The Other Side: My Version

Status: Finished

The Other Side: My Version

Status: Finished

The Other Side: My Version

Short Story by: Amy F. Turner


Genre: Erotica


Benawriter asked after how we girls would peel a banana. Now he'd like to know the other side. What would be the ultimate female equivalent to oral pleasure and how should it be rendered. In my version I relay a glimpse of what that might look like for me.


Benawriter asked after how we girls would peel a banana. Now he'd like to know the other side. What would be the ultimate female equivalent to oral pleasure and how should it be rendered. In my version I relay a glimpse of what that might look like for me.


Submitted: October 29, 2016

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Submitted: October 29, 2016




“I am not much in the mood for sex tonight,” I confess to you as I make my way home.  I hate to do this, but you know how it is.  Work was a bitch today, and I’m tired with the worst headache.

For once you don’t joke on what you have that will take the pain away.  Instead, you say, “It’s okay, sweetness.  I’ll be here when you get home anyway.”

I arrive to my apartment, and it smells great.  Damned heavenly, in fact, since you cook up supper.  Having a man cook for me is one of my great pleasures besides cooking together naked in the kitchen, but that’s another story.

Anyhow, you’ve set the dining room table and steaming hot food is ready for me to eat.  I hate to break this to you, but I’m not hungry either.  I just want to go to bed.  I can’t even begin to tell you this.  So unfair since this is our time during the week to spend together.

“Head on to the bathroom and get cleaned up,” you tell me before I can open my mouth to relay the bad news.

“Okay,” I say, because I really don’t want to.  I feel crabby and take you up on the suggestion.  Maybe washing up will help get me in the mood for at least the companionship of our relationship I enjoy like everything else.  When I open the door to my bathroom, I’m shocked.  You’ve burned some candles and have drawn me a bath. 

I nearly fall to pieces.  It’s just what I need, but you, of course, know what I need always after a busy and stressful day.  Especially one so damn frustrating like today.  I immediately strip out of my business attire, pin up my hair and the moment I sink down in the hot water scented with my favorite cherry and vanilla bath oil, you appear at the threshold with a glass of red wine.  Damnit, what the hell did I do to deserve such a wonderful man?

I take the offered glass and sip from it.  Leaning back in the deep tub, I can’t think of a more perfect evening.  More drinks later, at some point, I close my eyes.  You find my alarm clock that makes soothing sounds.  You select the one with ocean waters crashing against a surf and sea gulls calling out.  My tub is instantly transported to the beach and I further unwind feeling the stress of the day roll away with each breath I take.  The scented oil soothes me with each breath, and I focus on that and nothing else. 

During my blissful meditation, I must have dozed off.  I wake with a start at the touch of your hand to my cheek.  Smiling softly, you kneel down beside the tub next to me.

“Hey, sweetness, don’t want you to drown.”  You chuckle lightly with amusement twinkling in your eyes.  “Are you done soaking?”

I moan loving the heat of the bath, but most of it is gone now like the wine I glanced at.  When did I finish that off?  I shrug knowing it doesn’t matter when I look back to you.  “Uhhh… No.  Must have fallen asleep.”

I begin reaching for my loofa, but you beat me to it with a grin.  “No problem.  I’ve got you covered.”

“Well, yeah, up to my neck in water.”  I chuckle.

You turn to the cabinet under the sink and pull out my body wash of cherry and vanilla.  Depositing a quarter-sized bit of gel on the loofa, you proceed to rub circles into my skin starting at my neck and work your way down.  “Feels good doesn’t it?” you question.

Lifting my leg out of the water, I turn on the hot water with my toes.  Once warm enough, I shut it off again.  “Ahhh…now it does.”

“Are you sure about that?” you ask me with a crooked smile.  “I’m sure it can get better.”

I peel my eyes open just when I fail to feel the loofa any more but your hand rubbing me between my legs gently.  I gasp with a grip on the edges of the tub.  “Oh, yes!”

