Collision Part 2

Status: Finished

Collision Part 2

Status: Finished

Collision Part 2

Short Story by: Lucinda Paige


Genre: Erotica


Two troubled and tortured souls find a moment of bliss in each other's arms.


Two troubled and tortured souls find a moment of bliss in each other's arms.


Submitted: December 09, 2016

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Submitted: December 09, 2016



Laurel stared into his eyes as she rested her hands on his, and then dragged one down. When she reached her breast, she pushed it into his hand and lightly squeezed his fingers around her. He inhaled deeply and gently squeezed all on his own. A rush coursed over her skin, she really did want him. Shaking his head he pulled his hand from her breast.

“I don’t see a monster,"she said. "I see a man alone and in pain.”

The struggle in his eyes deepened and the anguish returned. The bad memories were tearing him apart, and she found herself truly wanting to help him forget, at least for a little while. Turning her head into his hand, she kissed his palm. When she looked at him all the packaging was stripped away, it was just her. A young woman, a childhood once filled with love shattered by spiraling forces out of her control until she was orphaned by violence. She’d run, being pursued by an uncle who wanted to rip her from this world and lock her away, strip her of her humanity and force her to marry a man twice her age. Fisher found her, and brought her here with the promise of something better. She just had to be his hostess for twenty years, ten human, ten like them, then she would be set for life. So she’d signed the contract and learned to be a fantasy.

Laurel let go of his hand, she wouldn’t push anymore. Another couple tears fell from her eyes, and instead of letting her go, he grasped her face more firmly and drew her to him. Very tenderly he wiped the tears away with his thumb. His gaze drifted over her face, and for the first time she saw the yearning become longing for her. His lips touched hers almost hesitantly, like he wasn’t certain of himself, which made her wonder just how long he’d been celibate. His was a species of vice not virtue, and restraint was a hazy concept they discarded at will.

His uncertainty disappeared and the tender kiss grew in heat and hunger, until a flame was kindled within her. Running a hand down her back he held her pressed tightly to him as he kissed his way across her neck, whispering the things he wanted to do to her. She shivered and smiled the kindling stoked with every syllable into a simmering fire. His hands were large and strong, moving over her body with skill, and a tenderness that bellied his size. When her dress pooled around her feet she taken aback, she hadn’t even felt him untie it. He stepped back and drank in the sight of her in red lace bra, panties, and pumps.

“You’re breathtaking Laurel,” he said, his voice filled with admiration.

She blushed and then stepped forward and started unbuttoning his shirt. He looked at her the whole time and then slipped his arms out of the sleeves. Solid muscles rippled across his chest, arms and abs, and she took him in with as much admiration as he’d shown her.

“Impressive,” she purred kissing his chest and sucking a nipple into her mouth. He let her explore for a bit and she could see the stiffness get larger in his pants, and when she pressed herself against him she relished the feel it.

He suddenly grabbed her hands and placed them at her sides. She looked at him curiously and he only smiled. The air changed and he slowly and reverently took off her last articles of clothing. When he dropped her bra, the air thickened around her, and her already heated arousal rocketed. Her pumps came off and she felt close to high, his pheromones enticing and bewitching.

The older and more powerful they were the more potent their pheromones were, but with age and power also came skill for those with the strength and determination to learn control, and he was in complete control. She could smell the undercurrent of power layered with the masculine sexual arousal that was caressing her senses as his fingers and lips caressed her body.

Suddenly he lifted her up and cradled her in his arms. The way he was looking at her almost brought tears to her eyes. They were two people trapped, playing their parts, while inside they were screaming. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, breaking the submissive behavior rule. Being slightly aggressive during the seduction was fine, encouraged even, otherwise they were to be submissive, and let the men take the lead. But with him, it wasn’t a fantasy, it was real, and she devoured his mouth with a fire she never knew she could feel. He held her even tighter, returning her passion. All at once he laid her down, and dropped his pants. As he knelt on the bed she reached out and stroked him, squeezing just a touch at the tip. He inhaled deeply and a rumble reverberated through his chest. She licked her lips and pulled his hips towards her head, resting slightly raised on two pillows.

