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Demonology Demonology

Book by: murphtaf

Genre: Gay and Lesbian

Book by: murphtaf


Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Connor moved to a new town to try and get away from the troubles in his life. A new school and new friends seemed to promise him a new life. But Connor is quick to find that you can never truly escape your demons.

This story will contain graphic depictions of male-on-male sex. Please leave any comments and criticisms you have and I'll try and add chapters as soon as I can.


Connor moved to a new town to try and get away from the troubles in his life. A new school and new friends seemed to promise him a new life. But Connor is quick to find that you can never truly escape your demons.

This story will contain graphic depictions of male-on-male sex. Please leave any comments and criticisms you have and I'll try and add chapters as soon as I can.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Dead Awake

Author Chapter Note

The college town of Columbia Falls is a nice place to get away from it all for Connor Bowen. That is until a missing student threatens to keep his past with him.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 13, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 13, 2016



“That was amazing,” the man sighed as he stretched his back, dragging out his last word.  He looked to be roughly twenty-two or twenty-three, somewhere in there according to Connor.  Connor himself was only nineteen.  He wasn’t exactly sure how the other guy managed to afford a house of this size without a single roommate, probably a rich, absent husband, but he wasn’t truly there to get to know the guy.

It came from the first moment they locked eyes.  Rex immediately made his move over to Connor.  Touching his arms, rubbing his hand through his own thick, blonde hair, bringing the attention to the condom in his wallet when he bought his drink.  The man knew exactly what to do to get Connor back to his place.

“I’m glad you liked it too,” Connor smiled at him.

“I’ll be back; I gotta pee.”  Rex leaned over the younger boy’s naked body and kissed him, nearly enveloping the delicate lips with his own.  Connor felt a little twitch in-between his legs as he watched Rex’s perfectly round backside strolling into the hallway.

The brunette sighed as he stood up, the sting of the house’s chill bringing goosebumps to his naked flesh.  His back arched as every muscle in his back ached.  The positions Rex put him in certainly gave him a workout, not that his toned figure needed one.

Connor took this alone time to glance around at the trinkets and decorations that peppered the room.  There were vases, statuettes, and oddly enough, a more than what would be considered normal amount of rosaries.

What truly caught his eye was that the bulk of rosaries were draped around one vase in particular.  It was generally blank; one solid color with streaks of discoloration throughout.  But one streak in particular stood out.

It looked like a thick, stretched-out double-u.  It was darker than the other streaks, but only enough so to be barely noticeable.  What was truly fascinating about the mark was its striking resemblance to the same birthmark that had been on Rex’s back right shoulder blade.

Connor hadn’t yet noticed that Rex had rejoined him in the doorway, but he shortly felt his presence.  He crooked his neck around to see the older man looking, a bit shocked by his interest in the vase.  It wasn’t until he saw Connor’s eyebrows narrow that Rex attacked.

His clothes were the first to drop.  As it they weren’t even being suspended by his body, the clothes shifted through his seemingly intangible body and fell to the floor.  His skin was the next to go, shredding away like a dry husk in a desert wind.  There was nothing underneath the shell.  Even though mere minutes ago as Connor caressed and rode the smooth body, he could now see that it was nothing but a mask to hide Rex’s true self.

In a quick flash, Rex’s visage had gone from a peach-skinned lover to a black, wispy haze.  He was now charging Connor.  With his hand bunched into a fist, Connor turned his eyes from the vase and collided his hand with it, shattering the frail décor into several pieces.  A loud shriek accompanied the smash as the black mist disappeared into nothingness within the ruins of the vase.


“Look,” Connor interrupted the person on the other end of the phone, “I just couldn’t deal with it anymore, alright?  I’m tired of getting screwed out of living a normal life.”  He scoffed in his mind, knowing how cliché his words sounded.  “Things are getting too hectic there and I need to have some quiet time for a while and catch-up on some old opportunities.”  Connor looked over his shoulder to see the shorter girl shuffling towards him.  “I gotta go.  I’ll call you in a few weeks, okay?” he sighed.  Cutting them off again, Connor hung up.

“Connor Bowen?”  He nodded to the woman’s inquiry.  “Hi,” she enthusiastically beamed, “I’m Hannah Ashworth; we e-mailed each other a few times.”

“Right,” he smiled back, unable to match level of gusto.

“Have you gotten a chance to explore the campus yet?”