“And now?” you ask when you slipped two fingers inside me.  I arch into your cupping hand with a hiss and rock my hips.  I was slick within so relaxed but stimulated from your play at my clit.  Tired or not, I always love when your hands play with me.  I can’t resist them or you when you look at me like that.  Like I am the only one you could ever want.

“So much better!” I cry at the steady pace you accelerate in the dive of those adroit fingers of yours.  Each deep plunge is knuckles deep.  Your other hand cups my neck to offer support.  My eyes are glued to yours when I feel the reverberations hit stronger than the next.  My pussy walls contract on your sliding fingers, which are not done with me.  Instead, they pound into my slit until I cannot take it anymore and cry out with the strength of my shudders.

“Yes, it is, sweetness,” you whisper before you lower your head to me and kiss me.

Sloshing water out of the tub, I reach my fingers around your face.  Urgent strokes of my lips meet yours.  It all changes when your tongue takes to mine.  I am lost in the sweet heat of your mouth.  Your tongue lines mine with teasing flickers slowing it down and deepens my need that burns where your hand cups my pussy before it rubs circles again over my clit.

I moan softly unable to stop the sounds you conjure in me.  You are my master of seduction and I am far from the terrible day I had.  What terrible day?  I only want what you offer.  A yearning for sweet release you build in me once again.

Suddenly your arms circle around me and lift me out of the tub with a swoosh. 

I gasp in surprise and clutch you around the neck.  “I’m getting you all wet!”

“Don’t care.” 

“But, honey, you—“

You kiss me and that ends the matter of thought as you lower me to my feet before you.  You pull a bath sheet from a shelf and begin the chore of drying me gently.  You smile softly dragging the soft towel against my taunt nipples and chest, down my belly, between my legs, over my back and ass and over my legs and feet.  Your mouth is so near breathing heatedly and so far from me, but you don’t do anything but dry me.  I tremble with need pooling at my pussy.  Damn you!

“Sit to the edge of the tub.  I know you want me to finish what I started don’t you?” you inquire while staring up at me in your squat.  There is sweetness and heat at work in your eyes. 

I nibble my lower lip.  My ass couldn’t lower to the edge of the tub fast enough.  I open my legs for you and when you release your hold on my towel you kneel on it.  On your knees, you come closer.  I feel your hot breath over my most sensitive of flesh and tremble. 

Sucking in a breath, I feel your soft kisses start at my knee and make a line toward my inner thigh.  Each feels measured in tenderness until you reach my inner thigh.  You pause between me, staring intently at how much you’ve stimulated my flower.  I know I’ve only grown wetter at the hunger I see in your eyes.  Just when I’m sure you intend to dive right in, you repeat the same line of tender kisses to my other leg!

When you reach my inner thigh and then turn again, you examine me with admiration.  Lightly you touch me at last with your index finger and thumb.  You smear the white froth I produce at your sensual efforts so far.  I smile looking immensely pleased with what you’ve managed to reduce me to so far. 

“So beautiful,” you whisper, stirring your index finger around my vulva from end to end.  You taste the same finger and smile before returning to stir it around within my inner lips now.  “Mmmm, and you taste…”

“I taste…?” I pant and tremble without looking from the delight in your eyes.

“Indescribable.  Taste for yourself,” you offer your index finger to my mouth.  I dart my tongue out to sample before I suck the finger.  Several times, you move your finger back and forth in and out of my hot mouth.

When you remove your wet finger back to my cocksheath, I moan my approval.  I do taste good, but the finger felt much better teasing the hood of my clit.  Such a tease, not the clit itself!  I roll my head back gripping the tub in my frustration.  I would not demand.  I could take whatever you dish out.  I am as good as you when it comes to holding out with practiced ease.

Your finger seems in no rush to urge me to come this time.  It's like you sensed my challenge.  Fuck!  The index finger is exploratory along the greater lips of my labia.  It helps to spread the creamy fluid you work from me.  The next clockwise rotation of your finger traces the inner lips of my labia. 

