I Dominus: Japan – East meets West

Status: In Progress

I Dominus: Japan – East meets West

Status: In Progress

I Dominus: Japan – East meets West

Book by: SBV

Genre: Erotica


Book by: SBV


Genre: Erotica



Gil gets nasty in the land of the Rising Sun, with a sexy, young Kendo student.


Gil gets nasty in the land of the Rising Sun, with a sexy, young Kendo student.

Chapter2 (v.1) - Enter Gil

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Gil and Aiko get acquainted.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 20, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 20, 2016



My cock instantly grew to full erection. I would meet Aiko at the dojo and take what I wanted from her, in less than an hour’s time.

I went back to the dojo, dressed in jeans a t-shirt and a hooded sweat top. The shop door was open; I entered, locked it and made my way to the dojo.

Aiko was wearing a hamaka, a white sports bra and a kendogu, the protective face mask worn when sparring with shinai or boken. She held a shinai in each hand. I grinned at what she wanted. I removed my sneakers and socks and approached her in the middle of the dojo.

“You are a Nidan, Aiko. Do you really think it’s fair to challenge me to a duel?” I grinned.

“You handled the shinai with some knowledge of Kendo; I witnessed your stance and striking technique, when you hit Yuki’s thigh. You purposefully held back on striking Yuki. Besides, you are much bigger than me. Perhaps I am at the disadvantage,” she smirked and tossed a shinai at me.

I caught it and chuckled, “I don’t get mask?”

“No. I want to see the look on your face when I kick your ass,” she snarled, then smiled and bowed, “Gil-san.”

“Let’s do this, Aiko. My cock has been aching to fuck your tight pussy the moment I laid eyes on you,” I grinned.

“Ha! You’ll have to earn my pussy. Defeat me and I am yours,” she snarled.

“You don’t have to pretend with me, Aiko. You are aching for me to take you,” I smiled and winked at her.

Aiko did not reply. She widened her stance and held up her shinai. “Five hits to win, Gil-san,” she hissed.

I held up my shinai and touched Aiko’s with the tip. She slid her right foot towards me, her hands flashed to her right and she struck me on the left side of my torso. I huffed from the blow, as a sharp sting shot through my ribs.

“One,” she snickered.

“That hurt, Aiko. You are very skilled. I barely saw you move. Well done,” I smiled and winked at her.

She placed the tip of the shinai on the dojo floor and chuckled, “Too easy, I’ll use one hand to make it fair.”

“Very sporting of you, Aiko. My ribs thank you,” I calmly replied.

I slid my lead foot towards her and tried to strike her right arm. It was the closest part of her body to me, and unprotected, or so I thought. Aiko pushed off her right foot, blocked the strike, swung her arm over her head and struck my exposed left ribs.

I grimaced at the sharp sting of bamboo digging into my flesh and bone.

“I am enjoying the expressions you are making, Gil-san,” Aiko chuckled.

I smiled and replied, “I barley felt anything, Aiko.”

She placed the tip of her shinai on the floor again. This time she widened her stance by sliding her left foot back. I saw her grin behind her mask.

“Your next strike is going to hurt more?” I casually asked.

She nodded slowly and waited for me to raise my shinai. She sprung towards me as she raised her shinai, and struck me across the right arm. She hadn’t lied; the blow hurt more than the previous two.

“Three, Gil-san. Two more and your dreams of my tight pussy will be just that. A wet dream,” Aiko chuckled.

I shook the sting out of my right arm and laughed, “Such a shame. You may be right, Aiko.”

“Sorry, Gil-san. No maybe’s about it. But, know that I will be touched, knowing you’ll jerk off while thinking of my young, wet, tight pussy,” Aiko calmly replied.

She slid her right foot back and lifted her shinai to shoulder height. She was going to step in and hit me hard. And, there was probably nothing I could do about it. Only guess which side she was going to strike at, and try to block it. She lunged forward. I twisted my wrist downwards and brought the shinai to my left side. I had guessed right. Aiko’s shinai bounced off of mine. Before I could smile, she spun three hundred and sixty degrees to her left, and struck me on the right side, again.

“Pathetic, Gil-san. I thought you had a samurai’s spirit. You’re eyes are filled with fake fire and ice. I can’t believe your glare made my pussy quiver and wet. Spare yourself the embarrassment of the final blow. Surrender to me, I will show you mercy and gracefully accept your surrender,” Aiko snickered at me.

