The Hunger of Men

Status: In Progress

The Hunger of Men

Status: In Progress

The Hunger of Men

Book by: murphtaf

Genre: Gay and Lesbian

Book by: murphtaf


Genre: Gay and Lesbian


There are many things a man desires: power, money, sex, love. These men want a taste of it all.

This story will contain graphic depictions of male-on-male sex. Please leave any comments and criticisms you have and I'll try and add chapters as soon as I can.


There are many things a man desires: power, money, sex, love. These men want a taste of it all.

This story will contain graphic depictions of male-on-male sex. Please leave any comments and criticisms you have and I'll try and add chapters as soon as I can.

Chapter1 (v.1) - A New Leaf

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 31, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 31, 2016



“Oh, fuck me harder, Michael.”  Every morning this week was the same thing.  Jack was woken by the muffled sounds of his roommate and that kid Adrian getting it on.  This morning, however, the wake-up call was somewhat welcome as it was Jack’s first day at work.

He rolled out of bed and pulled on a pair of shorts before stepping out into the hall.  The moaning was louder now and Jack could’ve sworn he could even make out the sound of skin slapping skin.  He brushed it off and continued on into the kitchen where he was most likely his closest to silence.

Jack stretched while his eyes perused the cupboard.  Nothing seemed appetizing to his nervous stomach, but he grabbed a breakfast bar in spite of it.  A few minutes later he heard Michael’s door clicked open and Adrian joined him in the kitchen.

“Hey, Jack.”  The boy was fresh out of college, only a year younger than Jack and Michael.  His shaggy blonde hair was messier than usual and his thin boxers showed off a shrinking tent.  Not bothering to put a shirt on allowed Jack to see the fresh red marks on his back where Michael must’ve been holding him.

“Hey.  How’s it going?”  Jack had only moved in a week ago which is why he found it odd that Michael’s regular hook-up seemed to already be so casual about conversing with him.  The two boys had equally trim bodies, Jack’s much less apparent with a t-shirt on.  His hair was a rich brown that matched his eyes and he wasn’t much taller than Adrian who barely broke five and a half feet.

Really good.”  Adrian grinned from ear to ear.  Surely he had to know that Jack heard the pair of boys.  “Oh, today’s your first day at Primary isn’t it?”  Jack hadn’t told him about his new job which meant Michael must have.

“Yeah, it’s pretty exciting,” he scoffed.  In all honesty though, Jack was excited to finally have a full-time career.  Michael put in a good word for him at Primary Financial Group, which probably helped offset the lackluster interview, and now he was going to be a full-fledged accountant.  He was even more excited that his boss started him on a Friday, a man with the inclination that it was easier to have ‘syllabus day’ not be the start of a full work week.

Snagging a water bottle from the fridge Adrian added, “Well, good luck,” and strolled back down the hall.  Jack finished getting ready with a half bowl of cereal, a shower, and touching up his appearance every few moments until it was time to go.

“Shit!” Michael yelled, getting cut off in traffic again.  “I’m telling you, I think I’m going to start taking the bus.”  He held down on the horn before brushing his wavy brown hair out of his face.

“I think I’d like that too,” Jack mumbled.  The driver let out a deep sigh.

“You know, for real, man, I’m glad you’re finally here.”  Michael’s stern expression stayed glued on the view in front of him, making his out-of-character heartfelt sentiment a little easier on him.

“Me too,” Jack grinned, not getting his gaze met.  The two boys had known each other since high school.  Michael was who Jack considered to be the only attractive guy in the Gay Straight Alliance club.  He joined in his sophomore year, hoping that since he’d come out he then could find a guy to do all the things the girls did with the other guys.  Instead, he found a lifelong friend.

“So you and Adrian… that’s getting pretty serious.”  This managed to get Michael to look at him through his sunglass covered eyes.

“What makes you say that?”

“He’s been over every day this week.  And he’s been enjoying it from the sound of things.”  Michael smirked.  Hearing that Jack’s been hearing him shout and grunt and yell ‘I’m cumming’ caused a twitch in his slacks.

“You jealous?”  His tongue licked across his bottom lip.

“No,” Jack said with an anxious laugh.  “It just seems like he’s getting to be more than a hook-up.”

“Then let’s call him a ‘fuck-buddy’.  And what about you?  When was the last time you got laid?  It wasn’t Jason, was it?”  Jason was Jack’s boyfriend through the last two years of college; they broke up over two months ago.

“Yeah,” Jack again mumbled.

“Jesus!  No wonder you’ve got your ear to my door.  Have you been trying to meet someone new?”  The other boy didn’t answer which was answer enough.  They both knew Michael would keep prodding and that Jack would reluctantly respond, so Michael instead turned his tone soft again.  “Well, let’s go out tomorrow night.  Find you a great, big cock for that cute, little ass.”  Jack blushed and said ‘okay’.



