KASS: Lima

Status: Finished

KASS: Lima

Status: Finished

KASS: Lima

Book by: garykann


Genre: Erotica


**This was to be a short story at first. It won't be too long though**
** Sorry about formatting.Using a new WP program that doesn't paste well here**
Lima is a thirty something woman with a good job but a shoddy love life. She can do without men for a while but not the sex. Her best friend, Raven, suggests that she tries a 'club' she knows where Lima can get all the great sex she wants, 'without the drama.'


**This was to be a short story at first. It won't be too long though**
** Sorry about formatting.Using a new WP program that doesn't paste well here**
Lima is a thirty something woman with a good job but a shoddy love life. She can do without men for a while but not the sex. Her best friend, Raven, suggests that she tries a 'club' she knows where Lima can get all the great sex she wants, 'without the drama.'

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Submitted: September 09, 2016



You good?

Im good.

You fucking good?


With a grunt, Grant came. He grabbed Limas breasts as he pumped his cream into her. When he was done, he gave her a kiss on the lips, climbed off her and went to the washroom. Lima watched him until he closed the washroom door. She sighed, shifted the duvet one side and pushed her legs onto the side of the bed. She opened her hand bag from the night table and took out her pack of cigarettes. Once she had inhaled a lungful of smoke, she felt a little relief.

She examined her current predicament. She had been naked in bed with Grant, tipsy enough to take on nearly anything, and all she got from him was a few sucky kisses and then a frenzied poke between her legs. He had her entire body to play with and thats all he could conjure up.

She might as well have gone to bed with a dildo. It would have lasted longer and she would have orgasmed too.


The end of another relationship. This one lasted all of twenty-one days, so Limas record of seven days was still very safe. Nowadays, Lima just anticipated a brief romance and was already ready to move on.

Grant was a loser anyway. What thirty plus year old says he is not ready for a serious relationship? Loser.

So she was single again. The company she could live without for a while. She had friends for that. The sex on the other hand, that she would miss. It didn’t always have to be good. But on average, out of ten cocks, at least six of them worked out well. That was just over average.

“Thats shit, said Lima’s buddy, Raven. Out of ten cocks, every single one of them must count.

“In an ideal world, yes. Lima took a drag from her cigarette. But its not is it? His cock could be big and as hard as a rock but if the man behind it doesnt know how to use it then its pointless. Hes just poking it in and out until he ejaculates.

Raven breathed heavily. Her chest rose in conjunction, showing off her pale and lightly freckled breasts. Her swimsuit was a black, skimpy two piece that went with her straight black hair. What if.


Raven studied her friend for a moment. Her bikini top was a triangle cut while the bottom was a whaletail thong. She must be the sexiest assistant bank manager in Canada. “What if I told that I could almost guarantee that out of ten cocks, you will get ten orgasms?

Lima grinned first, then laughed because her friend looked so serious. Really?

Raven nodded. Ten cocks, no lazy fucks, just good old fashioned hot sex every time.

“What are you talking about, Raven? How can you guarantee that?

Raven looked around. They were not near anyone that they knew. Her two kids were playing in the water with their father. Lima’s brother Leon and his girlfriend Sasha were elsewhere but not in sight.

“Can you have sex without the love? Just fuck because you love it?

“I could if I am drunk! Lima laughed. Come on. I couldnt just sleep with any man. I have to like him in some way. He might have the biggest dick ever but if he is an ugly asshole then I dont want to know.

“Fine. Imagine this. Good sex, hot sex, with good looking men. Fit, handsome men with a hard on just for you.

Lima fanned her face with her hand. Ooh you had me going there! I can imagine that. I can wish for that! What are you getting at, Raven?

“If its the hot sex you want, I know how you can get it from hot guys. Its not a gigolo, a strip club or a seedy chat line.

Lima actually gave the suggestion a serious thought. So you mean, to meet a guy just for sex?

“Dont make it sound so cheap! Its not to meet just for sex. Its to get together with a like minded, decent man and have the most incredible, horniest experience. The whole she-bang. You can fuck, screw, suck, be sucked, licked, kissed, bitten, vaginal, anal Even bondage if you want, but that comes later.

“What the hell is this place? Youve never said anything like that to me before, Raven. Why now?

“Because now I believe you are ready.

Leon reappeared with two icecream cones in his hand. Sasha followed with three icy popsicles. Ravens kids screamed their delight from the water.