“No, Aiko. If I am the paper tiger you accuse me of being, that is one thing. But, I gave a warrior my word to duel to five strikes. I will keep my word to my most worthy and skillful opponent. I still have a chance of defeating you and taking you as I see fit,” I replied with all the charm I could muster.

“My pussy will have to settle for a vibrator tonight, Gil-san. You had lost the duel, before it started, which is truly a shame. I bet you have a big cock. I am very tight, and very horny, all the time,” she replied calmly and winked at me.

“Ready, Aiko,” I asked her as I widened my stance by sliding my right foot back, and extended my arms fully in front of me.

“Hmm. You are hoping that your longer reach will stop me from hitting you again. I assure you, it won’t,” Aiko snickered.

If she was going to hit me again, she would have to close more distance between us than the previous four times. Which was what I counting on. Aiko moved quickly. She slid her back foot forward, when it reached her lead foot, she pushed off her left foot and swung her shinai over her head and to her right. She was going for my left shoulder.

The point of no return of a strike is when the downward motion of the arms begins. I dropped to my left knee and struck Aiko on her thigh. I snapped my wrists just before the shinai made contact. Aiko yelped in pain and tried to step away from me. I grabbed her left leg and pulled it out from under her. She fell flat on her back and broke her fall with her arms. The shinai flew out of hand. I stood up and placed my foot on her chest, and the tip of the shinai next to her left cheek.

“Four to one, Aiko,” I growled at her.

She tried to roll out from under my foot and went for the shinai, just out of her reach. I whacked her extended arm and grinned down at her, “Four to two, Aiko.”

“You have no honor! You have no samurai spirit in you. You are a barbaric gaijin!” Aiko hissed.

I snickered back, “Oh, but I do, Aiko. Unfortunately for you, I am familiar with Miyamoto Musashi. His book, Go Rin No Sho, is amongst my favorites. As your folk lore goes, he was not above ambushing and killing opponents he had agreed to duel.”

“Western barbarian!” Aiko spat her words at me.

“I am a gentleman, Aiko. I have bested you fairly. Take comfort in knowing that your skill is formidable. You are by far the most beautiful, sexy, fuckable opponent, I have ever faced. You are much more skilled than I can ever dream to be. Now, I will show you mercy and gracefully accept your surrender,” I snickered at her. “And your pussy.”

“Never! Let me up and I’ll whack that goatee of your ugly face,” she hissed.

“You do not believe that you could reach your shinai, before I whacked your gorgeous, tight ass three times, and win this duel, do you, Aiko?”

“Take your foot off my chest and let’s find out,” Aiko dared me.

“Not going to happen. I think I’ll let you up. You’ll take off the hakama, bend over and take three whacks across your ass.”

“I have nothing underneath my hakama,” Aiko coyly smiled up at me and tried to roll out from under my foot.

I whacked her arm again. “Four to three,” I snarled at her.

“Oww! That hurt a lot!” she sobbed.

“Save the fake sobbing, Aiko. Surrender, admit defeat. I want to claim my prize.”

“Never!” she shouted in defiance.

I whacked her left thigh. “Four to four. We’re tied, Aiko. Next successful strike wins,” I grinned and stepped away from her.

Aiko looked up at me, confused and a bit disappointed. She didn’t move. I smiled at her and motioned my head towards the shinai on the dojo floor. “You are much too precious a prize, Aiko. If I am to take pleasure from you, I don’t want you to feel that I cheated, or that I am not a gentleman. Now, stand up and pick up your weapon,” I grinned.

Aiko rolled over to the shinai, picked it up and faced me. “You are a foolish man, Gil-san. You had all of me, and threw away all the pleasure my young body has to offer.”

“Perhaps, Aiko. For that to be true, you will have to win this duel. We are still tied at four a piece.”

Aiko grinned at me, dropped her shinai and stepped out of her hakama. She turned sideways and bent over, exposing her naked, firm ass to me. “Lucky for me, I am not as foolish as you, Gil-san,” she grinned.

I whacked her hard across the ass. She yelped, straightened out like a shot from a gun and jumped up and down as she rubbed her ass cheeks.

“Stay bent over, whore. I’m not done reddening your slutty ass,” I growled.

Aiko’s pussy tingled at my words. She slowly bent over and grabbed her ankles. I struck her ass just as hard as the first blow. She winced, but stayed bent over gripping her ankles.

