Mr. Smith

Status: Finished

Mr. Smith

Status: Finished

 Mr. Smith

Book by: Alex Palange


Genre: Erotica


I received by mistake a dirty letter from Mr. Smith. At that moment, I didn't know that that letter will change my character forever. After I replied to this letter and agreeing to attend the mysterious party at his residence, my unearthly adventure began. For the first time in my life, I felt the pleasure that I never imagine that can exist. For the first time in my life, I experienced a gentle love touch of another woman; I have my first bondage; I really enjoyed to be submissive and dominant at the same time. Something triggered my wild side and at this moment my life changed...


I received by mistake a dirty letter from Mr. Smith. At that moment, I didn't know that that letter will change my character forever. After I replied to this letter and agreeing to attend the mysterious party at his residence, my unearthly adventure began. For the first time in my life, I felt the pleasure that I never imagine that can exist. For the first time in my life, I experienced a gentle love touch of another woman; I have my first bondage; I really enjoyed to be submissive and dominant at the same time. Something triggered my wild side and at this moment my life changed...

Chapter1 (v.1) - Letter from Mr. Smith

Author Chapter Note

The story surrounded young, beautiful woman with very boring sex life and lack with her relationships, but when by mistake she received a “sexy” mysterious email, everything changed. She meets a very extravagant, rich couple that helped her to see the world with a different angle, to open her mind for more excited relationships, to discover the life as submissive and they made her sexy body experience a pleasure that she never imagined that can exist.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 20, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 20, 2015



It was a long, boring day at work. The weather outside was gorgeous, but I was stuck inside to attend a few very long meetings.  Around lunchtime, I managed to slip away for a few minutes.  I went outside, sat on one of the lunch tables on the back side of the building and turned on my tablet to check my personal emails. It was nothing interesting – just a few e-mails from my bank, few advertisers and an email from some who name was Mr. Smith. I haven’t read any of them, just turned off the tablet and after a few minutes I went back to my desk, but in the next few hours, my thoughts constantly returned to this e-mail from M. Smith.  I didn’t know anyone by that name and that e-mail catches my attention not only because of that name but because on the subject line there was only a smiley face. Lastly, an hour before the final stage of my work day, at the moment when nobody was close to me, I tore out of my purse my tablet and I opened that e-mail. The e-mail consisted only one sentence:

“All I think of when I saw that picture of your sexy ass is: to sticking my tongue in your tiny asshole while forcing as many fingers as possible in that sweet pussy.... :)”

What I read made me blushed and I immediately I turned off my tablet. The first thought in my mind was: “…. Wow… clearly that is a misunderstanding. This email is not for me. I will never send a picture of my ass to anyone by e-mail. That is ridiculous, who actually can do that? And who actually will have that conversation by e-mail…. “, but somehow, I felt that what I read aroused me a lot. My imagination began to play hard and the flick in my head of an imagining lover with the muscular physique that radiates just the correct measure of desirability gave me a racing spirit and warm, wet folds of my labia.

Sex was on my mind for the rest of my work day. On my way home my bikini was soaking wet and after I went back to my home I immediately freed my horny body from all clothes and went to take a shower (just to cool me down and to make me stop thinking about sex)… but that didn't happen few seconds after the nice warm water started caressing my naked body, I felt that nice tickling on my center of pleasure, my heath bit increased and without realizing what I am doing I slide my hand between my legs. My fingers started slowly to massaging the swollen pearl of my labia and from my mouth came a groan of joy. My body was ready to explode in wonderful orgasm while my imagination painted colorful pictures of how I was bent over on the kitchen table and my imaginary lover knelt behind me, kissing and biting my ass cheeks and how he has my swollen pussy lips in the palm of his hand and gently squeeze them together and slide them along each other. In this wondrous moment, my house phone began ringing and interrupted my pleasure.

 I put a towel around my wet body and I went to the bedroom, I found the annoying phone and with anger turned the volume off. I looked around, everything was how I left it in the morning. My bed was a mess, on one side was my blanket on the other side of the bed was my laptop… I thought for a second to lay down on the bed and to continue pleasuring myself, but something felt not right (something was missing) – and I knew what was that – the excitement…

I looked around one more time and opened my drawer where I keep my lingerie to find something comfy to put on. Immediately after I opened it, my gaze stops on my pink dildo which I left there a few days ago. I picked it up, hold it in my hand for a few seconds, trying to think of something that will put me in the mood to use it. Without knowing why, I knelt and stick my dildo on the floor near to the bed. I gazed at it for a few seconds, enjoying how swaying left and right, after that with a smile on my face I stand up, overstepped it, bent over on my bed and rested my elbows on it. In that provocative pose, I turned my laptop to me and moved the mouse. The first thing that I saw on the screen was my mailbox (I left open yesterday) and the e-mail from Mr. Smith. I opened it again and I read it. Without realizing what I am doing, I lowered my ass just enough to feel how the tip of my pink dildo started touching my burning of desires asshole.