“No,” he motioned into his room at the unpacked boxes, “It was sort of a long trip.”

“Gotcha.  Well, now it’s not mandatory, but after our house meeting we’ll probably go on a little night-tour of campus for anyone who wants to come.  So I’d love to see you there, and it’d be a great way to get to meet some of the guys and you’ll be living with.”

“Great,” he now smiled more sincerely, trying to be more appreciative of the kindness of his Resident Assistant.  “I’ll definitely consider it.”

“You better,” she giggled as she jokingly pointed at him.  As she strode away, Connor looked down the hall adjacent to his to see this floor’s men’s room.  A hot shower could do him some good.

He grabbed a towel and a fresh pair of underwear from one unpacked box and a bottle of shampoo from another.  A hand tested the water, signaling for him to turn the heat down before stepping into the steaming receptacle.

His weight was braced by one bent arm against the wall.  The water drenched his soft, brown hair before flowing down his arched back.  The final suds from his wash were now being swept down the drain.  His wrinkled fingers indicated to him that his shower was over.

Connor briefly wiped himself down with the towel before wrapping it around his waist.  With the loose knot in one hand and his clothes and shampoo in the other, he stepped out of his stall.  He wound back around the corner to the main door which was thrown open the instant he reached for the handle.

“Oh, God.  I’m sorry.”  The boy looked startled after shoving the heavy door straight into someone.

“It’s fine.”  Connor couldn’t help but notice the few glances of his body that were being stolen.  It also took him a few more seconds to notice that the boy blocking the doorway hadn’t moved, so he took it upon himself to do so.  “Go ahead,” he smiled as he stepped out of the way.

“Thanks,” the boy sighed with a brisk nod.  Connor waited for him to move until he too was on his way.  The alarm clock on his window sill showed the meeting would start in roughly five minutes.  No problem with arriving early.

He finished patting himself down before pulling on a loose-fitting pair of gray, cotton boxer briefs.  He pulled a plain black shirt over his still-wet hair and a pair of dark blue shorts up his nearly-bare legs.  After giving himself a quick once over in the mirror to smooth out his appearance, he left to the lounge.

Looking inside the plate glass windows, he saw only a few seats were occupied.  A few pairs of guys must have been friends or roommates as they occupied the seats next to each other, leaving several empty seats in between.  There was, however, one guy sitting alone; the same guy who’d nearly leveled him with the bathroom door.

Now was as good a time as any to start making friends.  “Hi,” he smiled as he sat down next to the lone man.

“Hi,” the guy smile back.  He seemed much more cheerful.  “Sorry about that… thing earlier.”

“It’s fine,” Connor chuckled, “Worse things have happened.  I’m Connor by the way.”

“Max.  Is this your first semester here at the great old University of Southern Oregon?”

“Yeah, you?”

“Nah, this is my second year.  First year in this hall though.”  Connor nodded but stayed silent, not always having been the best at starting a conversation.  “So where are you from?”

“North Dakota.”

“Wow,” Max looked genuinely intrigued, “that’s quite a move.  What brought you out here?”

“Oh,” Connor sighed tiredly, “things were just getting a little too predictable back home.”

“Well if you’re looking for excitement, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’ve come to the wrong school.”  Connor laughed which in turn caused Max to smile even wider.  The Oregon native hadn’t even noticed that the room had filled up in these past few moments and that him and Connor were now being flanked on either side by another resident.

Before Connor could try to get to know Max better, their RA, Hannah spoke up.  There were a few confused looks throughout her spiel, mostly from oblivious residents who wondered why their RA was a woman.  And clearly they hadn’t been listening to her either or their befuddled stares would’ve vanished after she explained that she’d be supervising the entire floor, including the other half which housed the women.

But what he could tell most about Hannah through this presentation was that she was tough.  A lot tougher than her happy-go-lucky attitude would have one believe.  She commanded the room and kept the attention on her.  Connor already found that he respected this woman who desired to be a leader like he did.

Within half an hour the meeting was over.  The group had shared names, majors if they were decided, and where they hailed from.  Connor remembered roughly six or seven names in total; there were only a few guys who caught his attention.  But he hadn’t come to make friends.  He was here to relax and get in touch with himself again.

Besides, there was Max.  He clearly was friendly.  Maybe sticking near him would keep his social life alive enough for him to not starve for human interaction entirely.  And then there was Hannah.  Connor wasn’t exactly sure how RA/resident friendships worked, if they were even allowed outside of some casual chatting, but if he could choose he’d stick by her too.

