Hold Me Close, The Past Haunts Me.

Status: In Progress

Hold Me Close, The Past Haunts Me.

Status: In Progress

Hold Me Close, The Past Haunts Me. Hold Me Close, The Past Haunts Me.

Book by: kerryl86


Genre: Romance


Kate had a terrible past, with a terrible ex-husband. She thought she had gotten rid of him for good until he comes back while she is dating someone else. She thought life was great, she had the past behind her. But her ex-husband wants her and will do anything to have her again. Even go after her current boyfriend.


Kate had a terrible past, with a terrible ex-husband. She thought she had gotten rid of him for good until he comes back while she is dating someone else. She thought life was great, she had the past behind her. But her ex-husband wants her and will do anything to have her again. Even go after her current boyfriend.

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“Does he really think that I am that dumb?”

I thought to myself. I broke up with him two years ago. Two fucking years ago. Because he was fucking around and messing around on me. I put up with it for four years. The first year or so we were together he was ok. Put then it all started. And I put up with it. I couldn’t believe how long I put up with it. I mean shit. At first he was just talking to other women online, telling them he loved them, which he was falling for them. Then I noticed money missing out of the bank accounts. They were cash with draws, but I knew deep down in my gut he was giving that money to other women. Maybe not as payment. But because they needed the money or he was helping them out. I never knew and I never did want to know. And of course I confronted him, he claimed he would stop and months went by he would do it again. I even had a lady show up at our house, she claimed she googled his phone number and found our house. She had no idea he was married, no idea what he was doing. She just claimed that he was single, he lived in Texas (which that was the only part I think he told was true). And apparently she did too. She was only a few hours away from him and she decided to go see him. She told me that they tried to meet up several times and he either had an excuse at the last moment, or he would not show at all. When she showed up at the house, she was expecting him to answer the door but I did instead. She got all defensive and started asking who I was. And I had to pretty much break her heart and tell her I was his wife. It did break her heart. I felt bad for her. We actually sat on my front porch and talked for a couple of hours until he came home. And when he did, I just sat back and let her give it to him. When she finally left he came into the house trying to apologize to me. Claiming it go out of control fast and that she was the one that got attached to him. And when he realized that she was in love with him, he tried to end it, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer. And of course my dumbass believed him. But then again a few months he did it again. He actually pretended to be someone who was in the Army (he was in the Army several years before I met him, that he was telling the truth about, but he did his 4 years and got out), but he was telling this woman, he was deployed, he was in Iraq. And of course she fell for him. Fell hard in love with him. And the sad part about this one was this lady was a single mom with 3 kids. Three little girls at that. I just happened to get on the laptop one night, he left the chat open between them. I read it of course. I knew exactly what he was doing. He always claimed that he talked to other women because I neglected him. Well truth be told I was working my ass off trying to keep a roof over my head. He would bounce from job to job, and I could not count on him to bring in money for bills. So I would work more shifts. I hated it but I didn’t want to be homeless. And at one point we were. We lived in my car for about a week until I had gotten paid and I got a hotel. I saved and saved to get a rent house and it finally happened almost two months after living in the car. I don’t know what came over me and the point that he would change. But he never did. The last time is what did it. He was pretending to be someone he wasn’t. Telling this young woman who was a single mom, with three kids. That he loved her. That he wanted to actually adopt her children. It was bad. I had to do the right thing. At first I just texted my ex-husband and told him about what was on the computer. He of course made an excuse that they were just friends. She needed comfort. I didn’t believe him. So I emailed the woman and told him the truth. Of course she wrote back within minutes and actually thanked me for the email. She said she knew something was up but choose to not investigate it. And of course he came home, throwing a fit, yelling at me, pushing me around, and ended up beating me up on the kitchen floor. If it wasn’t for my neighbor knocking on the door. I know deep down he would have killed me. It wasn’t the first time he put his hands on me, but of course I kept taking him back. I never understood why I kept taking him back and he knew I always would. And I always did. But that night when he beat me up that bad, I was done. I ended up calling the cops after he ran out the door. I never saw him again. It had been almost two years later. He had actually ran off to Virginia to his mommy. He knew his mommy would hide him and fix everything and she apparently did. There is still an active warrant in Texas for him. He will never show his face back here. But randomly he emailed. Wanting to see me. Wanting to talk to me. Telling me he was coming through Texas on a business trip and wanted to talk to reconnect let alone, settle things between us.

“He is fucking crazy!” I snapped at my desk.

I worked at a law firm. I wasn’t a lawyer or anything. I was more of a secretary. Kind of like a paralegal but I didn’t go to school for it. I just happen to know someone who was one. And she worked for a very popular defense attorney in Dallas. So she helped me get the job and I have been here about 2 years now.

“What is wrong with you?” I can hear you snapping over her, cussing under your breath.

That was my friend who got me the job. He name was Sammie (Short for Samantha). I have actually known her for a while. I think about 6 almost 7 years. I met her through a friend. A guy friend actually and she was dating him. I knew this guy in college. And they dated for like a year or so, and she and I ended up coming close and being friends. And they broke up, and we still remained friends.