“Good whore, you didn’t whine or move,” I said as I walked to her and rubbed her reddening ass. It was smooth, firm, and getting hotter from the blows I had inflicted on her young flesh.

“Spread your legs wide, whore,” I snarled at her. My cock was fully erect and straining against my jeans.

Aiko obeyed, she spread her legs wide, still gripping her ankles and moaned as the cool air caressed her hot, dripping pussy. She gasped as I cupped my hand over her wet slit and squeezed.

“Your cunt is on fire, Aiko. Tell me why you are such a filthy whore,” I snarled.

“Fuck!” she softly gasped. “I get great pleasure from being treated like a filthy whore. I am a filthy whore for any man that understands that, and is able to use me for his needs only. The pleasure he takes from me, is my pleasure.”

I pulled my hand away from her dripping cunt and slapped it hard. Aiko screamed, but remained bent over.

“You are a whore for any man that desires you. Yet, you made me battle you, for your used pussy. Why is that, Aiko?”

“No. I have not had many men. Because, no other man has ever made my cunt drip, as you have. I was upset at the attention you paid to Yuki. I wanted to punish you, hurt you, like you hurt me.”

I slapped the wetness between her legs again. She moaned and her knees buckled.

“How did you know I desired you, whore?” I smirked and slapped her pussy again.

Aiko gasped and quivered. “The way you looked at me. There was a hunger in your eyes. A hunger that could only be satisfied by my essence, by using me as your whore, by consuming all that I am,” she panted.

I grabbed her hair and straightened her up. “On your knees, whore,” I growled as I bit her jaw.

Aiko kneeled. I pulled her head back and looked down at her beautiful face. “I do own you, whore.”

“Yes, I belong to you. Don’t hold anything back; consume me, Gil-san.”

I yanked hard on her hair. “A proper whore would know to address me as Sir,” I growled.

“Oww! Forgive me, Sir,” she yelped.

I dragged her by the hair to the wooden support beam next to the weapons on the wall. I reached for a coiled rope from the pile that was neatly stacked in a pyramid shape, and tied it securely high above my head, to the wooden beam. I took another rope and tied a shackle around Aiko’s right ankle. Pulled the ends through the rope on the beam and lifted Aiko by the ankle, till only her head and shoulders touched the floor.

I used another rope to tie her left leg around the post, close to the floor, with her knee bent around the beam. She looked lovely with her face flushed, and her pussy exposed in mid-air.

“I am going to hurt your pussy, Aiko,” I grinned as I reached for another coiled rope.

She closed her almond shaped eyes, moaned and sucked her lower lip into her mouth. Her body stiffened in anticipation of the pain that was in store for her. I whipped her cunt with the rope. Aiko shrieked and twisted her body. I struck her again, droplets of the wetness that had seeped out of her, sprayed in all directions. I struck again and Aiko gasped deep and loud. My cock throbbed and strained, it ached to be set free from my jeans.

I dropped the rope and picked up a shinai. Aiko bit her lip and shook head. I grinned as I stroked her pussy. My finger stroked her clit gently. She responded quickly to the stimulation of her swollen and aching clit. She rolled her head from side to side when I inserted two fingers in her. My fingers slid inside her easily, she was slick and hot, and her pussy ached to be penetrated. She clamped tight around my fingers. I fingered her till I felt a quiver build deep inside her, till she was on the edge of exploding.

Aiko was ready to cum. An orgasm was going to tear through, violently, explosive and uncontrollably. Her head shot off the floor, wide-eyed, with her mouth frozen in a silent scream. I grinned, slid my finger out of her quivering cunt, gripped the shinai with both hands and struck her hard between her legs.

Aiko’s body bent upwards, she lifted her head and shoulders off the floor. Every muscle in her body stiffened and ached. Her hands shot in between her legs and cupped them around her pussy. The sharp pain from the blow turned to searing heat and travelled up into her belly. She rubbed her clit with short, quick strokes and came hard.

Her scream turned into a soft moan as she rode the crest of the wave that rolled and crashed violently through her young body. Her shoulders and head flopped back onto the floor. She rolled her head from side to side and gasped for breath as her body still quivered.

When she was finally still and had taken a deep breath, I pinned her head under my foot, and lowered my mouth onto her pussy. Her wetness tasted salty and tart. I sucked her hot, plump mound into my mouth and ran my tongue across her slit, starting at her slick opening and slowly licking up to her hard, throbbing clit.