I like anal sex, but I usually do not like to feel the whole length inside of my ass. When I am aroused a lot I am usually enjoying the feeling of only the head coming in and out, but what I really love is the gentle touch of the head on my asshole ring before the penetration.

The idea that this mysterious e-mail from Mr. Smith has – “that a stranger will fuck my tiny asshole with his soft tongue”, somehow made me crazy. I started reading this sentence, again and again, imagining how Mr. Smith’s tongue will penetrate in my asshole. The feeling of the gentle touch that my dildo gives me at this time made everything so real. My whole body bristled and my nipples were hard. Without realizing, I moved my hand down over my stomach and more to the moment that my fingers reach the folds of my labia. I stop there and start very slowly and seductively to caressing them. I flung my head back in ecstasy while I started to massaging the swollen pearl of my labia. It felt so good that I lost track of the time and I soon found myself reaching a marvelous climax. It was great………….

 After my mind comes back to the reality I realized that my butt cheeks touched the floor where my dildo was stuck on. My pink “lover” was all the way in in my body and for the first time in my life I did not feel pain or uncomfortable with that, but of course my first reaction was that I need to stand up... and I tried, but the feeling of how the ring of my tiny asshole slides on that realistic dildo was that good that instant to stand up I am started riding it. After a minute, my slow and uncertain up and down moves, become more and more hectic movements while I am taking my dildo all the way in and out. It was incredible. For the first time in my life, my body was aroused that much and my asshole was stretched enough to accept my lover completely in and allowed “Him” bringing me unreal pleasure. I felt that my heart will pop up from my chest and my legs started shaking, but I didn’t want to stop. My fingers started playing with my hard nipples, my ass cheeks bounced from the floor every time when I take my “pink lover” all the way in and I started screaming of pleasure. In a little bit I slide again one of my hands between my legs and started rubbing my clit and a few seconds later I felt how my body exploded in another unearthly orgasm. It was so good that I really wish that this pleasure will never end, but I stopped to catch my breath while I kept my “pink lover” deep inside my ass. My whole body was shaking and I realized that I do not have more strength to continue.

 I climbed on the bed and lay on my back, breathing heavy. My asshole still burning with desire for more and I cannot stop to think about sex. My imagination that I just had a wild anal sex with Mr. Smith was so realistic that I felt a desire to have a real conversation with him… and that was the moment in which I decided to reply to the Mr. Smith’s e-mail.  I took my laptop, clicked on reply and started thinking what to write. A few minutes later with a big smile on my face and without knowing why I am doing it, I took my phone, made a provocative pose, put the phone behind my back and took a picture of my aroused us. Without even looking at it, I attached it to my reply to Mr. Smith and I wrote a short message below:

“Are you talking about that ass?”

The last thought in my mind, before I hit send was:

“I will regret that in the morning. This is really crazy… but why not?” and I send it.

Of course, the next morning when I woke up I regret it, but the first thing which I did was to open my laptop and check my e-mails, and… Wow… I had a new e-mail from Mr. Smith. My hands started shaking and my heart beat rises as I moved the mouse and clicked on Mr. Smith name to open the e-mail. This time, the email was a bit longer and was addressed to me:

“Hello Beautiful,

For this lovely, sexy ass, I have a lot more fantasies that you can imagine.

It looks like that you are a very beautiful and sexy submissive and I have a proposal for you. Instead to tell you what my fantasies are, I would love to show them to you.

If that sexy ass want to experience the pleasure that you never imagine that can exist, please send me your address and you will receive an invitation to my next party and a special gift from me. Believe me, you will not regret this.

Your Master Mr. Smith”

I closed the laptop immediately: “That is crazy. This guy is nuts… and I am nuts too.  I am not replying anymore to his e-mails…. I am done“ that was my thoughts while I jumped from the bed and started preparing for work, but the words” you are a very beautiful and sexy submissive…… experience the pleasure that you never imagine that can exist” imprinted on my mind.

Later this day I realized that I can only think of those words and nothing else. I was totally confused - part of me was burning with desire to go, see and experience something new and exciting. The dirty part of my mind that is responsible for pleasures and sins was trying hard to make me reply to the last email from Mr. Smith, the other part of my mind – the reasonable one tells me that that is crazy and wrong.

Finally, when my boss gave me a lot of paperwork to fill, the reasonable part of my mind won and I stopped to think about that e-mail for a while because I was concentrating finishing my work. After I went home and lay down on the couch to watch TV, I started thinking again about Mr. Smith. A few minutes later I realized that I am not watching TV, I just stared at the ceiling imagining how Mr. Smith stretching my butt cheeks. I felt that the idea to meet him in person making me crazy horny again, but this time instead to start masturbating. I open my mailbox and send the e-mail to Mr. Smith with my address. After I did it, I felt satisfied. I felt that I completed my task and now was his turn.