“Raven! went Lima.

“Later, Raven replied.

They drove back to Toronto in two vehicles. Raven was with her husband and the kids. Lima drove Leon and Sasha. Lima thought about what Raven had told her. Was she joking? How could she know about this place where a woman could have all the good sex she wanted, every time? Raven had been married to Doug for eleven years, and they had two school age kids. Like many marriages, it had buckled at times under various stresses and strain but they seemed solid enough. Did Doug know about this?


Lima was told to keep what Raven had told her a secret. Any mention of it to anyone else and the deal was off. In the meantime, Lima had to provide a doctors letter confirming that she was in good health. The smoking habit could be ignored. The main health concerns were STIs and HIV. She took a picture of Lima in her bikini.

“I will kill you if this goes on some creepy site online! Lima raved.

“Its not going online, Raven said. Its just part of your profile. Wearing something revealing like a bikini makes you look more authentic.

Raven asked Lima what particular type of men she preferred, although she was advised that the more options she had, the more fun she would have. Lima said she liked men between the ages of twenty-five to thirty-nine. Race was unimportant. Looking fit, well dressed and clean was important. She said that she liked men who had money or at least had a full time job.

“That doesnt matter, Raven said. Remember, this is about sex, not a relationship. Its fuck and goodbye. No love, just lust. Are you sure you can handle it?

“It would help to know exactly what it is.

Raven patted Lima on her shoulder. All in good time, girlie. Just remember. Safe, hot sex, without the drama.

“And Im not paying anyone, right?

“No money is exchanged.

“This is legal, right?

“Its consensual sex. If thats against the law then we are all doomed.

Lima was very excited as well as wary. Cmon, Raven! Give me a hint. I want to know what I am getting myself into.

“Lima, we have been friends since college. Best friends, which is why I am doing this for you. Just trust me when I say that, I cant say too much now. Like I said, all in good time. Remember, its going to be fun, so much fun. and you can thank me later.



Lima felt as if she were in a sleazy adult movie. One with a ludicrous plot.

What the hell am I doing here? she asked herself. Am Ithis desperate?

She was standing outside the big shopping mall downtown on a Thursday afternoon. The assistant bank manager was ordered to take over for the rest of the day, when Lima left work after lunch. At home, she swap her prim straight black skirt and blouse for a short printed dress, with cream sandals.

Now outside the shopping mall, the afternoon sunshine helping to highlight her curly light brown hair. She was slim, and in her mind, slightly lacking in height. She checked herself in the nearest store window.

Attractive, cute, but I am not hot. I need some muscle but I darent do that with my figure and height. I will look disproportionately fat.

She had her white Hermes purse under her arm. It contained her concealer, lip gloss, her cellphone, her money, deodorant, hand sanitizer, a small bottle of water, and (just in case, advised Raven) a couple of condoms.

And the card. A small business card that Raven had given her, a brown, felt background with gold lettering. There were four letters written on it: KASS. Raven told her not to lose it. She was advised to be outside the south main entrance by 4PM. She should look out for an Asian guy, in his mid to late twenties, clean shaven, in a suit and tie, carrying a black backpack. He would have a similar card. She was to give him the agreed password sentence and then follow his lead.

Follow him where? To a restaurant? A vehicle? A hotel?

Theres no fun if you knew everything, Raven had said cryptically.

KASS.Whats that about? she had asked Raven.

A club of like minded people, she was told. Try it out and see if it fits.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, my day was so grey, until I met you!

Lima turned around at the words. They were said so close by to her. She was surprised to see a young man in a sharp, thin suit and tie smiling down at her. He was a tall guy.

“Sorry, he smiled. Thats the best I can do. But it got your attention.

He looked under twenty-five, with short, brown hair, and he was white. He was cute! Why now?

Lima blushed. Im sorry. That is so sweet but I am waiting to meet someone.

“Oh. A friend?

“Yes, a male friend. A close male friend.

This guy was really cute though! Should she give in?

“A close male friend, he said. Close like a brother or close like a lover?

She nearly missed him! Just to the left of the tall guy, behind a blur of passersby. He was standing outside The Source; a young, Asian male, dressed also in a sharp suit and tie, black shoes, with a black backpack behind him. He had a slight Caucasian look about him, as if he were mixed race.

He was on a cell phone, apparently talking to someone, but looking straight at Lima.