He watched as everyone began leaving the room.  Max stood up next to him but hadn’t yet walked away.  “So I was thinking that if you’re ever looking for someone to hang out with and show you around town, you could give me a call.”  Max smiled nervously, almost concreting Connor’s belief of his intentions.  But Connor still smiled back.

“Yeah.  Definitely.”  The two exited the room together after a good-bye to Hannah.  Max followed him down the same hall, the two remaining in silence.

“Well, this is my stop,” Max sighed happily as they approached his room.

This is your room?” Connor asked, pointing to his door.  He received a nod in response.  “This is my room,” he pointed a thumb to the door behind him.

“Oh, wow.  Looks like you can find me even easier now.”  Max and Connor shared a brief chuckled before saying their good-byes and goodnights.  Connor locked the door behind him as he stepped into his room, a habit that always made him feel further secure.

His arms and legs sprawled out onto his freshly made bed.  His mouth gaped open in a long yawn as the twenty hour road trip finally caught up to him.  Even if they tried, Connor wasn’t confident that his eyes would be able to open.

That was when a knock came at the door.  He huffed as he struggled to crawl out of bed.  Through the peephole he could see no one; he assumed there was a hall ‘jokester’ who wasn’t planning on getting on his good-side anytime soon with stunts like these.

But then he thought it could have been Max.  The boy certainly seemed calm when they spoke, but there was a hint of unease in the way he carried himself.  As if he was nervous about something.  But hell, Connor wasn’t completely relaxed either.  Max was cute.  His short blonde locks spiked up at the front of his head.  The long sleeve shirt he had on wasn’t flattering, but Connor without a doubt saw some certain definition.  His biceps were fairly nice, not too big, but enough to create a bulge in his sleeves.  He must have worked on his chest too as that was definitely accented.  And Connor couldn’t forget about his butt either; probably the textbook definition of a ‘bubble-butt’.  Connor could feel himself getting hard as his mind wandered over every inch of his new friend.  But he answered the door in spite of his aching.

The hall was dark.  Hannah had mentioned something about quiet hours, but that shouldn’t have been for at least another forty-five minutes.  There was no one in the hall either.  And not only that, but the hall was deafeningly silent.  Surely someone would be making noise in their room, watching television or something.

He exhaled deeply as he stepped into the hall.  Nothing peculiar stood out to him.  The hall was exactly the same as it had been before he went to his room… except now it was bare and utterly quiet.

“Connor.”  It sounded almost like a whisper drifting past him on the air flow.  His head snapped towards its origin: the lone door at the end of the corridor.  He timidly walked towards it, staying as silent as possible in anticipation of any more disembodied voices.

On the other side of the door was a staircase extending three floors up to the other dorms and one floor down to the basement.  Another door stood in front of him that would take him outside.  His keys were still in his room and he wasn’t about to test the locks.  He began down the stairs.

“Connor.”  Again the voice called, louder this time, he must be closer.  It came from behind him though.  It seemed to him that he was going to have to press his luck on getting locked out.  He held the door ajar when he stepped into the cool autumn air as he took in his surroundings.

There was nothing there extending down either sidewalk or the other dorm directly in front of him.  But the assault didn’t come from the ground, it came from above.  The red-fleshed demon had him down in an instant.  One hand covered his mouth while the strength of the one pinning his hands to the ground told him he’d be at a disadvantage should he try and fight.  He head the door softly click shut before the creature spoke.

“Hello, Connor,” the gritty voice purred.  A half-hearted grin stretched across the leathery maroon face.  The two expansive wings had folded back into themselves and the tail that whipped around furiously had steadied and lay nearly limp.

“People are watching you, Connor.  People like us.  Do you really think moving away will keep you safe?  They’ll find you, and they’ve got plans for you.”  The hand that kept him quiet stroked down his chin.  “I figured I’d warn you.  I wouldn’t want a cutie like you to get hurt.”  He smiled sheepishly just before his expression turned sour.  His hand rose above his head, a stake now in his grip, and came down forcefully at Connor’s heart.

Just as the stake threatened to penetrate his chest, Connor’s eyes shot open.  He was breathing heavily as he wiped the beads of sweat forming on his forehead.  The door was still shut and the silence was rid by the television in the next room over.  He looked over to his alarm.  It read 3:02 and he sighed as he collapsed back into the mattress.

