Spirits of the Sleeper - Part 2

Status: Finished

Spirits of the Sleeper - Part 2

Status: Finished

Spirits of the Sleeper - Part 2

Short Story by: AllanHArbinger


Genre: Erotica


Boy meets girl. Boy performs exorcism.


Boy meets girl. Boy performs exorcism.


Submitted: September 09, 2010

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Submitted: September 09, 2010



Spirits of the Sleeper

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by Allan H. Arbinger


10:00 AM

“It’s good to see you again so soon, Charlie,” said Pastor Gabe as he welcomed me into his study.The room was a librarian’s nightmare, with books, videos, folders scattered all over the room and seemingly jammed into the bookcases instead of purposely loaded.He had a Holy Bible, concordance, and the ubiquitous computer off to one side of his desk for sermon preparation.“How did your birding adventure go with Sunny this morning?”

“I never saw her.I overslept so she must have returned home,” I replied.“Sir, I am embarrassed to tell you but I had an experience this morning which I have never heard about before, except in wild tales.I am hoping that you will know what to do.May I tell you this in confidence?”

“Yes, Charlie.In our order we are sworn to secrecy.If you have committed a crime, your secret is safe with me.The law respects our confidence except in cases of pedophilia; we must report that immediately.”

“Oh, it’s nothing like that,” replied and gulped as if preparing to bungee jump down a 150 foot ravine.“On my way birding I met a woman sleeping in her car.I went past and I did not find Sunny so I set up a blind and started observing birds.After the sun came up the sleeper walked down the path not far from me.She brushed her teeth, peed in the bushes, stripped off her clothes and bathed in the river.I watched her, I admit, and I stood to see her in the river.”Just reviewing the scene made my penis become hard.“Well, she caught me staring at her.After drying off, she put the towel down on the ground.She laid in the middle of the towel, spread her legs, and told me to take my clothes off.I did.”

“That is certainly unusual,” answered Pastor Gabe with a combination of amusement and disbelief.

“No, that’s not the odd part,” I answered.“I laid on top of her and was almost ready when she stopped.She told me to switch positions and got on top.”Pastor Gabe squirmed uncomfortably in his chair.“When I got going again, she stopped and began to squawk like a chicken.She walked about as a chicken and then with a low, mean voice she told me things that she could not have known.I left and got dressed.Later I saw her again.She said that men tell her about the chicken dance and the mean voice but she never remembers it.What do you think it is, Pastor Gabe?”

“I have never heard of anything like it.Sounds like she needs psychological help.”

“She’s tried that.Demons.I thought of the legion of demons in the man in the cemetery.I think she needs an exorcism.”

“Demons?That’s powerful stuff.We should be careful.Let’s pray on it and meet back after lunch, okay Charlie?”

4:30 PM

Pastor Gabe met Charlie and Penelope at the door of the church rectory.Charlie and Penny did not conceal their nervousness as well as Pastor Gabe.Penny, still in her maid’s uniform, sat down and crossed her legs.For an instant, Charlie’s mind’s eye played back the scene in the woods of Penny walking from shore to blanket.Reluctantly, Charlie flushed the thought out of his mind.

Pastor Gabe began, “Charlie has told me about you briefly but I would like to hear it from you.”

“The short story is, whenever I have sex, I end up squawking like a bird and ridiculing the man.They tell me man-like voices tell them things that I do not know.It’s driving me nuts.No man in his right mind would want me.I’m so frustrated.”

“Are you saved?”

“No.I don’t know.I went to church as a little girl.I was spiritual in college and I sought all kinds of religions.I even met a man who was a witch.”

“Witch or warlock?Eh, it doesn’t matter.How about after that?”

“I think we dated for years but I really don’t remember.”

“I don’t know if this is going to work but Charlie and I are going to perform an exorcism.It can’t hurt you but may help you.Is that okay with you, Penny?”

“Yes.Sure.I’m so sick of this I’ll try anything.”

“If I am successful then would you like to replace the demon spirits with the Holy Spirit of God?”

“The Holy Spirit of God?That’s kind of radical.I don’t think so; God doesn’t want me.I’m a mess.”

“If we get the demons out, soon they will return unless you’ve taken steps to keep them out.No problem.We’ll talk about it afterwards.Now, just sit back and close your eyes, Penelope.Relax.Lord, we ask for Your special assistance with this matter at this time.In the name of Jesus Christ and all things holy, Charles and I command any demon in Penelope to identify yourself.You are commanded to answer now.”There was no sound but Penny’s shallow breathing.

