A Girl and her horse.

Status: In Progress

A Girl and her horse.

Status: In Progress

A Girl and her horse.

Short Story by: Eadigoo

Genre: Erotica

Short Story by: Eadigoo


Genre: Erotica


With every lunge forward and upwards , then smashing down again her delicate lips were forcefully drawn along the back bone of the Horse. As her young pussy bounced across each vertebra the wetness spread between her Virginal thighs as her innocent pussy was massaged to the point of ecstasy.


With every lunge forward and upwards , then smashing down again her delicate lips were forcefully drawn along the back bone of the Horse. As her young pussy bounced across each vertebra the wetness spread between her Virginal thighs as her innocent pussy was massaged to the point of ecstasy.


Submitted: April 24, 2017

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Submitted: April 24, 2017



When I was quite young I spent many weeks every Summer at my Grandpa's farm/ Ranch in Texas. It was a working Ranch so there were Cattle and cute little Calves all over the place. My favorite playthings were the horses, especially my very own Chestnut Pony. 

My Grandpa had taught me to ride and even jump hurdles so I had become quite proficient in the world of Horses and riding. I thought it was much more fun and a real challenge to ride bareback without a saddle.  Dad had told me not to ride like that but didn't tell me for a long time why I should Not ride bareback. I didn't understand his logic so I just kept on doing it while he was not home. 

My favorite place on the entire Ranch was the small lake that served as a source of water for the animals. It was protected from pollution by cow shit by a low fence that surrounded the lake, keeping animals out. 

When I was out there all alone I could see for miles in any direction so I would know well in advance if someone was riding/ driving towards me. I felt so free out there. Sometimes I would just stand and scream into the hot wind , roaring just because I could lol !! , just for fun !! 

The real treat for me was stripping off my clothes and diving into the warm clear water . Usually I would leave my panties and bra on ....at first !! When I was comfortable that I would remain alone I would stand on a little hill above the lake and scan the horizon for unwanted visitors. When I was sure that my privacy was assured I would stand there at the highest point...as if I was on a stage lol....and peel off what clothes remained covering me.

Glancing at an imaginary Voyeur off to one side I winked and rubbed my young fresh slit through my bikini , spreading my legs dramatically. I had seen a Naughty movie where the lady did a strip tease and I loved the power it gave her over her audience, they were mesmerized by the woman's body. I wanted to have that

power but Daddy demanded that I be a good girl and keep my knickers on , I couldn't even kiss a boy for fear of him finding out. He was a good Dad but he was religious and way too strict , especially with the girls. I had one Brother ( two years older ) and two Sisters who had moved to Dallas. 

Actually  I was present at the "Service" call for my horse I had no idea what a cock,  let alone a rock hard cock,  looked like !!!  I could see the bulge sometimes when my Step Brother's friends came to swim at the lake. His friends Bulges in their swimming shorts were always bigger than my Brother's bulge ???  I thought he must have a smaller one of those mysterious things in his pants than his friends had ??  I knew enough not to ask my Brother or any other boy about the mysterious lump they had in their pants, I knew that was 'Boy Stuff' ?? However I constantly looked at random male crotches to see how big the lump was, that bulge that I wanted so desperately to explore. 

I was way too young to act on my youthful feminine instincts but it didn't prevent the hot juices flowing from my hairless little pussy !! ....this really had me puzzled. At first I thought I had peed my panties but it wasn't like pee , didn't smell like pee so I concluded that it must be something to do with the Bulge because it sometimes happened when I saw an extra large bulge....and I didn't even know what the hell the bulge looked like lol  !!! but I knew it must be good  haha .


The mystery was solved for me one morning when I was preparing for my morning shower. I wandered , bleary eyed , out of my room , staring at the floor as I walked. As I put my fingers on the door handle it turned so I assumed it was vacant....boy was I surprised ...pleasantly I might add !!

I opened the door , walked in and closed it. I went straight to the shower door and slid it open. 

There it was !!! the mysterious "Bulge" was finally revealed to me. 

