John's Remembrances

Status: Finished

John's Remembrances

Status: Finished

John's Remembrances John's Remembrances

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Awakening

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John recalls the first love of his life.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 10, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 10, 2014



1. The Awakening

John thought back to a time when he was much younger, just a teenager.  It was the summer between high school and college.

Horny as hell but not knowing anything about sex, his mother’s friend had appeared at just the right time.  She was in her late 30’s and divorced, with a boy a few years younger than him.  Years earlier, her husband had left her for a woman 13 years younger, and since then, the only men she had met had been moochers and assorted bastards.

One day, John's mother and little brother were gone on an errand that would probably take a few hours, and John was taking a nap.  There was going to be a small celebration at John's house that evening for Terrie (a co-worker of John's mother).  Christina had seen John's car parked out front, and decided to stop by early.  When Christina rang the doorbell, John (who was sleeping in a T-shirt and a pair of shorts with no underwear) was awakened.  He looked outside, and saw that it was Christina's car, and he jumped up to answer the door; he didn't want to be rude  and not answer the door when he was home.  He ran to the door and opened it, smiling friendly, and Christina said wackily: "Ding dong ding dong; I'm ringing your bell!". 

She had a bottle of cheap red wine with her.  She was wearing a white blouse and short shorts that were form-fitting, revealing the pleasing shape of her legs.  But John didn't notice that; what he did notice was that she glanced several times at his shorts, and yes he did have an erection from just being awakened, but he hadn't realized just how visible the outline was or what an effect it would have on Christina.  He always woke up with an erection; wasn't that just a normal part of life?  And wasn't this familiar Christina, his mother's friend, Donald's mom, who would never ever remotely feel any interest in him? 

(John was quite clueless, it turns out.) 

John kind of liked the fact that Christina glanced at him those several times.  Nobody had ever paid attention to his penis before, and each time she glanced at it, it made him a little harder.  He'd never been the object of this kind of attention.

Christina explained that she'd stopped by early to help get ready for the celebration (which she was also to attend), but instead, she began sipping on a cup of red wine, which she first poured from the bottle she'd ostensibly brought for everyone.  She'd set her glasses on the counter, which John noticed made a significant (positive) difference to her appearance.

John sat down at the kitchen counter, and picked up some information that he'd been assembling on political parties.  He'd been trying to decide how he might want to vote in his first election, which would be in the fall.  It was obvious he wasn't exactly enthralled by the substance-impoverished literature, and Christina knew she had him as a captive audience, so she interrupted him:

"John, I want to talk to you.  It’s about something serious", she said, looking strongly into his face. 

John said nothing, but looked straight back into her face as a cue to go on.

"How are you doing with the girls?", she queried mellifluously. 

John didn't want to talk about it.

"Do you know how to talk to them?", she continued.

He didn’t say anything, but his facial expression and body language were a sure sign that John didn’t know how to talk to "the girls".

"Maybe I can teach you how to talk to girls", she offered.  "Would you like that?"

"Oh…ok", he said, not sounding very committed.

"I bet you have a lot of questions", she baited, and her eyes narrowed slightly, as her mouth parted a tiny bit.

Again, a facial gesture.

"You know, women like dancing.  Why don’t we try some?", suggested Christina, pretending to be spontaneous.  She put on some old, slow music that mandated dancing close.  (It was actually an album Christina had given John’s mother for her last birthday, and Christina knew every song that was on it.)  "Put your hand on my hip, right here", she said, exhaling and gently placing his hand on her splendidly fine, wide-arcking, womanly curve.

John, whose erection had mostly subsided, started getting stiff again.  She showed him a little how to dance, and then she said something about girls being romantic and sentimental, and put her head on his shoulder.  John thought that felt really nice somehow, and he even appreciated the scent of Christina's shampoo.  He could feel one of her thick tits against his chest -- a first for him.  He didn’t know anything.  Then she pressed one of her shapely upper legs against his erection.

"This is good", she said softly, as they moved gently to the old music, which John wasn't criticizing.  She ground the one thick tit into his chest even harder. 

He knew he shouldn't be doing any of this, but she was the one leading him, wasn't she?  So it was okay then, wasn't it?  He trusted her.

Trusted her to a fault.

She reached for her red wine, and -- lo and behold! -- she dribbled some on her white blouse!

"Uh-oh!", said John.  "We'd better get that in water fast so it doesn't stain. 

"Let's put it in the wash", she said.  "Come help me."

They went to the laundry room, and John put some detergent in the washer, put the washer on "small", and turned it on.  Christina, who had her back to him, unbuttoned her shirt, took it off, and then handed it to him, turning her side to him.  He put it in and closed the lid.

"Let's get back to dancing", Christina said.  John really didn't know what was normal or what was strange regarding situations such as this.  Was it unusual for a woman to walk around in a bra inside a house?  He couldn't remember his mom doing it, but she was kind of "proper".  Maybe it wasn't all that out of the ordinary.  Wasn't it the same thing as a bikini at the beach?

They resumed dancing.  After some time, Christina asked: "Does my bosom look soft, John?", she asked, thereby giving him an invitation to stare at it, which he had not done so far, because he had been trained to be a gentleman.  He looked, and realized that the very upper edges of her areolas were peeking out of her bra, each one like a delightful little orange-pink moon just beginning to rise.  Her bosom did look soft, and very inviting, but he wasn't sure how he was supposed to re-act: keep his cool, or show his awe. 

"Yes", he replied, then fumbling awkwardly for something to say: "Can you tell me how bras work?", he asked. 

The bra she was wearing had no shoulder straps.  "Well it just goes around, and has a clasp in the back to hold it on.  Put your arms around me, John", she said with her eyes smoldering, "And see if you can feel the clasp."  He did, and he quickly had it undone.