“Charlie, please repeat after me.Lord please forgive of all my sins.Lord, please provide me the wisdom and knowledge to remove any unclean spirits from our sister Penelope.”

“Please forgive my sins, Lord.I command all unclean spirits to depart, in Jesus’ name.”

“You.You hypocrites!” screamed Penelope in a raspy, manly, rude voice.Pastor Gabe and Charlie were startled to see her sitting straight up with a belligerent sneer on her face.Her eyes peered like searchlights into their souls.“You call yourself a pastor and a man of God?You are a liar, covetous, and an adulterator.You fucked three of your parishioner’s wives.You fraud; some example you are.You don’t even know what you are doing or whom you are dealing with.”She spit on the floor.

Though ruffled, Pastor Gabe demanded, “What is your name, speaker?How do you come to possess this good woman?Answer me under command of the Lord Jesus!”

“A good woman?You liar.Little boy Charlie?A liar, too.He told this woman he was not a virgin but he was.Then he fucks this woman.Fornicator!He lusts after your daughter and he’ll have her, too, because she is a tramp.She’s had many lovers and you know I speak the truth.Charlie flunked out of college because he spent his time with pornography and smoking dope.You’re a loser, Charlie, and you will always be a loser.”

Sternly, Pastor Gabe repeated, “Your name, damned spirit.What is your name and how do you have possession of this woman?Answer me in God’s name.”Gabe began to sweat profusely.Charlie quietly trembled before this monster.He gripped the chair’s arm rests for reassurance.

“I am known as the Mission of Edmund,” replied the spirit in Penelope, “and I serve the prince of this world.I was assigned by my prince until the mission ends.”Penelope’s forehead was awash with perspiration.

“When does the Mission of Edmund end?Answer me, by Jesus’ command.”

“When she dies.Then I am given a new mission.You should quit this; you two don’t know what you’re doing.”

Charlie asked, “How many spirits are there in Penelope?Answer me, in God’s holy name.”

“The preacher knows.Legion.”

“Charlie,” Pastor Gabe insisted, “Let’s stay with my line of questioning.Spirit, is there another way the mission can end?”

There was no response from the spirit commandeering Penelope.

“Jesus, please send down a legion of angels to free this woman of these spirits.Compel this demon to answer me.Spirit, what is the mission of Edmund and, other than Penelope dying, how can this mission end?”

“You assholes,” replied the spirit with a worried but sneering expression, “the angels have been here since the beginning.”The spirit emitted a deep “Ugh,” and then continued, “Edmund is a worshipper of the prince of this world.Edmund and the whore had a nasty breakup.Through hypnosis, he erased part of her memory and left instructions to try to seduce any man or woman, and to fuck up any sex she had, and fuck up her life.As the missionary spirit, I’m responsible to see that this order is carried out.”The spirit paused and looked at Charlie and Gabe again.“Do you remember when this whore told her story?Didn’t you get the idea that you’d like to fuck her, too?That’s what I do.That was me.”

Without wavering, Pastor Gabe persisted, “Tell me how does this mission end, other than her dying?Angels, make him tell me!”

Without much hesitation, the spirit answered, “When the prince of this world tells me.The mission ends when I permanently depart this soul.”

By now the shirts of Charlie and Pastor Gabe were soaking wet with sweat.“Charlie, repeat with me until they are all gone, ‘In the name of Jesus, I command all unclean spirits to depart the soul of this dear woman.’”They repeated for four or five minutes.Penelope twisted and turned and blinked her eyes and contorted her face as if delivering a baby through her mouth.Maybe fifty or sixty babies.

“Are there any more unclean spirit inside of our sister Penelope?” asked Pastor Gabe.“In Jesus’ holy name, answer me now!”

There was no answer.Penelope seemed to awaken.“What happened?” she asked.“I feel like I was knocked out by a prize fighter.”

“We exorcised some unclean spirits,” answered Pastor Gabe.“What did you see or experience, Penny?”

“I saw many blobs; they looked like wet yellow towels, but not really.Some were bright yellow, some faded yellow, some red and yellow, and some blue and yellow.They seemed to have names: Lust, Avarice, Marijuana, Meth, Disorder, Hate, Revenge, and other strange names that I don’t remember.They all went by so fast.”

“Apparently,” Charles injected, “you had an old boyfriend named Edmund.Was he a Satanist?Well, anyway, he left a post hypnotic instruction to mess up your sex and mess up your relationships with everyone.”

“Well!” she replied.

“You’re free now,” answered Charles.Pastor Gabe smiled.

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