Standing there in the shower was my Step Brother , balls naked, the hot steamy water rolling in waves over his naked body. He didn't even hear the door sliding as I opened it. His face had a pained look , as if he was in severe pain, he grimaced as if in agony !!??  I thought he was ill at first.

All of this took no more than a minute but it felt like days !!!!

His naked body was leaning back against the wall, his long , thick cock gripped tight in his fist . It looked enormous !! it had to be 8 inches at least and it took his whole fist to grip the shaft so it was very thick and fat also. I even remember the big lump of a head that sat on top , it was almost purple and swollen . What I now know was Foreskin was half covering the big head but it was sliding back down and uncovering his head completely. The purple head was perfectly smooth red and purple flesh looked almost like one of those Medieval Helmets with a thick lip around the rim that curls up a little around the edges I had seen one of these in my history book!! " This was a very strange looking thing  but  it seemed to make my heart beat faster and I got all tingly and wet  between my legs.??  It seemed to have some invisible power over me , I could feel it in every cell of my body.....My knees quivered and my fingers twitched and then touched my little perky nipple, tweaking and twisting it like a door knob unconsciously!! my pussy ached  ....

In those few seconds so many questions flooded my young mind. Where does it go I wondered, where does the man  put it when people have sex ?? Not a clue ??  My Church and school did not encourage sex education so obviously all of this was totally new for me. Did it go in my tight little rear hole , does he put it in my Butt ?? That must hurt a LOT I thought, I'm NEVER doing THAT !!! Well I Pee out the other hole, what Mommy called  My 'Kitty Cat" (don't know why?)  so he couldn't put in in there either ?/  Maybe my Mouth I thought ....I was puzzled and fascinated . 

His thing seemed to get bigger and bigger as he rubbed and stroked it. He was so deep in concentration  because  he was at the point of no return and could not stop !!  His eyes were clenched shut and all those big thick veins bulged up off his pink pole as he stroked up and the back down to his still mostly hairless little balls.  For a small guy my Brother sure did have a big cock , the girls must love him and his  8 inch Schlong haha. 

He rammed into his fist one last time and a thick stream of white "Stuff" shot out of his thing ...followed by another long white spurt as his cum splashed on the opposite wall of the shower. I just stood there frozen, unable to move a muscle as the true magic of sex was revealed ....and I LOVED it  !!  I knew it would be Very Wrong but I wanted to grab the big pink pole and stroke it , kiss it and suck  it like a lollipop ...the big knob looked like a big pink lollipop !! Mmmmm I wanted to feel and taste the white stuff that spurted out of it . It all looked so exciting I wanted a cock for myself , just to play with.  The last thick spurt shot from his cock head and he sighed deeply , relaxing against the wall. 

Then he turned his head and almost had a heart attack. His face turned the whitest white I have ever seen , he was the same color as the porcelain sink and he began to shake. 

"El how long have you been there..."he said as he covered his naked body with a towel ( too late !!! ) . What did you see sweetie??"

He was very worried that he had forever damaged me with his little , actually kinda Big Cock show, especially when I might have seen him blow his sticky white load !!!

"A few minutes" I said .

I won't tell anyone if you tell me something, answer a question for me and my memory will suddenly be blank....forever !!! if you explain something ?? 

"OK....OK...what is it ???"

"I want to know where you put it , where is your thing supposed to go . DO you put it inside the woman and more important which hole does it go into ???"

"Ask Mom these things , that's the Mom Talk she should have with you. "

"NO !! ....You have that thing between your legs , Mom doesn't ....so you would be the expert ??!! now tell me or I could sob and ask Mom why you showed me your thing, all hard and stiff and spurting some kind of white stuff out the top ???"

"NOOOOO....don't want to do that. You walked in on me !!! "

"You left the door open on purpose ." 

"OK....what do you need to know my little Blackmailer !!!"

"Alright .....as I  said , where does your thing go into a woman , which hole does it go into and will it hurt ??"