These sorts of dreams had happened before.  The thought of dying at the hands of a demon or a ghost had occurred to him before.  It wasn’t even an irrationally though considering how often he was confronted by these types.  But it was still a part of his reality that he would gladly get rid of.


“I don’t know where he went.”  Connor overheard two girls talking on his way out of the dorm.  “I mean, I swear he went on that tour last night, but I never saw him come back.”

“He probably met some other girl and cheated on you again.”

“He doesn’t do that anymore.”  The first girl seemed to take great offense at the idea.  “I’m really worried about him.

The boy stopped listening but his interest was piqued to say the least.  He began to pray that his bad dream was just the typical nightmare and not some sort of over-dramatic omen.  But his nature, unfortunately, didn’t allow him to simply ignore the conversation he heard, even several hours later when dinnertime came around.

“Hey, Connor,” a somewhat recognizable voice came from outside his open room.

“Hey.”  Connor’s smile grew a little when he saw Max standing in his doorway.  He quickly closed his laptop to hide his ‘missing persons’ search.  He’d narrowed it down to a resident in his hall, but beyond that there was no progress.

“Um, I was wondering if you’d want to come to dinner with me and my friend.  We’re going out to Gravy’s; it’s a little restaurant on the other side of campus.”  The blonde boy could hear the slight jitteriness in his own voice.


“So how do you like Columbia Falls so far?” Max’s friend Olivia asked.  She was shorter than the two boys she sat across from and a little heavier.  Her brown hair cascaded down past her shoulders.

“I haven’t really had a chance to explore it yet.”  He shrugged, looking over at Max.

“Let’s go after this then.”  Connor thought Olivia was, like Hannah, very bubbly, but she seemed much more relaxed.  She appeared very comfortable and confident even when having dinner with a complete stranger.  This put Connor at ease too.

The trio were barely allowed to resume their conversation when the diner’s front door was slammed opened and accompanied by a scattering of screams.  Connor turned around and saw a shaking, dirt-covered man, panting frantically.  It was one of his dormmates.


“Sorry,” Connor instinctively said to the boy walking out of the bathroom.  “Oh, hey Max.”

“Hi.”  Max appeared a bit taken back too.  He only had a small white gym towel around his waist and he wished he’d brought more until he saw Connor sneak a peek at his chest.

“We need to stop meeting like this.”  Connor lingered at licking his lips unintentionally.

“Now I know how awkward it is from this side.”  The two chuckled nervously.  Max readjusted his hand to the front of the towel to hide any growing.  “What are you up to?”

“Oh, um, I’m gonna go see Kyle Grant, see how he’s doing.”

“Kyle Grant?  The guy from the diner?”

“Yeah, I just wanted to make sure he was okay.”  That wasn’t entirely the truth.

“Cool.  Hey, did you maybe want to come with me to get dinner again?  Olivia can’t make it tonight though; she’s practicing her flute.”  That wasn’t the truth either.

“Yeah, that’d be cool.”  The two smiled again and went separate ways down the hall.  In front of Max was the lounge with the plate glass windows where he saw a reflection of Connor turning around and giving him another once over.


“I’m fine, thank you.”  Kyle Grant looked very tired of the question.  “I can’t even go on Facebook.  Every two minutes I get another message asking ‘are you okay?’, ‘what happened?’.”

“What… did happen?”  Connor felt stupid asking him after that.  The other boy only sighed before walking towards his recliner.

“I don’t know.  I… I mean I woke up in the woods on the ground, I didn’t have my phone, I heard cars driving and I just started walking that way.”

“What about before that?  You went on the campus tour, right?  I think I recognize you from it.”  Connor hoped he didn’t recognize that he wasn’t actually there.

“Yeah, I did.  I think we were between Collins and Higson Hall and I started getting woozy.  It was like, you know when you’re falling asleep in class, and suddenly you’re a few pages behind everyone?  Well it was like that.  My eyes kept opening and everyone kept getting farther away until I… I guess I just blacked out.”

“Um, I’m sorry,” Connor stammered, “I’m probably being really intrusive.”  He tried to find a way to get out now that he had his lead.

“No, you’re cool, dude.”

“Well, I hope you feel better,” he started inching back towards the door, “I’m in room 107 so I’m sure we’ll see each other around.”

“Sounds good, man.”  Kyle walked to the door with him and closed it behind him.  When his hand grabbed the knob Connor couldn’t help but notice there was a good amount of dirt under the boy’s fingernails.


