A Subs Life.

Status: In Progress

A Subs Life.

Status: In Progress

A Subs Life.

Book by: Lu

Genre: Erotica


Book by: Lu


Genre: Erotica



Caroline Thomson is hell bent on servicing and pleasing her Dominant to the fullest. Sol Specter has high expectations but no one is perfect.


Caroline Thomson is hell bent on servicing and pleasing her Dominant to the fullest. Sol Specter has high expectations but no one is perfect.

Chapter7 (v.2) - Kitten & Master Pt 2

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Chapter Content - ver.2

Submitted: January 14, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.2

Submitted: January 14, 2017



~Sol~ I could tell Caroline was a little overwrought as I stood at the front door. My kitten was still on all fours, in her amorous little outfit that was to revealing but it was a fucking site to see. I liked it all, from the fuzzy ears to the long pink socks. I had every intention to get under the leather black skirt for exploration.

"Stand up, Little one." I said and tugged the leash up, up until she came up from the floor to stand in front of me. For a second I just stared at my sub, inspecting her faultless features, the light blush feigned obedience and her adorable character. "Tell me who was in our condo," I finally demanded and her brows pulled down. There was however a glister of guilt that flashed in her eyes. "Xander. He-He needed some eggs and...sugar." Caroline answered me timidly. The merciful puppydog eyes she had going was enough to threaten my lips with a smile but instead I smirked down at my sub who had be evidently going against my rules and wishes a lot lately.

"Xander...huh. And?" I gritted my teeth, remembering the eggs and sugar that had been left out on the counter. She swallowed and just looked up at me, coyly. I lifted my hand to her flushed cheek. "Answer me, kitten." I said softly, rubbing my thumb against her smooth skin, having her sigh softly.

"Just sugar and eggs." My eyebrow popped up at her response. She knew that was a lie but I suppose she was throwing caution to the wind. Or maybe she was intimidated.

"Don't lie to me, Caroline." I said in a stern, warned tone. Still frowning, my love looked down, intertwining her fingers....biting her cheek.

"He asked me to have dinner with him but I told him I couldn't because I am yours, Master." Caroline spoke in one long winded breath.

"That's right...you are mine Kitten...Now...I considered walking my little naughty toy down to 'Xander's' condo so I could see you tell him personally who you belong to but I think we might stay here...paint your ass red. Hm?" The fact that that fucker had been in my home and hitting on my woman had my blood boiling and my entire body was filled with defense. "I want you to go over to the chaise, kneel and hold onto the back."I commanded, letting my hand fall away from her face.

"Yes Master." Caroline gave me a brittle look as I dropped the leash. A wave of satisfaction flowed through my body when she knelt back down, on her hands and knees. I titled my head slightly, watching her ass as she crawled to my desired destination and did as I wished.

"That's it kitten...relax, as long as you keep your ass high in the air for me." I murmured, making my way to the chaise that she was on, posed on her knees, forearms resting on the back. That was exactly the way I wanted Caroline. I stood behind her, contemplating my next move, when I reached out and slid her little skirt up, Kitten gasped, bare bottom revealed. I stood there for a moment, taking in the curve of her ass cheeks, and the wet flower between them. My cock was growing, pushing against the leather of my pants. "Oh, you've fucked up girl, letting that man in my house." I didn't want my jealousy to show but it was more than clear.

Again, I looked Caroline over, in her socks, her fuzzy tail and ears that held her long brown curls from her face. Her body was a temple, bent, for my use, my satisfaction.

I sat beside her and without warning I brought my palm down hard on her right cheek, beside the soft looking tail. Caroline gasped and jerked away. "Stay still Caroline, " I told her quietly...and kindly. A whine comes from her but she moves back and I run my fingers along the curve of her spine. When I reached her crack my hand came down on the opposite side. Instantly her skin turned a light pink, matching the other side.

Not nearly appeased, I continued on...back and forth until Caroline's bottom was crimson. I paused to rub her tingly skin that was warm to the touch. Tears threatened the corner of her eyes when she looked over her shoulders and met my gaze. Partly from the spanking but mostly because she was sorry and guilty. But I knew Caroline liked it, much to her chagrin her thighs were glistening.

I move to over until my lips are almost touching her ear, "Stay put. I'm not nearly done," I threatened. Her face twisted in worry but the excitement in her eyes was undeniable.


Go figure, Sir found out about Xander. I was coming to realize I had bad luck...not only that I don't pay attention. Like I should have put away the fucking eggs and sugar. I was almost sure he had gotten his information elsewhere though.

