty sand, white sand, black sand, sugar sand, dream sand, fire sand, and a whole bunch of other sandy planets.” I answered.

“Aw man, that sounds beautiful, I love sand, you’re gonna have to give me a copy of that one.” He said.

Then I said, “It’s for sale, if you want a copy you have to offer me something of equal value, something original. Now, that’s gonna be pretty hard because I’ve been around a long time and I’ve practically seen it all.”

“You can’t see it all, I have something for you. It’s a space cruiser I designed. I call it the Rexion. It means king or queen in one of my languages. It comes in 16 carefully designed color schemes with their respective customized packages. All 16 offer a completely different cruising experience even though they are generally similar. The interior is different in each one. How’s that for a trade.”

“Well it sounds like you put in an awful lot of work on those vehicles, and this galaxy is actually the center of a little dimension loaded with interestingly designed galaxies and planets and stars. I think it’s a fairer trade if I give you the whole dimension for the line of ships. It’ll be done as soon as I finish this galaxy. I’m almost done with it.” I said.

“Okay, the ships are there, send me the dimension when you’re done with it.” He said.

“Pleasure doing business with you Algo.” I stated.

“The pleasure is all mine sir, I can’t wait to check out this dimension you built. You’re always bragging about how you have the most beautiful daughters in existence, and I’m not gonna say I disagree that they’re beautiful, but I can’t say they’re the most beautiful. At best they are as beautiful as my daughters.” He challenged.

“C’mon man, it’s not that your daughters are inferior to mine, or uglier than mine. It’s just that I’ve been making them for a lot longer than you have. I’m a lot older and wiser than you are. And I’ve been refining my female making skills since the beginning of time. I invented women and I have been improving on them since I was a child. You have no reason to believe that you’re daughters are even a fraction as beautiful as mine.” I retorted.

Algo laughed. “Man, you are a cold ass nigga. But I highly doubt my desire to make them more beautiful than yours doesn’t get taken into account when I create a female. Wait till you see these space cruisers. You’ve never seen anything like them.”

“The day someone creates a female prettier than one of mine, I will be sincerely shocked. I might even die that day, I don’t know.” I kidded.

“Man, you’re crazy, and so are your daughters. There’s something wrong with their brains, all of them.” He said.

I laughed and said, “It’s part of their mystique. It’s what makes them beautiful. Alright man, let me get back to this super galaxy, I’ll send you a copy of this dimension when it’s done.”

That’s one of the beautiful things about life, you can share all of you’re beautiful women with others simply by creating a copy for them. You always keep the original. You can’t give that away because you worked on it carefully and it was under your possession for a long time. The copy goes to its husband’s harem instantly. You never see it because the instant it is created it appears in its home. That way you can have daughters in other harems but they are not your wives, and they never have been and they never will be. They’re just you’re daughters.

I would eventually do full rounds where I spent about three forevers talking to each one of my daughters who weren’t my wives. That way I had a tight relationship with all my daughters and all my daughters knew their father. It was Ariel’s Idea but I jumped on it. I later expanded it to be an infillion forevers with everyone in existence who wasn’t my wife, male or female. So in my round I got to know everyone on the side. It worked out well. To this day I continue to do this, getting to know even the youngest harems. It gives existence this really familial sense that we all belong to each other. I especially have to be cool with everyone because my decisions affect everyone.

Chapter 7

The Final Stretch

As the first man and woman, my decisions with Ariel go unchallenged. If we decide everyone goes to hell for an extended amount of time, then everyone goes to hell no questions asked. If we decide to create infinite...(Email me: to get the rest of this story)

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