Outside of his door Max heard the sound of metal banging around.  From his peephole he couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary, but Connor’s door was ajar.  His initial instincts urged him to go out; any excuse to chat up the new guy was a good one.  However, he waited, not wanting to feel like a creep.  Watching Connor shortly emerge from his room with a hoody pulled on and carrying a shovel certainly had him reevaluating who was the creep.

Before the brunette got too far down the hallway, Max stepped out of his room too.  “Hey, Connor,” he said.  “Oh, what are you up to?”  He tried acting surprised at seeing the shovel.

“Um,” he looked at the tool in his hand, “I just need to put my mind at ease about something.  I’ll explain it to you later.”

“Okay.”  Max didn’t press.  “Are we still on for dinner?”

“Absolutely.”  Connor hoped he really would be.


Out in the darkness of the far end of campus, Connor found himself between Collins Hall and Higson Hall, where Kyle suddenly lost consciousness.  Next to him was the major road into the downtown area and beyond that was a student parking lot with some other school building at the end of that.  Past the right end of the lot was the easiest road to the highway and a way to circle around into another shopping district.  To the left, before the houses and student apartments, was a small creek surrounded by a slight expanse of woods.  According to Kyle’s story, this would most likely be where he went next.  Connor remembered the diner wasn’t too far from here either.

A path ran alongside the creek and Connor began walking it.  Seeing the dirt under Kyle’s nails made him think he clawed his way up and out of the water.  He walked slowly, a flashlight leading the way, not noticing he was being followed.

The fog was becoming dense very quickly and beginning to obscure the ground.  It reached out of the creek and gingerly poked across the street and onto the campus.  As he continued his walk, Connor only knew he was still on the path by the echoing stomps he forced.  He suddenly felt the presence of someone, maybe something, else.  But it wasn’t before the something touched him first that he reacted.

Connor spun around with a yelp, his flashlight illuminating the face of a young man.  His skin was fresh but his expression was blank.  He looked dressed ready to go to the gym, not to be out wandering along the foggy creek.

“Oh,” he sighed, “I’m sorry, you kinda scared me.”

The man didn’t respond.

Instead, he kept shuffling along, now ahead of Connor.  He wasn’t positive, but the man seemed to no longer be on walking on the path.  Connor let him continue on a little longer until he started moving through the trees.

“Hey,” he shouted at the man.  He started towards him but was stopped when he felt himself kick something.  He knelt down and brushed away the fog as best as he could, his light finally catching the glimmer of something shiny.  Connor reached forward and plucked it off the ground.  It was a phone in a light blue case.  He checked and it was dead.  There was no doubt in his mind that this was Kyle’s phone.

Still following the other man, Connor watched him drop down to his knees, seemingly blinded by the fog, and begin digging intently.  “Hey,” he repeated, louder this time.  From behind him, Connor grabbed the man’s shoulder and took a quick look at the ground before yanking him away.

Dozens of scratch marks showed he wasn’t the first one to start digging; the depth of the hole only confirmed it.  The man on the ground fumbled to get back up, but shuffled back over once he did.  Again, Connor pushed him away, shoving him actually.  Looking at his shovel once first, the boy immediately plunged it into the ground and started throwing the dirt away.

It wasn’t long until the digging produced a wooden crack.  As fast as he could, only being interrupted by being tasked with keeping the other man away, Connor swept most of the dirt away from the long slab of wood.  A snapping sound in the distance forced his head away only to alert him to three more bodies coming towards him, all with the same lax speed.  He hadn’t noticed that the fog was getting thicker yet.

On his knees, Connor shined the flashlight along the side of the coffin until he came across a single, ancient padlock.  The shovel broke it off in one swing.Scrambling, he was able to knock the shards of the lock away and push open the heavy door of the coffin.

Inside, a decrepit, rotting corpse lie; for some reason Connor almost wasn’t expecting something so obvious.  His eyes scanned over the open box, not recognizing anything out of the ordinary.  There were no odd talismans, symbols, nothing to imply this was anything more than a simple corpse.  But why then, Connor wondered, were these people mindlessly gathering to dig it up.  That was when the corpse began to move.

Shaking, the remnants of an arm slowly lifted, reaching for the edge of the coffin.  The eyeless skull shifted up to face the open night sky.  Connor screamed as the creature writhed before bringing the shovel down directly through its throat.  What little life it had vanished before him.