“And there you have it,” Mr. Willard said, concluding the tour.  “So I’ll have you start working with Angela,” he pointed down an aisle, “and if you have any more questions, my office is always open.”  He gave a big grin and waited until Jack said ‘sounds good’ before nodding and walking away.

Jack made his way to the stout, middle-aged woman who always seemed to be beaming.  “Hello, Jack,” she smiled.  “So what do you think of the place?” she asked in a more hushed voice, still smiling.

“It’s nice,” he said.

“It’s kind of a maze, huh?”  It wasn’t, but Jack humored her and agreed.  “Well, that’s why my first test for all new employees is to make a delivery.”  She grabbed a stack of papers off her desk and put them in his hands.  “These need to go to the sales-guys up on the twenty-seventh floor.  All you need to do is hand them to the secretary.  Do you think you can handle it?”  Her grin implied she thought it would be a daunting task, as if the elevator wasn’t in sight from her seat.

“I’ll give it my best shot,” he smiled back, trying to meet her level of enthusiasm.

“Great!  Good luck.”  Angela turned back to her desk and Jack easily maneuvered his way towards the elevator.  He got on and silently waited for it to ascend eleven floors.  Stepping out into the sales office, not much looked different aside from the wall colors and some decorations.  He walked up to the woman at the front desk who seemed to be busy shuffling papers around and answering phones, and waited for her to acknowledge him before handing her another stack of papers.

“Angela from accounting asked me to bring these here,” he explained.

“You must be new.”  The woman’s serious expression turned soft and she gave a little smile.  “She does this with every new employee.  It’s sweet, if unnecessary.”  She gently dumped the papers into the recycling bin next to her chair.  “Congrats on the job,” she added before resuming her work.

“Thanks,” Jack said.  He walked back to the elevator but was stopped by an approaching voice.

“Jack?  Jack Harris?”  He looked up and saw a familiar face walking towards him.  “Hey, it’s Noah.”

“Noah, hi.”  Jack’s smile was bright for the boy he hadn’t seen since high school.  The other boy hadn’t changed much since then.  He was always muscular; the bulges in the arms of his blazer proved that was still true.  His suit was tailored perfectly to accent his narrowed midsection.  Jack couldn’t help but think about that signature V just above his pants and that it was probably still there.  He struggled to keep his eyes from travelling too far down, but just the sight of his upper half was enough.

“Do you work here?”  Noah asked, his smile just as wide.  The tips of his fingers grazed his short, black, side-swept hair.  Jack noticed the stubble he had in high school was gone.

“Yeah, well, downstairs in accounting, but yeah.”  He chuckled nervously.

“No way.  What are the odds of that?”  The pair stood silent, not quite sure what to say next, but still with grins on their faces and their cheeks both beginning to blush.  “Um, we’re kind of swamped here,” Noah motioned towards the room, “but if you’re free tonight, a few of us are going out to Top Shelf tonight and you’re more than welcome to come; we can catch up.”

“Sure, that’d be great.”

“Great,” Noah exhaled.  He fished into his pocket and pulled out his phone and after a few taps on the screen he passed it over to Jack.  “Here, just give me your number and I’ll text you where to meet me.”  Another man in the back called out to Noah.  “Oh, I guess I’ve got to go, but I’ll see you tonight.”

“Yeah, see you.”  Noah squeezed Jack’s arm before walking away, causing Jack to blush harder.



“Noah Everett?” Michael spat, “That asshole from Cedar River?”

“He’s not an asshole—“

“Oh,” Michael interrupted, “sorry I think your best friend who stopped talking to you once you came out is an asshole.”

“You know that’s not why we stopped hanging out.”  Jack was much quieter than Michael on their walk to lunch.  “Anyways, I’m sure it’s fine if you join us tonight.”

“No thanks,” he huffed.  The boys stayed hardly talkative for the rest of the walk to lunch.  The meal stayed mostly cordial at best.  Michael asked Jack about what he thought of the job so far to which Jack responded with short, to the point sentences.  It wasn’t until they were back at the office, ready to separate for the rest of the work day, that the two apologized; Jack was more heartfelt than Michael.



“I’m glad you could make it,” Noah started, “I know it was late notice.”  Him and Jack were currently at the bar awaiting their orders to be filled.  The rest of his coworkers were sitting at a table, most of their eyes glued to the highlight reel on ESPN.

“It sure beats unpacking more boxes,” he laughed.  The bartender walked back and passed them each a beer, Noah tipped him, and they stayed sitting together.

“So what made you move up here?”

“My friend, Michael, helped get me a job.”

“Michael Larson?”  Noah looked a little defensive.

“Yeah.  You remember him?”

“Of course.”  Noah’s concerned expression faded into a smile that seemed to Jack to be forced.  “He didn’t like me very much.”  Jack took a second to think of what to say.