"Simply put.....what you have down there .................."

.."Yes , Mom calls  it my little Kitty Cat  "

"Well the man's thing goes in there and he keeps it in there until ......if you saw the white stuff?? ...until the white stuff comes out  and goes inside the woman . Don't you do sex Ed ????"

"Just other silly stuff, not what you just said.....that sounds exciting ....does it hurt ??"

"It actually hurts quite a bit for the girl so I wouldn't recommend it for you. You have to wait until you thing is big enough to fit the guys thing inside so you should NOT try it for a long time.  Go ask your Sisters !!!"

"They know less than I do. I thought I would take the opportunity to ask you since I have you cornered and you can't run away, terrified !! .  I loved watching the white stuff shoot out and splash into the tiles . " She laughed and giggled . 

"Just one last thing and we/ You will NEVER mention this day again ...Deal ??"

"Done Deal " 

"OK.....the white stuff is called Semen and it contains Sperm this  is the seed that joins up with your eggs and makes a Baby when all works as advertised . Now Sweetie if you need to know any more ask your Sisters...do Not ask me about your Period. "

"One more thing Dear Brother , just one more...please ...Is every one the same size ?  Do they come in different sizes ?? and Just how big do they get ???"

"OK ...last question, no more , Got  It ???"

"Yea....just that last question . "

"Alright , your last lesson. When they get hard they can be as small as ...like two inches I guess all the way to the biggest on record which I believe is about 13 inches !!! The average would be 5 to seven inches when it's hard."

"So how big is yours...it looked really big ??"

" NO  MORE  !!!  Get out of here and keep your mouth shut !!! and I'll get your favorite ice cream later , OK ?? Now go and do not even consider asking a boy to show you his thing OR letting a Boy touch Your...Ahhh ....Thing ...a girl Does NOT do that, anyway most of them are just like mine , no mystery . Now GO !!! "

" Can I touch the big round bit on top , I want to see how it feels ??? it looks all squishy and juicy, like something good to suck !!!???"

"HOLY  SHIT  !!!.....get out of here. That would be Soooo wrong....you can't even imagine how bad and how wrong  that would be , remember that !!!  But .....most sex is very nice and is good for both people and it is generally good for people...just not  for people of your tender age my Dear young lady , you have lots of time , you have your whole life. Be patient, patience is a virtue, it's called " delayed gratification" ...you will learn these things.

You will find the guy who will introduce you to Maturity, just have patience.  Now get out while I get dressed you little pain in the Butt !!! "

I doubt that he did me  any harm, I  matured beautifully because he  didn't treat sex as Dirty that day   he  showed a healthy respect  for sex in  our chat and very gently and kindly explained my questions . Anyway he  walked in on ME  several times....the lock never worked right. His first sight of a little Virginal Vagina  was in the bathtub and it was My Vagina, just a hairless little slit....nothing to see there I imagine. I don't know what he made of it. It must have been as big a mystery for him as his stiff prick had been for me.


He would never admit it to anyone but he was puzzled . "Where is her Thing" he thought...she doesn't have one ....not one like mine anyway haha Maybe it didn't grow yet, maybe it's still inside that little opening slit  I don't have one of those either ???

The world is such a mystery when we are still young, unfortunately much of life will remain  a mystery even when we are all grown up !!.


With every lunge forward and upwards I squealed quietly, then upon smashing down again my delicate lips were forcefully drawn along the back bone of the Horse.  I leaned forward and arched my back slightly to instinctively push my Clit down into the horses back bone. My young peach-fuzz  pussy bounced across each vertebra , slamming my sensitive little Clit . The wetness spread between my Virginal thighs and a deep guttural growl escaped from my throat  as my Clit was assaulted by the sliding motion of the backbone. My thighs clamped tightly onto the hot thundering back of the galloping  Horse and my innocent pussy was being massaged to the point of ecstasy.  I had no clue why this was happening, I just knew how good it felt !!. 