He only halfheartedly resisted, throwing a leg over her at the last and bracing one hand on the headboard. Laurel took in his length and girth with the studied glance of an expert, and set about making him moan with licks, flicks, and kisses. She was indeed a virgin, but not an oral one. All hosts and hostesses went through one year of training and one year of practice. For virgins, vaginal and anal penetration were off limits until their debut, but orally she’d been thoroughly trained to please and had put that training to great use. Running her tongue down and up the considerable length of his shaft, she stroked his balls and swallowed almost every inch of him. He groaned and grabbed the back of her head, his hips bucking forward slightly. Keeping her lips tight around him she pulled back until the head of his cock was resting against her lips and then devoured him again, taking more of his considerable length down her throat.

His hand curled in her hair until her it was clenched and he said, “It’s been so long I can’t hold back sweetheart. If you-”

She nibbled on the head of his cock and he gasped, his hips spasming. She grabbed his ass with both hands and pumped his cock furiously into her mouth. In less than a minute his heavy breathing and moaning were accompanied by thrusts, neither of them holding back. All of a sudden he held her hair in two fists and semen poured down her throat. She squeezed his ass and opened her throat more so on his final thrust he filled her to the hilt. Shudders traveled up and down his body, and he held her there revelling in the feel of her lips pressed to his skin.

He eased his grip on her hair and slowly withdrew. As his cock left her mouth she gave it on last suck, eliciting a half laugh half groan. “Trouble maker,” he said, quietly, the smile in his eyes full of wicked promise. He looked over her body and for the briefest moment his eyes shone. “My turn.”

Turning the table on her, he licked and kissed his way down her body until he settled his head between her legs. Wrapping his hands around her thighs he forced them open wider and dove into her folds stroking and sucking her into an exquisite oblivion. She moaned louder and louder, clenching his hair as he kept her bucking hips still, his mouth ravaging her until her cries echoed off the walls. Her hips were lifted and the pressure of his tongue and fingers undid her. She came so hard tears leaked out of the corners of her eyes.

When he finally let her go he took one long last lick, making her tremble, and said, “That was just the appetizer Laurel. Now the feast.”

Before she could say a word he moved to the soles of her feet and worked his way back up her body. Finding each and every one of her bonfires he set them alight, stoking her arousal until the ache between her legs throbbed. She not only wanted him, she needed him. He took hold of her face and drove his tongue into her mouth, letting her taste her own juices. She ran her hands through his hair and pulled him onto her the weight of him turning her on even more.

There was a slight discomfort, a small pinch, and then his hips were pressed to hers, his entire length inside her. He saw the look on her face and said, “Did I hurt you?”

She shook her head completely stunned. “No. There was no pain at all. I thought the first time always hurt, that it was unavoidable.”

“Not true,” he said, smiling. “But it’s a truth for many because the ones they’re with are inexperienced, careless, or only focused on themselves.” He smiled and kissed her, his tongue dominating, coaxing, and teasing. “I’m focused on you Laurel, and making your night special.”

“That’s what I’m supposed to do,” she moaned, as he began to move, the overwhelming pleasure such a sweet surprise she almost cried.

“You are sweetheart,” he murmured. “You have no idea how much.”

She lost all track of time as she fell down the rabbit hole of carnal pleasures with him. He would wind her up, bringing her body to the edge of completion, and then ease down so he could do it all over again. Tender lovemaking would become passionate sex, and then turn into rough almost fierce fucking, and he’d move and twist her limbs, exploring different positions singularly focused on finding which gave her the most pleasure. All her training was meaningless in comparison to his knowledge and skill, and she surrendered to his expertise, completely enthralled.