“He’s a good guy, just kind of rough around the edges sometimes.”  Jack gave him a reassuring smile, but unbeknownst to him Noah and Michael had had a legitimate interaction back in high school, not just the dirty glares from Michael as they passed each other in the hall.  “Why did you come here?” he returned to the original subject.

“My girlfriend, Vanessa, was moving back, she’s from here originally, and I decided to come with her.  Plus I found a great job too.”  Jack’s turn to force a smile.

“So… do you two live together?”  He found his own question to be a little invasive, but Noah didn’t seem to mind.

“No, she moved in with her sister and I got an apartment on West 14th Street.”

“Not the Koester building?”  Both boys looked at each other, coming to the same conclusion.

“Do you live there too?”

“Yeah, Michael and I have an apartment on the seventh floor.”

“No way,” Noah laughed, “I’m up on the tenth.  Well I guess we’ll share some cab money home.”  Both boys laughed and in Jack’s head he cursed the girl named Vanessa for existing.



‘You coming over tonight?’ Michael messaged Adrian.  He was already hard and teased himself by gliding his hand over his tented jeans.

‘Sorry. I’ve got plans.’

‘Flamboyant?’  Flamboyant was one of the gay bars in the city.

‘No. Giorgio’s.’

‘That’s a restaurant.’

‘I know. I’m having dinner.’  Michael was beginning to connect the dots.  He didn’t know how hard it was for Adrian to admit he wasn’t busy with just friends.  Michael waited to reply, typing and deleting several responses first.

‘Have a good time.’  He put his phone down, looked to the ground, and sighed.



“I think I drank a bit much,” Noah said, his eyes only half-open.  “Sorry,” he added.

“It’s no big deal.”  Jack himself wasn’t completely sober either, but both of them were able to maneuver down the hall with no trouble.  They stopped in front of Jack’s door.  “Thanks for inviting me out tonight; it was good to see you again.”

“It was.  Let’s hang out again soon.”  The hall became silent.  Jack had his back against the wall next to his door and Noah had his back to the opposite wall.  “I’m sorry,” Noah’s smile faded quickly.

“It’s fine,” Jack reiterated.

“No, I mean about before, in school.  I was a dick.”  Noah didn’t take his eyes off of Jack’s.

“No, you weren’t.”  Jack chuckled but the other boy stayed serious.

“Yes, I was.  I didn’t realize back then how hard it must’ve been for you to admit you were gay, and I didn’t think about how much you probably needed a friend.”  The shorter boy was taken back by the little speech.

“You just started football, though,” he eventually managed to get out.  Noah finally laughed too, albeit a short, forced laugh.

“You’re starting to sound like I did.”  When Jack used to try and hang out with the boy who’d been his best friend before his sophomore year, Noah always claimed to be busy with practice or already hanging out with his teammates.  He wouldn’t admit that he was nervous of what the other guys would hint at if he was hanging out with one of the gay kids.
“I forgive you.”  Jack felt awkward using the word forgive, not wanting to accept that he’d been mad at Noah for what happened.  Noah’s blue eyes dropped to the floor.

“You know, your friend, Michael, had some words for me too.”

“He did?”  Jack had never heard from either of the guys that anything happened.

“Yeah.  He came up to me one day in the locker room and started yelling at me.”  For some reason, Noah cracked a smile thinking about it.  “He told me you would never tell me you were upset to my face.  He told me were always asking if you should try harder to talk to me.  He told me you had a crush on me.”  The last one was the most notable to Jack.

“He did?” he repeated.

“Yeah.”  There was now a genuine smile across the man’s face.  “He said ‘you really are just a fucking dumb jock if you can’t see that he wants you'.”  Noah didn’t recognize that his quote was verbatim.  Jack didn’t remember, until then, that he did talk about Noah a lot with Michael, however, many things he talked about were much more x-rated than a simple crush.

Jack’s face was now burning.  Noah’s looked like they could’ve been talking about something as basic as the weather; the last few shots at the bar were finally hitting him, and hard.

Noah teetered across the hall.  He braced his weight against the wall, his hand happening to be directly next to Jack’s head.  The short hairs on his arms tickled at Jack’s neck.  The girth of his arm was even more impressive up-close.  As he leaned forward, Jack tilted his head up, but there was no stare to be met.  Noah’s head crooked to the side and he pressed his lips against Jack’s.

The strong smell of alcohol filled Jack’s nose with his heavy inhale.  His hands ventured forward and gingerly gripped Noah’s firm waist.  Their lips didn’t part, but their noses brushed against each other as Noah’s head bobbed.  Way too early for Jack, the kiss broke off.

Noah sighed.  Jack was two seconds from asking ‘Do you want to come inside?’ when the other boy interrupted him.  “Now you’ve kissed the football player.  And now my mind is at ease.”  Jack wanted to laugh at his goofiness, but instead he thanked Noah again for inviting him out.  The two boys said their goodbyes, agreeing to get lunch on Monday, and Jack waited until the elevator doors closed behind Noah to retire into his apartment. 

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