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Status: Finished


shes addicted to his D**k


Submitted: May 09, 2011

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Submitted: May 09, 2011



Awakened by a crave
An interest to misbehave
Like a fiend desire for a hit
Her choice of drug was wide
And thick

His dick!.....

It's admirable shape made
Love to her thoughts,

His lips!...

Her first stop Giving
his penis the treatment
Of a boss

He awakened to a warm
Sensitive kiss, her thighs
Hugged his cheeks while
His hands made friends with
Her hips

His eyes now wide open
Breakfast in bed was his
Shit, An unexpected favor
A deed influenced by her
Hunger for a fix

A slow eater...

He adores each and every
Flavor, taking his time
With the pussy ensuring
All it's juices are carefully

That deal he feels is major.

Her mind still on the prize
With it in thought his face
She rides, his tongue
nonequivalent in shape and
Size but It's skill still
Induced her vaginal

A down pour his face now
Saturated with satisfaction,
Sipped and licks she wiped
Him clean now moving down
For an oral transaction

Her mouth used to simulate
The feeling of her vagina,
Warm wet and smooth feelings
Equivalent to being inside her

She continues to tame his
Penis until it's set to her
Level of stiff , finally it's
Firm and shaped as she
Wished placing her in
An erotic state of bliss

The time has come to
Spread her lips via the
Width of his dick, her second
Ride She closed her eyes
While lowering herself upon
His stick

Now his arms wrapped around
Her as if he was giving her
Hug, thrusting hard from
Beneath her she moaned
" daddy your gonna cause a

Bitten lips
Tightened fists
And The swelling of
Her clit, all signs that she's
at risk of releasing at a rate
Equivalent to taking a piss

She woke with a throbbing
Itch one in which he easily
Fixed, a scratching which
Resembled a much needed
Hit he was her drug she an
Addict to his dick


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