He suddenly lifted her up and laid her on her back, driving his throbbing cock into her as her head hit the pillow. She cried out and he kissed her roughly, almost bruising her lips. Long deep thrusts pushed her into the mattress, the bed shaking from the force of him. Their bodies, slick with sweat moved in tandem, the speed of his thrusts increasing. She wrapped her legs around his waist and squeezed tightly with every surge of his hips. He growled in pleasure, unleashing the full force of his pheromones, and they surrounded them heightening the escalating ecstasy.

“My God,” she moaned. “I can’t…”

“Can’t what?” he growled, driving himself into her harder. “Can’t what!”

“It feels so good it hurts!” she wailed, knowing the dam was about to burst.

His growl deepened. “Good.”

The thrumming along her skin felt like she was leaning against the speaker in a club, and with each hammer of his hips it got heavier, connecting with the fire between her legs, setting her whole body ablaze. The orgasm tore through her and she screamed. She couldn’t keep it in, the endless waves of pleasure wouldn’t allow anything less. And then she remembered. She opened her eyes and saw his black and shining. Titling her head back she invited him to bite, wanted him too. With a deep growl he latched onto her neck, thrusting himself into her with complete abandon as he feasted on her blood. She grabbed the back of his head, her moans and shouts undiminished, even as the blood was being drained from her body.

All at once his teeth retracted and he held himself within her, resting his head next to hers. He kissed her already healing bites and laughed under his breath. “You’re forever precious to me sweetheart.” He looked at her smiling and kissed her soundly. “I mean that Laurel.”

He started to disentangle himself and fear washed through her. “No,” she breathed, wrapping her arms around him. “Don’t go.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” he said, kissing her cheek. “Not yet, I promise.”

She released him, and looking into her eyes he gently eased away. At the moment he left her, a shudder moved through her body. Brushing a hand along her face, he kissed her tenderly and rolled onto his side. Instantly she turned, snuggling into his barrel chest, loving his smell and his warmth. He wrapped his arms around her and stroked her hair and skin, occasionally kissing her head.

“I’m so grateful you were my first,” she breathed. “Thank you.”

“For what sweetheart?”

“For making it special,” she said, kissing his chest. “For caring about me.”

His hands froze and then he was holding her even closer. “You deserve nothing less.”

She could hear the thickness of tears in the back of his throat, but she didn’t pry. She burrowed into his embrace and let the warmth and gentleness of his touch pull her into a contended doze.

He moved and her eyes opened. She hadn’t even realized she’d fallen completely asleep. He carefully disentangled himself and got off the bed. She didn’t stir, letting him think she was undisturbed in her slumber. He went into her bathroom and she heard the water running in the sink. After a few minutes he emerged and got dressed. The room was quiet and she racked her brain trying to come up with a reason for him to stay. His fingers lightly brushed a couple stray hairs from her face and then she felt the softest kiss on the top of her head. The emptiness when he stepped away was immediate and she sat up.

His hand was on the door knob and she said, “Will you come back?”

He stopped moving, and after a moment said, “No.” Looking over his shoulder he smiled, his eyes tender. “But no one else will touch you tonight. I promise.”

Her heart twinged, and for a moment she wanted to throw herself into his arms and beg him to take her away, to be her knight and save her. But even if he wanted to, he couldn’t break her contract. So she smiled.

“Goodbye Laurel,” he said, and opened the door.

“Bye Eli,” she said softly.

He hesitated and turned his head to the side, but he didn’t say anything. After a moment he took a deep breath and left, shutting the door quietly behind him.

Running a hand along the bed, she could still feel his warmth. She grabbed his pillow and wrapped her arms around it, breathing in his scent. It hadn’t occurred to her when the night started or even when she watched him from behind the pillar that she could end up feeling this way.

When she was free of her contract and a full citizen she could find him. He may even come back before then and request her. Her heart ached and she knew without a doubt he wouldn’t. Their lovemaking had been a reprieve from his self-imposed punishment, and he wouldn’t allow himself the pleasure again. It made her wonder about the woman he loved who’d never love him, what she was like, and what he did to her.

Laurel breathed deeply savoring the smells in the pillow. Immortality opened up endless possibilities. She could love him one day. Maybe he’d even let her.


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