“I think I am going to throw my laptop across the room in about five seconds”

“Why would you do that?” she asked

“The dip shit of mine just emailed me”

“You are joking right? Two years and he randomly emails you!” she came over to my desk to see for herself.

I showed her the email, as she just stood there and shook her head back and forth.

“Did you reply back?” she asked

“Fuck no I didn’t”

“Good just ignore it. Don’t get involved with that. With him again. He was fucking crazy”

“Yes I know. I am not. I am just worried he will show up. He claimed he is coming through Texas. I know he will try to find me. He will”

I was getting scared. He is that fucking crazy. He would come find me.

“He doesn’t know where you live. He doesn’t know where you work. It will be ok. I seriously think you need to just go on a date. Get a new man in your life. You haven’t really been dating no one since him. It has been two years Kate. Two years. And you know dam well that man in there, the man you work for has had a thing for you since the first day you started working for him”

I just sighed.

She was right. He would flirt with me. He tried to ask me out one time but I kind of shot him down. He wanted to go out for a drink after work one night and I turned him down. The look on his face was unforgettable. I think he thought I was going to say yes. And I said no. He didn’t really talk to me for a good month. But after a while he warmed back up to me and the little flirts came back.

“I say you walk your ass in there and ask him out!” she snapped at me

“Me ask a guy out?”

“Yes, you should. He will say yes. I know he will. He likes you so much. He will say yes. He is probably nervous about asking you out again…remember you did turn him down about a year ago. Now go in there and ask him if he wants to have dinner tonight. He will say yes. I know he will. It will make his fucking day”

I just sighed deeply again. She was right I needed to go out with someone. A guy. Not all guys are like my ex. There are good ones out there. I know there is. And maybe the man I work for is a good guy. He has been.

“Now get up and go! Go in there before he goes to his afternoon client meeting”

“Ok ok ok ok” I got up from my desk and started walking down the hall. It was a big office. She shared it with two other lawyers. Each lawyer had 2-3 team members working for them.

I got to his office, the door was shut. Which it usually is. He doesn’t like to be disturbed unless it is important.

I raised my hand up to the door and knocked.

“Come in” I heard him say

I opened the door and walked in.

He was a little older than me. I was 27.  He was probably 34-35. He was about 6 ft tall, 180-190 lbs, and lots of muscle. Could tell he worked out. He had dark brown almost black hair. He had these amazing bright green eyes, with a little bit of blue in it. He his skin was tan color. Not sure if he had a heritage that makes his skin a tanish color, or he actually went tanning.

He smiled when he saw that it was me.

“Hi Kate”

“Hi Mr. Schade.”

“You know you can call me Jared. I have told you that a million times.”

“Ahh yes sorry about that”

“So what is up Kate, what do I owe this pleasure?” he asked

“I was….I was ummm wondering something?”

“Yes” he smiled

“Remember about a year ago when you asked me something?”

“It depends I ask you a lot of things” he laughed

“Well there was something you asked me and I turned it down”

“Ahhh yes” he nodded his head back and forth.

“Is that invite still open?” I looked at him

He smiled, kind of chuckled.

“You mean going out for a drink?” he asked

“Yeah and maybe dinner along with it”

“Kate, it took you a year to come back and give me a yes. What makes me think that when I ask you out again after dinner, it will take you 2-3 years to answer me back?”

“Yeah I figured it would be too late. I am sorry I asked.”

I turned to walk out.

“Kate wait”

I heard that and turned around and looked at him.

“I would love to have that drink with you. And I guess we can have dinner along with it” he smiled at me. As I just smiled back.

It did feel kind of great asking a guy out. I have never done that before.

“What day do you want to do it?” I asked him

“I already waited a year, so tonight?”

“I would love that. Can you pick me up at my apartment, let’s say about 8 o’clock?” I asked him

“I can do that. I will be there. 8 o’clock on the dot. Not a minute later”

“I will text you my address when I get off work. I will see you tonight then?”

“I can’t wait Kate.”

I turned and walked out of his office, closing the door behind me.

I walked back to my desk smiling.

Sammie noticed it.

I sat down at the computer and saw the email the ex of mine. Just sitting there. Taunting me. I went up deleted it. I didn’t need this shit in my life. I didn’t need him communicating to me. Fuck him. I got a date tonight.

“I am guessing it went well?” Sammie asked me

“Yes, he is picking me up at 8 tonight”

“See there you go. Told you. The man likes you. He has been waiting to go out with you”

“Now let’s hope I don’t fuck it up” I sighed looking at her.

“You will be fine. Come over to my apartment and I will help you do your hair, make up and everything. You will look great and the date will go perfect. Just be yourself”

She actually lives in the same apartment complex as I do. I live in building 10 and she lives in building 15. We both got an apartment around the same time there. And she is literally one of my best friends.

I just hope this fucking ex-husband of mine doesn’t ruin things for me. God I hope not.

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