So careful you are not to touch my small pearl to send me off.  I want it now though.  My pussy begs for more stimulation.  I tremble with the warmth of your breath on the gentle bean, but it never receives the touch of your lips, or the flicker of your tongue.  Only another warm breath as that blasted finger of yours takes another trip this time along the vestibule around my pee hole and entrance.  I hold my breath since my heart is racing and lick my lips.

Your touch leaves me and forces me to raise my head.  I see you stand again.  You stare me deep in my eyes with a look that makes me tremble again.  I stare back in confusion because it is clear in it that you want me.  It burns in you like it does in me.

“Let me give you what you need for once, sweetness.  I don’t want you to think about anything else but your own pleasure.”

I begin to protest because it’s not my thing to be selfish, yet that sounds like what you want me to be.  “But—”

“You’re tired, and I’m putting you to bed.”

Before I can protest, you lift me in your arms.  Carrying me to the bedroom, you say, “You know it pleases me to please you.  So let me.”

I find it difficult to deny you this because I’m so dang tired.  Also, you have a point and seem adamant in having your way.  So be it.  Just this once.

Kissing me softly, you lay me across the bed.  At the head of it, you take a pillow and place it under my head.  Standing at the other end of me, you pull my bum toward the edge of the bed toward you.  I grab my pillow just in time and readjusted it as I giggle.  While spreading my legs, your kiss starts all over again.  This time down from my ankles!

Once again I watch you torture me with tender kisses that reach my inner thigh.  You pause at the valley of my thighs.  I feel your panting breath so near and I quiver.  So close…your lips and the tongue I love.  You rise to your feet denying my desire.  Damnit!

Instead, you administer tender kisses to my ankle of the other leg.  The soft drag of your lips trail down, down, down.  My legs widen to accommodate you on your knees.  You journey again to the valley of my need.  Your warm hands are on my inner thighs.  Your thumbs caress the tender skin nearest my smooth hot box. 

The nip of your teeth is unexpected and makes me quiver with cream.  A sharp gasp escapes me followed up with a moan.  My hands knead my breasts without my conscious thought.  My nipples are hard and aching for attention.  I pinch them between my fingertips.  It feels so good, but also increases the pleasure and need dripping below.  I stew in my own juices longing for you to return to my foremost pleasure.

Holding on has never been this hard before.  Your teasing breaks through my resistance, and I’m panting with anticipation.  My excitement has me flushed.  I lick my lips before I bite the lower one. 

Grinning at me, you note my struggle.  The look in your eye tells me you seek to push me over the edge.  My other thigh you nip with a groan.  

“Oooo,” I moan with my pant and tremble.  Still I knead my own breasts.  I hope for whatever relief I can muster at this point, but relief is far from what I feel.  My need builds.  I will combust if you don’t touch my hot locket right now!

You’re mouth lingers near the valley of lust, and I thrust it in your face seeking that fucking tongue.  Still you withhold my pleasure.  Instead, you blow on my slick lips that dribble with my cream.  “Touch me,” I beg unable to take it anymore.  “Please…”

My permission seems to be all you waited for.  At last, I feel the tip of your tongue line my vulva from the top of my smooth mound to the perineum leading to my rose hole.  Another tremble you summon from me but you hold me steady with your hands on my thighs.  No rush marks the exploration of your wicked tongue along my labia so many times in juicy swirls.  I thought for sure I would cum like that despite you had not touched my clit yet. 

My hips rock to the ministrations of your tongue teasing me with an ecstasy that left me mindless to all done before.  There is only now in this moment with you my searing desire to be fucked, to let go, and feel the release that you design like a master builder. 

“I want to cum!” I shout more than once.

Sucking on my labia now, you moan while your thumb strikes my bell.  Fuck yes!  My clit gets some attention before I explode!  My hips shoot off the bed.  So eager I seek to grind on your face to take the pleasure I need, but you pull back, goddamn you!  You add pressure to your hands resting on my thighs.

“Easy, girl, easy,” you coo as if you don’t want me just as badly, you fucker!  I can see the truth in your mischievous eyes, and I’ll get you for this! 