I thought that after I replied to this email I will stop thinking about it, but I was wrong, the whole next day I tremble with anticipation to see the answer. I started opening my mailbox every few minutes, and my heart beat increased every time when I am doing it, but nothing happened for the whole day. The next day was that same and I started to think that Mr. Smith, whoever he was, just made a joke with me with that email and I decided the is too stupid to continue thinking that I will see the response from him again… and I was wrong again.

It was a Saturday morning, the weather was great, sunny and hot, I woke up from the doorbell. I jumped from the bed, put my robe over my almost naked body and went downstairs to open the front door.

It was a postman delivering a big box for me:

“Good morning miss,” he said:’ you need to sign here I have a special instruction to not leave the box without your signature.:”

At the first moment I smiled because I love receiving gifts or receiving things that I am buying online, but immediately after that, I realized that I didn’t order a single item for the past few months and that most likely nobody will send me a gift. A few second later I remembered Mr. Smith e-mail and I blushed, my heart beat immediately increased and my knees softened.

“Are you ok miss?” the postman asked me

I looked at him and replied “Yes “while my mind started to panic:” Is that box really from Mr. Smith? Is that guy in a front of me being Mr. Smith? If he is… wow… he is hot…:” My gaze checked the front of his pants and I really liked what I saw, but after I signed, he wishes me a good day and runs to his delivery truck. I was a little bit disappointed because that guy was really hot, and I focused on the box.

The box was big, but very light. I put it on the kitchen table and look at the sender address – it was really from Mr. Smith. I left the box on the table and without opening it I stare at it for a few seconds, then I stepped back and started preparing my coffee. I tried to think clearly: “ok, it is from him, but why I am scared to open it? It is not a bomb, what possibly can be? Just some kind of joke or…:” I grabbed a kitchen knife and with shaking hands open the box.

On the top, I found a very beautiful invitation. I opened it and started reading:


I do not know your name, and that is why I will simply call you Miss G.

Miss G,

You are invited to the masking ball at Mr. Smith residence today at 9:00 pm. And because this is your first invitation I am sending to you a gift to make you comfortable with the dress code.

I love to see all my submissive to be dressed very sexy and I am sure that my gift will make your beautiful body look wonderful.

Your Master Mr. Smith “

I felt how my hard bit raised and my whole body started shaking as I read that invitation. I turned to the next page and continued reading.

“The instructions are simple:

1. Go to the address that is on the back of that invitation.

2. Please be dressed with my gift

3. The lingerie is not allowed.

P.S. Now you have everything that is necessary to go to that party. You will not regret it and you will experience the pleasure that you never imagine that exist. Everything that you need to do is to drive to my home.

I will see you tonight. “


Inside of the box, I found the very mysterious domino mask and under it was a sexy dress with open back.

I was very excited after I read that invitation and I quickly remove my robe and my bikini (that was the instruction- “no lingerie allowed”) and I put on my naked body that beautiful dress. I also put the domino mask on my face and I looked at the mirror...Wow, I did not recognize myself. I look beautiful, sexy and mysterious.

The dress was with open back all the way to the slit between my ass cheeks, on the side had a beautiful cut that shows the full length of my leg. Was a little bit transparent, just enough to show that my body is naked under it, but covering all “important parts of it.  The gentle touch of the fabric on my skin made my nipples hard and I felt how my pussy becomes a dripping wet. I need to admit that the gift from him was wow… really something.

I turned sharply on my heels a few times in front of the mirror, enjoying the way how I look, but after that I realized that does not matter how I am excited at this moment the idea to attend that party is crazy.

I sat on one chair near to the kitchen table and start to think what possible can happen if I agree to attend that party.

The first thought in my mind was:

“I do not know that guy – what about if he is crazy and he wants only to have a sex with me and if I refuse he will rape me.”

A few second after that thought passed through my mind, I realize that I perfectly know that he wants only sex and he will fuck me the whole night and I actually  agreeing to do it if I show up at the party.

Next thoughts in my mind were:

“He calls himself a master and what about if he wants to slap me or beat me or tied me to the bed and fuck me how much he wants?”

And again from the invitation, it is clear that he will slap, tide me and fuck me and I also agreeing with that if I show up at the party. After those thoughts pass through my mind, I realize that the idea to be submissive actually is turning me on and I asked myself again:

“So what I do not know?

 I do not know how he is looking – is it handsome and sexy or he is a just a regular guy, or maybe worst he is ugly and nobody wants to be with him. “

But my mind immediately found the good argument against that thought:

 “If he is not handsome, what will be the worst that possible can happen? Nothing, I just will have a sex with the guy that I do not like and with my “luck” lately to find a good lover, that will not be unusual. “

“What else?” I continued asking myself.

“He said that I will experience a pleasure that I never imagine that exist and If I do not show up at that party I will never discover that and I will regret it to the end of my life.

So After the dirty part of my mind found a good argument to convict me that I defiantly need to go to that party I started to panic that I do not have time to get ready for it. It was 11 am the party started at 9:00 pm so I had only 3-4 h to buy the shoes for that beautiful dress and to make myself look beautiful and prepared to experience the pleasure that I never imagine that can exist.

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