Finally I just fell forward , leaning my whole upper body over his neck and stroked my Pony's neck and his golden brown mane . When I did this I noticed that my little pussy was becoming soaking wet, the wetness went all the way back to my ass cheeks, I could feel a little wet splash every time he took a stride and my ass cheeks lifted a dropped again onto his back. As I leaned forward the ridge of his neck slipped right between my pussy lips and drove me crazy with electric blasts of quivering that  washed over my lower body. The upper part of my tights were soaked and my shorts would be next.....I could wash and dry them at the lake , in this heat it would only take a few minutes to dry everything.

As I bobbed along  astride my Pony I was  getting my tight  little lips stroked and massaged with every stride, my mind wandered back to a very dramatic epiphany for me, a  day marking another step in my progression towards maturity. 

My Pony was a prize winner and was a valuable Stud Horse. I was very careful with him and took good care of him so I was allowed to ride him if I didn't get too crazy or risk injury to me or the Pony.  Stud fees were a big chunk of our family income so we treated my Pony very well , even babied him lol !!!

I remembered the day the Mare came to be  "Serviced" by the horse I was now riding and this was my introduction to a giant sized cock  hahaha !! . I just stood there with my mouth open as my horse's cock began to grow....I thought it would never stop .."how big does that thing get ??"  I asked my older Sister who just blushed silently . His cock was a foot long when I first saw it . It was swinging like a brown fleshy pendulum under his belly, almost scraping the ground, the big knobby end swinging like a baseball bat ready for a swing  !!.



The Mare walked into the paddock and when he saw her his cock just grew and grew ...two feet and growing, two and a half ...getting stiff as a pole and pointing forward, ready to plant a seed in his Mare . When he got close he mounted her back with his hooves and hopped closer on his back legs until his enormous cock head found it's target and the entire three feet of his stiff cock  disappeared into her , all the way on the first thrust !!! They both roared that Equine roar of Victorious satisfaction  lol !! as his cock reached it's goal, deep inside the Mare and he released a good pint of his Spunk and Thousands or Millions ?  of Sperm into her belly.

I wore skintight tights under my short shorts that day and an extra long T-Shirt, I also wore flimsy little lace panties  which got more damp and very Moist as I stood looking at this gigantic Shlong , swinging like some barbaric weapon...I guess it actually is a weapon !! if you are on the receiving end hahaha !!! It was  an animal cock but a cock is a cock as far a my young Vagina was concerned !! My wet friend between my legs saw the thick pole as just another hard cock !!!  I suppose ?? and she had the natural reaction by exuding my cream and soaking my little panties. 

After I witnessed this very exciting act of pure, raw sexual instinct my view of the Male Crotch changed forever hahaha !! I think this was when I fell madly in love with Cock...and made it a lifetime love affair hahaha !!

My little white panties were really dripping now, my whole crotch was soaking wet, not Just Moist anymore ...I thought I must be making a hot sticky puddle in the dust !!!?? I couldn't look down....afraid that I would miss something. I wanted to see what his Baby  making juice looked like , was it the same as my Brother's, white and creamy, like watery Sticky Mayo  haha that looks good enough to lick .....by His Girlfriend !! 

My Pony gave his Mate  several strong , lunging thrusts of his gigantic cock.  Almost falling over in his excitement at getting his huge tool tended to my Pony grabbed the mane of the Mare to steady himself and bit down into her neck. Neighing loudly and breathing heavily they were both in a frenzy as he seemed to fill her with his huge load of Horse Cum as he continued to thrust into her body.  Again it seemed to last hours but it was only ten minutes from the ' meet-and-greet ' point to him pumping his load of cum  into her.

As he slowed and his last spurt was injected into her his front hooves dropped to the ground as she moved away . His huge cock was still two feet long !!! What really had my panties soaking wet was watching his big Schlong twitching and still having spasms as it was swinging under his belly. 

I got on my knees beside the fence rail to get a closer look and nobody paid any attention as they congratulated each other on the success of the meeting, a Foal would result for sure , my Pony was a very productive stud. 