“Im sorry, said Lima to her new admirer. I have to go.

I hope I dont regret that, she thought. But thanks for telling me that I am still hot stuff.

As she walked closer to the Asian male, he maintained his position.

Is this the one? This is so dumb! Lima began to panic. She would text Raven and tell her not to drop her so blindly again into these situations.

The Asian guy was now walking towards her, expertly avoiding bumping into the eager shoppers wandering back and forth. The dark blue suit looked expensive, the cut was so neat and merged well with his lean form. There was a diamond stud earring in his left ear. His hair was short on top, almost shaved clean at the sides.

He was good looking. Lima had dated an Asian guy once in her life. He was very Canadian though. He liked ice hockey, camping, rap and online gaming. He was an okay lover. Good, basic, nothing to jump up and down about.

“Hey! He was in front of her, now with a golden smile. Are you the damsel I seek?

“I am damsel.

The man nodded. Take my hand.

Actually he took hers before Lima could respond. They walked into the shopping centre where the man slowed down to a casual stroll. That smile was still stuck on his face. His grip felt strong and warm.

“My name is Glenn, her latest companion said. With his free hand he reached into his jacket pocket and showed Lima his card. KASS. His card had a lighter background, yellow, with brown lettering.

“Im Lima Oh I have a card. Lima reached for her purse.

“No need, said Glenn. The passcode is enough for me. They continued through the busy shopping centre, taking the escalator down to the first floor. I could tell it was you straight away, he said while they descended. A very attractive, slim, slightly petite, white woman with curly light brown hair. She looks younger than she really is. And it was all true.

Lima could not help giggle at the compliment. Who told you that? Raven?

“Im telling you that, Lima. Are you hungry? Thirsty?


“Lets break the ice, he urged, steering her towards a Second Cup store. She insisted that she was fine, In fact Lima was too nervous to drink anything. Glen bought two small coffees in case Lima changed her mind.

He reminded her of someone well known. A movie or a TV star. The cute Asian guy that was the lead in Kung Fu Hustle, although that guy had much more hair. Glenn smelt good and the scent told her he was wearing expensive cologne. Clean, smartly dressed, smelling good was there a checklist being ticked off somewhere?

“Can you tell me what KASS is about?

“Not yet. This is your first time. Lets see how it goes.

It. It. It? It meaning.?

“It meaning us, Lima. It meaning today.

They walked past Sportchek. They were heading for the car park.

“Where are we going? she asked, her first sign of distress since she had met him.

“To my car. Dont worry, Lima. We are in a very public place. If I were to do you any harm, numerous surveillance cameras in the mall have us walking together. We met outside with lots of people around. Please relax.

Lima gasped when she saw the vehicle that Glenn slowed down by in the car park. She recognized the design. She recognized the emblem. The black horse on two legs. The colours of the German flag. A Porsche. A mustard yellow Porsche 718!

“You like Porsches? Glenn asked.

“Love them! she exclaimed. Porsches, Maseratis, Corvettes I got my mind set on a Porsche Boxster whenever I win the Lotto.

“Lima. I have never met a Lima before. I love that name. It makes you so.. unique. Special.

“Thank you. Glenns a nice name too.

“Come on. Lets be serious.

“I am. If it was good enough for your parents to choose it, then it is a nice name.

Glenn nodded. I never thought of it that way. That was beautiful.

There was an awkward moment where Lima was expecting Glenn to say more but he didnt. Not straight away. Awkward but it gave Lima time to assess the situation. This guy was growing on her!

“Lima, can I ask you a serious question?


“Have you ever made love in a Porsche?

The question threw her momentarily. She was beginning to enjoy the non-sexual chat with Glenn. I,I No.

“Then you have not lived. You have the card, right?

“The card? Oh. Now he wants to see it. She took it out of her purse. I offered to show it to you before.

“I know. I just wanted to see it now. Lima, you are a star. You are beautiful, you are intelligent, desirable, slim, flawless You deserve so much, Lima. He moved in closer. Men on a whole dont know when they have a good thing. The way they treat women. They way they act in general They dont deserve a beautiful being like you. I can see the superior beauty that you are, Lima. I want to give you what you truly deserve…”

Lima was nearly choking. Her eyes began to mist over. Those words deserved to be in a weepy romantic movie on W Channel. She had never heard such words addressed to her.

“Who are you?

Glenn inclined his head towards the car. Your lover.


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