You Wanted This

Status: Finished

You Wanted This

Status: Finished

You Wanted This You Wanted This

Short Story by: Fia Naturie


Genre: Erotica


This story is about what would happen if you just relax and give your self over to your desire. In Jeene case it was Staton.


This story is about what would happen if you just relax and give your self over to your desire. In Jeene case it was Staton.


Submitted: November 19, 2015

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Submitted: November 19, 2015




Every day I go to the corner store and order the same ham and cheese on a roll. I order coffee, light and sweet. I never have complications and I never deviate from my plans. If you see me, all you get is a woman who works nine to five and dresses for business. I have kept this routine for ten years. Before this, I was another person. No, I don't have a split personality problem. I was just more care free. I don't know why I feel to tell you this. I just wanted you to know, better yet understand that I am more than I appear to be.

It happened August 5th, 2008. It was hot and I was on my way to work. It had been already five years since I was hired at Tate's production company. I was given this flier by a good looking guy. I smiled and took it. Of course it held half naked men on the front of the flier. That's not for me. I ran and caught the E train. I sat next to this guy who had long hair and head phones on.

He looked up and I couldn't believe it. It was Staton. I haven't seen him since high school. He looks totally different. He had shorter hair then. I had the biggest crush on him. Of course out of my league.

"Jenne? Is that you?" he asked.

"Yeah, How are you? Long time no see." I said.

"I've been busy. How about you. You look grown up. I mean womanly. I hope I didn't offend you?" He said

"No, I'm not offended. Well It's been years. You've changed too. What have you been up to?" I asked.

" I work for Dr. Smith. a psychologist. I am what you would call a sex surrogate."

I almost choked back my tongue. "Your a sex surrogate." I whispered.

"Why are you whispering? I am not ashamed of my profession. I help people." He said with a smile. Is this the same Staton?

"I wasn't implying that you were ashamed. How did you get into that kind of help?" I asked.

"Listen my stop is next and I do really want to catch up with you. Why don't you come over for dinner and we'll talk." He said.

"Alright,  just talking." I said looking at him

"Don't worry, I will never over step. You'll tell me when." Staton said.

My heart has left my chest. What I should do is say no. But I am a grown woman and know how far to take this.

"Sure, here's my number. Call me with the address and time. Your stop is coming now" I told him. I can handle this


I arrived at a quarter to eight. Staton lived on the first floor of a two family home. I gathered my courage up and rang the door bell. I must have waited for a minute before the door flew open.

He was wearing fitted jeans and a light grey shirt. He pulled his hair back and I could full appreciate his most memorable asset. His full lips. It is a crime to have a mouth like that. It's the perfect shade of pale pink. like a flower drawing a bee right in.

"Hey, How are you/ Come in side. Dinner is ready." He said with a smile on his face. I walked into a GQ magazine shoot. No man lives like this. He had to have cleaned up before I came.

"Your place looks great and oohh is that dinner? It smells fabulous." I said

"I hope you like spicy food." He said. I knodded yes that I did.

We must have talked and laughed for a couple of hours. The food was spicy, but I didn't notice because I was hot any way. We moved to the living room couch. I decided now was the time to ask.

"Why sex surrogacy? Don't these women have men of their own?" There it's out there.

"Yes they do but they never fully open up to their partners on what they like because they feel they should just take it. Or you get those who never reach climax. We work on that. Better yet we have those who cannot say no to their partner's about sex. So I stand in and let them sort of learn to stand up for themselves. There is allot about sex surrogacy than just sex." He said.

Well he schooled me. Honestly, I don't know if it's the one beer I had or I just hadn't been with someone in a while but I decided to kiss him.

At first it was a slow kiss. I could tell I startled him, but he didn't pull away. Then the kiss deepened. I felt his tongue delve into my mouth. It was very slow and sensual. He ran his tongue along the right side of the roof of my mouth. I moaned. I couldn't help it. He pulled away and slowly trailed kisses to my ear.

"Want me to stop here?” Staton asked

"No" I said with a little hesitancy in my voice.

"How about I give you what you want tonight, then next time it will be my night." He said

I felt that was not fare, but he grabbed my hair and gave me a kiss that at this moment, I could not recall where I was.

He unbutton the dress I wore and took my nipple into his mouth. God those lips. So hot. He did not trail kisses down my navel. Instead he laid me back on the couch and spread my legs wide open. I wore a red thong. He licked the outside of the thong. It was so hot, I was wet. he kept licking and it was soaked with saliva and vaginal juices.

"Staton, we can go all the way." I said

"No." He said as he inserted two fingers. I arched my back and I could breath. "Jenne breathe, and watch me."

I took a breath and looked down. he continued to lick and insert his fingers. I felt a buildup. "Have you ever seen you self cum. I mean really cum?" He asked

"Yes of course." I said.

"No you haven't." He said and suddenly he pressed his finger up ward and I came. Like a water shoot. I came on his face. I was aroused and satisfied at the same time. I never did that before.

"Did I give you what you wanted?" He asked looking so freaking hot, I almost came again.

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