 I patted his flank as I kneeled down on the hard packed dirt. Right in front of my face this huge bulbous cock head swayed as his horse cum dripped from his cock-slit. It was so close I could have touched the monster cock !!! My mouth watered as my pussy dripped while I knelt there staring. I looked around and nobody was looking. Quickly I reached my hand through the fence post but hesitated, knowing it was wrong but almost unable  to resist. My hand slowly reached out as he got even closer . Before I could reach out suddenly His big cock stiffened a bit as it straightened  and quivered as a long white  spurt of his Foal  Juice shot from the huge pole . As it softened again it shrunk rapidly . As the head got closer I could see his cum dripping in huge drops off the end of his cock and it looked whitish and sticky but there was Sooo much of it !!!

It would be years until I got my hands on an actual cock....a human cock that is !!!

Now back to my horse riding pussy tale......

I've perfected the motion required to get a girl all creamy and dripping while bouncing on a horse's backbone.....or alternatively on a saddle although the saddle requires a little refinement in the position I take on the saddle. Leaning forward and pushing your Clit into the Rope Horn  and the Pommel right in front of the pussy position.....this is the " Sweet Spot " . The Pommel rubs up and down the length of the pussy in the saddle and it always gets me wet and sometimes , when I try extra hard I can even cum !!!


{  Hahaha ...for anyone interested ...that is an actual Job...jerking off prize horses for their Sperm . I guess a fake masseuse / masseur doesn't do the job !!! Like ourselves they like the real thing, soft fingers caressing and coaxing until the desired result is achieved . }



I had been daydreaming and not paying attention as I reached the little lake. My pony stepped over the low fence and headed for a drink. I hopped off and ran to my lookout spot on the little hill nearby. Now even my shorts were soaking wet !!! holy shit I should jump right in . I must smell funny, I can smell the sticky pussy juice that soaks my clothes . I like it , it smells good ....I wonder what it tastes like. It is my body that it comes from so I suppose it couldn't kill me ?? 

As I got to the top of the hill I could see that I was alone from horizon to horizon ....


I screamed  and roared my freedom roar as I pulled off my T Shirt. My little titties were still small but I already had big round nipples, they stood up and out from the peaks of my  little breasts which pointed up slightly. My nipples were so sensitive now that Even my soft bra rubbing them was unbearable. . Next to go was my sweat soaked bra and my little perky breasts bounced firmly as I jumped up and down with the freedom I felt there. 

Next my wet shorts were discarded and My flimsy tights and knickers was all that protected my modesty. My Dad would have had a heart attack if he could have seen me now...about to be bare-assed naked out here all alone. 

My skin tight leggings were next. As I peeled them down my legs I really got the aroma of ( what I now know is )  my sweet pussy juice, rolled them into a ball and threw them towards  the lake. 

Now I stood there in my little wet, sticky panties and my juice ran down my bare suntanned legs to my toes. After a very careful look into the distance with my binoculars ( essential for the task ) and deciding that the coast was clear I peeled off my panties. I rolled them in a ball and sniffed the aroma of my own juices , it smelled so nice !!.  I looked down at my open legs and my lips were tightly closed , almost invisible unless I opened my legs wider. I opened wider and dipped my finger between my lips. then tasted my fingertip , surprising even myself !!! it tasted like the Ocean !!! .

As I ran my hand s over my lower body to see how far my wetness had spread I I realized how much I had been aroused by my hot sweaty ride. This was a useful thing for a horny young lady to know !!! .

I balled my panties in a tight fist and ran....bare assed down the sandy hill to the ....My lake and running in at full speed,  diving into the cool embrace of the Lake. Swimming naked is Soooo liberating for the body and soul. 

My day was only beginning as the sun was barely above the horizon. This would be a Fun day. Sometimes we need time alone, totally alone to feel real freedom. 

I did not need the services of a man to feel the inner woman making the first attempts to break out of my young body......such a Sweet memory . 


Part 2 ......possibly .

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