"Uh-oh!", he said, "I--I've undone it!"

"It's alright John; see if you can put it back on", responded Christina. 

He fumbled a little, making no serious attempt to refasten it, before saying "I can't get it.  You do it."

She reached behind herself, pretending to try to refasten it, but then -- "Uh!" -- she dropped it; Christina's bra fluttered to the floor, presumably like the objects dropped off the Leaning Tower of Pisa: Christina stood before him, with her hands still behind her back, and her mams proudly on display for him.  She exhaled audibly at her sudden exposure to John's eyes, which were taking it all in savagely.

After a few seconds, Christina said softly: "You can feel them if you like, Johnny".  As he was too busy taking it all in to feel them, after a few more seconds, she took his wrists, and brought his hands over, resting them on her smooth, soft curves.  There was nothing in the world that soft!  John caressed her shapely mounds with awe and delight, and Christina moistened in her excitement at being such a venerated object of adoration. 

Then she said haughtily: "Rest your face on my bosom".  And John obeyed: one of his cheeks contacted one of her thick tits, and he heard her heart beating fast, and knew at some deep level that this was an important part of what life was all about. 

Finally, she held his hands up and said: "Pinch them." 

John wasn't sure how hard he was supposed to pinch Christina's nips, and started out light, but she told him to do it harder, which he did, and she put her head back and exhaled.  He knew somehow that that was a good sign.

Next, Christina squinted her eyes dirtily, and commanded breathily: "Lick my titties".  And he obeyed, moving his moist tongue back and forth over her nipples as his hands roamed her fabulous mounds.  He liked the taste, and somehow he knew instinctively to also hold the wonderfully-soft sides of her breasts as he licked the perky, pretty pink tips.  She exhaled again.

"Oh Johnny, that's good", she purred, and this continued for some time. 

"Look at them", she said like a queen.  Look at my boobs.  Are they pretty?"

"I really like them!", he answered honestly. 

"Stare at them, and tell me my boobs are beautiful."

He stared at them probingly, but continued to hold them.  "Your boobs are beautiful!", he exclaimed.

"Lick them again, Johnny!", she ordered, "Fondle my ample bosom, and lick my hardened titties!".  And he fulfilled that request.

Some time passed.  "My back is tired", she lied.  "Let's lie down on the futon."  And so they did; in fact, she quickly pulled it out before they got on it, so that it was wide enough for two.

He lay next to her, and they looked each other in the eye.  "Now John", she began, "you've seen my naked bosom.  You've seen my naked breasts, my areolas, my tits, and you've felt them, John, and you've kissed them, and licked them, and sucked them", she said, her eyes squinting for emphasis. 

"I know you enjoyed it, because I saw the bulging outline of your manhood in your skimpy drawers. 

She continued, still looking into his eyes: "You've never used your manhood.  Will you let me show you how to use it?"

"Uh..uh..uh-huh", he managed.  John was happy to let her lead. 

She reached down and felt his hard member through his gym shorts, and she massaged his rod up and down through the thin cloth barrier. 

"Mmmmm", John exhaled.  He had never been fondled.

She guessed correctly that he had on no underwear.  Christina sat up to face his stomach.  She inched his shorts down, and his pubic hair began to be exposed to her lecherous and greedy stare.  She ran her fingers through his bristles, glancing her fingertips over this sensitive area of his anatomy, and the stump of his willy. 

"Do you like it when I put my fingers here?", she quizzed.

"Ohh…", John exhaled.

She inched his shorts down some more, and they hooked on his erection.  Smiling out of the corners of her mouth, she inched them down a little more, slowly revealing his shaft, further, further, to the brown ring, further, to the mushroom-like, oh-so-soft, purplish tip of his nicely-shaped penis.  She slid his pants down just a smidgen more, and his phallus sprang back, slapping against his stomach with a satisfying "BAP!".

"Oh!  Nice, John!", she breathed in a hushed tone.  She danced the fingers of one hand over the skin under his wiry nether-hairs while the other hand found his scrotum, and now cupped it delicately. 

He just couldn't contain himself, and he gasped into ejaculation.

"Oh...ohh...oh!!", he groaned, and hot, pearly liquid sprang forth as Christina, not afraid of his liquid love, heightened his sensation by continuing to dance her fingers in the same spot and cup him.

"Ohh!", John exhaled from the expenditure.



"It's ok, John", she whispered in his ear sexily, "It's your first time; as you get more experience, you'll have more control.  We can do this a lot more in the future, if you want.  Would you like that?"

"Yeah!  You can come over any time!", poor inexperienced John blurted out in total honesty, and immediately realized he should've pretended to be less eager.

"You know -- we didn't even kiss", she said, moving her fluttery lips close to his while grabbing his prick, undeterred by his semen.  They kissed briefly.  "John", she said, "I like your manhood", and she felt him hardening again, but she decided to just enjoy the relaxed post-climax feeling, and not try to pursue anything further now.

John didn't care one whit that she really wasn't that pretty, that her hair was kind of shapeless, and that her glasses -- fortunately off now -- were kind of ugly and unfashionable; nor did he care or even know that her breasts were actually past the peak of their glory.  She had just become everything he needed -- needed so desperately.  And the beautiful thing was that it was reciprocal.

It was a wonderful day.  He almost said "I love you", but even he knew he wasn't supposed to say that now.  So he said: "I love your pretty boobs and your sexy titties", and she smiled.  And they kissed again quickly.

He thought it was wonderful lying there with her, with his penis free, and with her ample mams flown from their clothen cage.  He put his arms around her, and kissed her forehead and the top of her head as he held her thus.  He would've gone to sleep, but they both knew his mother and brother would be back, and so after maybe 20-30 minutes, they managed to get up, clean him up, and get dressed.

There would be more.  He would have her, and she him.

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