I slid my hands across her slim hips and squeezed her plump, tight ass cheeks. I kneaded them hard, digging my fingers deep into her flesh. She moaned when I spread her cheeks and slid a finger inside her ass. I sucked her clit in-between my lips and flicked at it with my tongue. Aiko’s body quivered, I forced another finger in her ass and stretched open her tight, pink, puckered hole.

Aiko slid her hands up my thighs and stroked my throbbing, fully erect cock. Her fingers searched for the zipper and pulled it down. She reached into my jeans and freed my cock. She moaned as her fingers tightened around my hot, thick meat.

“I want your cum, I need your cum. Please feed me your cum!” she begged in a needful, shaky voice.

“Not yet, whore,” I growled and licked at her sensitive, spread asshole.

“Ohhh Fuuuck!” she squealed from deep in her throat.

I stepped away from her when she was close to cumming again.

“No, no, no! Please! I’m so close!” Aiko thrashed her body as she begged.

I untied her and lifted her to her feet by the hair. “Show me tits, whore,” I ordered.

Aiko pulled the top over her head and tossed it across the dojo. I picked up the shinai and ran it upwards along her inner thigh.

“Cup your hands under your breasts and lift them off your chest. Present your slutty tits to me.” I calmly ordered.

Aiko obeyed and swallowed hard.

I stepped to her side and placed the shinai flat across the top of her breasts. I lifted my arms snapped my writs downwards, striking the top of Aiko’s breasts. She grimaced and closed her eyes. I struck her breasts again, harder. Aiko bent forward and rubbed her breasts. I stuck her ass hard as she bent forward.

“Give me your tits and don’t move, whore,” I sternly ordered.

She sobbed and nodded. Placed her hands under her breasts and lifted them off her chest. I struck her breasts very hard. The firm, soft tit flesh, rippled from the blow and turned bright red.

“Would you like another, Aiko?” I grinned as I asked the question. “It would please me if you want another, Aiko.”

She nodded as her eyes watered. I struck her tits with three, quick blows and dropped the shinai.

“On your knees, Aiko-whore,” I ordered.

She turned to face me and kneeled at my feet. Her eyes were glued to my erect cock jutting out and from my jeans.

“Open your whore mouth.”

She opened her mouth wide and I slid my cock into it. Aiko moaned as she slid her tongue across the underside of my cock. My cock twitched in her warm mouth. I pushed more of my throbbing meat in, till the head hit the back of her throat.

“Swallow the head of my cock, whore.” I ordered.

Aiko grabbed the back of my thighs, slid her tongue out of her mouth, and pushed her face slowly forward. I groaned as I felt her throat open and accommodate the head of my cock inside it. Aiko slide her tongue back and forth on the underside of my cock. She nodded her head up and down, agonizingly slow, allowing her throat to jerk off the head of my cock. Her eyes wide open and looking up a t me, watching my face contort as she was slowly brining me closer to climax. I grinned at the smile in her eyes. She didn’t quicken her pace when she felt my cock swell in her throat. My balls tightened. The pressure at the base of my cock built up to the point where it was painful. Aiko slowed the pace of nodding her head, teasing me, prolonging the moment of my release. My balls and cock hit blasting point. I placed my hands on her head to steady my shaking legs, and exploded deep in her throat. Aiko pushed her face into my pelvis, opened her throat and moaned as my cum shot down her throat and into her waiting belly.

I grunted one last time and pulled out of her mouth. Aiko licked her lips slowly as she grinned up at me.

“Thank you, Sir. Your cock and cum are delicious,” she grinned.

I growled and nodded in approval of her cock sucking skills.

“I’m going to fuck you while you’re suspended, whore.”

Aiko crawled to the ropes and brought an armful to me. She stood up, turned around, and crossed her arms behind her back. I wove a tight; three rope chest harness, around her chest, tits and folded arms. And a two rope harness around her hips and thighs. I fed two ropes over a ceiling beam and tied them to the harnesses that bound Aiko’s slender body. She was calm and breathing deep and slow.

I pulled the ropes till her toes were off the floor. She swayed gently in mid-air, random, soft moans escaping her lips. I grabbed her long hair and pulled her head back, looked into her glazed eyes and kissed her hard. Aiko moaned louder and opened her mouth. Her tongue slid into my mouth as my lips crushed down on hers. I sucked her tongue into my mouth as I parted her pussy with my fingers. She was burning and soaked between her legs. My cock grew to full erection at the thought of plunging deep into the lovely and willing Aiko.