All thought of getting even leaves me the moment the tip of your tongue lines my entrance.  The gentle way you lick me and deliberate swirls of your thumb along my slit have me withering in mewls of need.  I desire more.  I can’t stand anymore teasing.

“Please…”  My hips move of their own accord.  They seek the depth of tongue that’s near and won’t give up until it’s had this time.

You still rim my juicy entrance that rains down the cream.  I hear you lapping me. You also suck around my flower left to right, down and then up.  You breath on me again as I thrash with my whimper.  It is too much for me.  I will fall apart and burn asunder in the madness you bring upon me if I don’t have relief right now!

Your mouth replaces your thumb on my clit as your thumbs reveal my pearl in hiding.  You first flicker the bell with the tip of your tongue while moaning.  You slavish it in lovely swirls. 

“Fuck!” I almost weep and shudder beneath you.  I squeeze my hard nipples as I pant after my breath.  My heart runs too fast in its race.  My hips swirl as your tongue does, but you restrain me still working another shudder from me.  When the sucking begins, I erupt with a shriek and arch my back.  My thighs squeeze your face.  The rest of my legs dangle over your shoulders. 

You suck me off non-stop through every tremble and contraction.  Soon I regain the use of my legs.  I release my hold on your head with my thighs.  You breathe more laboriously like I do.  The game changer arrives when something buzzes out of my sight.  The next sensation I feel is my entrance filled with something hard and vibrating on its way inside my vagina. 

When the hell did you get your hands on that, you fucker?!  Of course, I can’t voice that question.  I’m too busy at the moment mewling with my pleasure.

There is nothing gradual about how you give it all to me.  All 8 inches of bliss!  My walls contract on the awesome vibrating dildo.  You found the biggest one, full of veiny ridges.  I feel its movement forward overwhelm me until you hit bottom. 

Drawing it back, my muscles attempt to milk the apparatus.  They don’t want to let it go, yet I do so breathlessly.  I arch my back into my newest climax.  The shuddering has taken over my body.  The intensity of it gushes new cream into your awaiting mouth.  

“Yes!  Fuck!  Yes!” I shout.

You groan and resume sucking on my clit like the master you are of it.  My next coming is way too soon, but at your command.  You have a hand free and don’t fail to use it.  While the one hand fills my hole with the vibrator dildo repeatedly now, your tongue returns to its devastating swirls of my engorged bud.  Your finger slips along my inner and then outer lips.  With my juices coating it, the stray finger travels down my perineum and rims my rose hole. 

I shake my head.  I cannot take much more sensation.  However, the look in your eyes tells me you have no intent of stopping what you start.  You go for it!  You want me completely spent and in the throes of all the pleasure you may summon to my body at once.  

The tip of your finger dips inside my rose hole.  It moves slower than how you pump the dildo inside me.  As I get used to the fullness, it too goes deep and in rhythm with the dildo.  My climax builds to an impressive height I could not believe.  You conduct this symphony of pleasure like the maestro you are.  When you suck my clit into that wicked mouth, I explode with the intensity of your effort. 

I’m hoarse from the shouting I had no idea I did.  My heart races so fast I feel like it’s bound to abandon me.  My breath is ragged and my bones feel like they’ve melted.  I am not myself.  I float with the simultaneous pleasures of all my favorite places down below stimulated along with me playing with my tits up above.  It is the most intense climax I have ever had. 

As my trembles cease, you stand fully clothed and slightly damp in sweat and my juices.  I can’t believe you’ve not taken care of yourself.  I can see how hard you are in your pants.  I’m so weak.  I can’t even lift my head off the pillow.  Smiling at me, you scoop me up in your arms and lay me the right way in bed making sure to slip me under the covers.  You even grab my other pillow and fluff it back under my head.

“Wait!  What about you?” I ask tiredly.  My eyes are so droopy as I try to look at you.

“Next time, sweetness.  Rest.”  You kiss my forehead, and it is all I can remember before I dream of you.

© Copyright 2022 Amy F. Turner. All rights reserved.

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