Behind him the quartet of people blinked their eyes and struggled to gather where they were.  Connor closed the coffin as quietly as he could before walking over to them.  He tried explaining to them in the easiest way he could, meaning telling several lies, as they made their way back to campus.


A knock at the door pulled Max away from his laptop.  “Hey, Max,” Connor sighed, “Sorry I’m a little late.”

“It’s okay.”  He smiled at the boy who still had a bit of dirt on the side of his face.  Behind him, Connor noticed, was Olivia curled up on the futon.  She greeted him and he greeted her back.  “Did you ‘put your mind at ease’?”

“I did,” Connor laughed.  “I’ll tell you guys all about it sometime.”  The trio chuckled a bit, Connor more so than them.  “So, did you still want to go to dinner?”

“Yeah,” Max replied, hinting to the other boy about the dirt.  He looked over at Olivia, wanting to ask her not to go, but invited her anyways.  “On one condition though,” he looked at both of them with a serious expression, “we get as far away from campus as possible.”  They all shared another chuckle.

“You don’t even know the half of it,” Connor sighed with a grin.  As Max suggested, they drove to the other side of town and enjoyed a dinner free of thoughts of missing students and dirt-covered woods-people busting in on them.  And when they were back at the dorm, the three spent a few more hours together in Max’s dorm talking and hanging out until the other two retired to their rooms.

Connor was finally flying high.  He’d met two people who were already proving to be good friends, one of which he was definitely interested in pursuing more with, an RA who seemed nice and bubbly, and he had already forgotten the old man in the coffin.

The day had been long and he was tired.  The cool sheets felt nice on his achy body.  Lying in only his tight boxer-briefs, Connor let his hand wander down once he closed his eyes.  Just across the hall laid the boy who he appeared to share a mutual attraction with.  His hormones begged him to let himself in to his room and act on his desires, but he knew better than to start off on the wrong foot.  His mind though could still be satisfied.

His thickness, already at full-attention, felt great in his grip.  Gingerly he stroked it, not wanting to go too fast.  The slow pace actually felt a little better, allowing him to enjoy the full feel on each finger gliding across his length.  His other hand caressed his taut, lean chest which was sprinkled with goosebumps.

“Hello, again, Connor.”  At the sound of the voice Connor shot up to a sitting position, the sheets draping over and hiding his erection.  Out of the dark, doorless wardrobe stepped a familiar creature.  The red demon’s body was chiseled, his chest bulging and rounded, the small sheet of fabric covering his groin was hiding a bulge itself.  Connor suddenly couldn’t remember what the demon was wearing before.

“What are you doing here?” the boy cried.

“You decapitated a corpse,” he chuckled, “Really, that was a great job.  I thought you left home to get away from all the excitement.”  Connor stayed silent, ignoring the demon’s sarcasm.  “I looked into it.  His name was William Teller, born in 1903, him and his wife, Betty became ill shortly before World War II and died within a day of each other.”  Connor felt ashamed that his eyes continued to fixate on the demon’s impressive physique; his hard-on ached.

“As the two of them were being taken back to their hometown, William’s coffin fell off the wagon and was left behind.  Apparently William’s soul desperately tried to get back to Betty, but he eventually dealt with reality.  Then in comes Connor.”

“I didn’t do anything,” the boy protested.

“Oh, but you did.”  The demon’s tail whipped as he stepped towards the bed.  “His soul was content with his fate and you woke it back up.  Then he hypnotized any passersby to come dig him up so he could return to his beloved wife.  Seriously.  It’s like something out of an urban legend.  You see, you’re like a match and this place is a big pot of water.  The water will soon be boiling if you don’t get out.”

“You’re lying.”

“Why would I do that?”  The demon was now next to the lofted bed, looking eye to eye with Connor.  The brunette wanted to move away but felt himself frozen in place.  “Like I said before, I’m only warning you.”  His expression was now very stern.  “You need to leave.  This place was already in rough shape before you got here but your presence will only stir it up.”  A clawed hand stroked down Connor’s smooth back and threatened to dip down farther.  “For your own sake, Connor, leave.”

And with a blink, the demon was gone.  Connor’s eyes shot open and again things seemed to be back to normal.  He was frustrated again, his mind swirling over the creature’s words.  He dropped back and stared at the ceiling.  The only thing that made things worse was that he had a throbbing erection and too clouded of a mind to take care of it.

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