I pulled her hips higher into the air, when her holes were at my hip level, I closed tie. I pushed Aiko and watched as she swayed back and forth. The rope around her breasts bit hard and deep into her flesh. Her breasts swelled around the rope, shaping them into taught, oval shapes. Her nipples were erect and hard, almost to bursting point. I folded each of her legs and tied them tight.

I stripped out of my clothes. Aiko swallowed hard as her eyes looked over my tight, ripped torso. She moaned as her eyes locked on my thick, throbbing cock. “Fuck me,” she mouthed to me.

I parted her long hair, wrapped it around her throat and tied it tight at the back of her neck. Aiko’s breathing quickened and became raspy. I parted her legs and placed the head of my cock at her slick opening. I wrapped her hair around my right fist and pulled her onto my cock. Aiko coughed and gasped as her own hair choked her.

I looked down at my cock being swallowed by her pussy. When half my thick length had penetrated her, I stopped pulling on her hair and let her swing away from me, and off my cock. Aiko gasped and sucked air into her lungs.

“Take a deep breath, whore. You might not get to breathe again until I fill your slutty cunt,” growled.

Aiko nodded, took and exhaled deep breaths. She took one last deep breath and held it. She was anxious to have my cock back inside her, filling her, and stretching her tight, young cunt.

I pulled her hair and thrust my hips at the same instant. My cock sunk deep into Aiko’s waiting pussy. I pulled tighter on her hair, as I slid out of her and stabbed my cock back inside her. I widened my stance, grabbed her hair with both hands and began to fuck her hard. With each vicious thrust of my hips, Aiko felt as if she was going to be split in two. She loved the savage fucking she was getting. She ached inside and out. My cock and the rope were the culprits of the delicious ache.

Under a minute of brutal pounding, was all it took for Aiko. She couldn’t hold off the orgasm any longer. Her pussy tightened. She tucked her legs into her chest and let the air out of her lungs. A low gurgling slowly escaped from her constricted throat. She needed oxygen. A slight panic came over her. She twisted her body in a panic, shaking her head violently from side to side. Her orgasm had begun to rip through her. She thought she was going to pass out.

I let her hair slip through my fingers; Aiko swung away from me, my cock made a wet popping sound as it exited her pussy. I grabbed her hips and held her steady. Aiko emptied her lungs and took a deep sucking breath. The orgasm that had started to subside flared up without warning and tore through her, as oxygen returned to her lungs and body.

I waited for Aiko to stop shaking and screaming. I grabbed my cock and pressed the head against her asshole. I pulled her towards me and sunk balls deep into her tight ass. She lifted her head and bellowed out a long satisfying howl.

Each thrust of my cock set off an aftershock in Aiko. She tingled all over, her clit felt as if it was vibrating, as if an electric current was being run through it. I fucked her ass hard, slamming into her, punching air out of her lungs, each time my hips crashed into her. Aiko’s body went limp. She moaned incoherently. Her head dangled from her lax shoulders, and bounced with each of my thrusts.

The pressure began to build up at the base of my cock. I threw my head back, growled, and emptied my balls into Aiko’s ass. She lifted her head, gasped and twitched at the hot liquid splashing inside her. She let her head drop and dangle, when my cock stopped twitching in her ass.

I caught my breath and pulled out of her. Aiko moaned in disappointment. She liked the feel of her ass full of my cock. I untied her hair from around her throat. Then, untied the suspension ropes and eased her lifeless like body onto the floor.

Aiko looked up at me and softly asked, “Was I a good whore, Sir?”

I got down on my knees untied the ropes around her body. Aiko protested with a small shrug and a pout. She obviously didn’t want to be freed from the ropes.

“Now, now, Aiko, you have been the perfect whore up until now. Don’t spoil it by pouting and complaining,” I grinned and slapped her firm ass.

“Yes, Sir,” she yelped and giggled.

Once I had freed her from the ropes, I sat on the floor with my back against the wall. Aiko crawled into my lap, and curled up tight against my chest.

“Did I please you, Gil-san?” Aiko asked with a smile as she traced my goatee with her delicate finger.

“Very much so, Aiko,” I smiled back. “But, next time, promise you won’t play so hard to get. My ribs will appreciate it.”



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