I did stay put as Sir left me in the family room, completely exposed and venerable. I wondered why he hadn't addressed me about this before now? When I heard him making his way back into the room, I glanced over my shoulder. His eyes were impassible, his rocky jaw set and unmoving. My eyes wilted down to his legs, encased in his tight, black leathers. I could make out the subtle curve along the sides of his thighs and calfs. Lazily held at Sir's side was his thick, leather, black paddle.

I looked away, biting the inside of my cheek. The curtains that were usually closed over the huge window were open, city sparkling in. I felt him sit beside me and it took me a moment to realize what the cool liquid was that was poured onto my bare ass.

"We're going to make sure that doesn't happen again." Sir promised, correspondingly rubbing the oil onto each cheek.SMACK! He slapped right bellow my left buttock so hard, his hand like a hot iron on my tender flesh. I gasped and he repeated the slap, on the exact same spot.

How many can you take?" Sir demanded harshly.

I frowned. He never asked me that and I was wondering if that was a trick questions or....? "Twenty." I finally said, not wanting to go to high or low. It seemed far enough...right? Although, I was just being generous. I didn't want to be rude to Xander, even if I had known what his true intentions were. I'm not sure I can handle twenty on my already tender ass and almost changed my mind.

Surprised, for the second time, a loud pop sounded through the room from his first stroke of the paddle. I lowered my head and gritted my teeth, each stroke from the large leather paddle was a crackling bolt of fire shooting through my bottom.

The strokes came faster and unrelenting. Before long I was squirming and trying my hardest not to jerk away. "Thank you, Master" I wailed, curling my toes and balling my fists.

"Thank...you...Master?" Sol said between strokes of fire being lit on my glistening ass.

He continued and I wondered if he was keeping count because I sure as hell was not. The minutes ticked by, and as he rounded the fifteenth stroke. "What else do you say to me?" I was writhing and moaning, accepting the leather paddle's bite with resignation.

"I'm sorry."

"You're...sorry." Seventeen, eighteen and I almost jerked away from his as nineteen and then finally twenty. Quickly I was panting and accepting the ache against my paddled ass. I shriek came from me when Sir gently smacked my immerse pussy. "Ooooh... that's what I want... I want to be touched there..." I wiggled my hips rubbing myself against his hand.

A devious chuckled came from him as he terminated the contact. "I bet." Two words before he got up and left to his study.


The next morning I was completely nude, wrist tied to the metal headbord with rope. Sol was relentless. I didn't want to be in this position. Couldn't be because my sister and my mother were in the family room, waiting for me so we could have lunch before I had a class. How inconvenient.

My Sir had other plans. "I told them you were a little tied up." He said, standing beside our bed. His cock was rigid under his thin night pants. His eyes are burning with lust, passion, starvation and...humor.

I remain quiet as he climbs onto the bed until he is hovering me and pushes my legs apart. I cry out, muscles rejecting as he pushes them too far, but he doesn't care. "They're waiting-" I start until my entire body shuddered as he buried his fingers inside of me.

"You're busy...and I advise you be quiet," He said, holding my gaze as his fingers made 'come hither' motions inside of me, hitting that spongy, soft spot. I bit down on my lip, trying not to moan. Didn't want to explain that to my mother.

I hid my disappointment when he pulled away from me and flipped me over, ass up, head down. "Fuck." I whispered when his arms wrapped around my tiny waist and his face smashed against a totally different kind of lips.

I wiggled under his hold as he began sucking on my clean shaven labia, taking them deep into his mouth, nibbling on them. I held the moan rumbling in my chest. "Sir." I cry into the pillow when his tongue finally circled my clit, sucking on the now pulsing nub. I was to sensitive to withstand the attack his wicked tongue was giving me. My entire body melted into the bed when he slowly started to shake his head, back and forth, taking me with him. I felt his hand going under my body so that his fingers could catch my nipple. As soon as he pinched the erect bullet it sent a shock right down into my clit that my Sir was sucking, nibbling and lapping relentlessly, mercilessly.

"See how nice it is when you are a good girl, Caroline?" Finally he pulled away from me and I laid there. I felt him, climb behind me and I wiggled my ass... All that got me was a nice hard slap right on my creamy ass. As soon as he slid into me, deep and hard it took my breath away and he filled me completely, stretching me to accommodate him. "Well?" Sir grabbed onto my hair, wrenched my head back and grabbed onto my hip. I wished that I could look into my vanity mirror. See him holding my hair and fucking me. Completely dominant. Mastering my body as he always did, he held me hostage and started slamming himself in and out of me, hard and fast. I could feel him deep inside of my belly every time he thrust into me and I moaned with every one. Sir growled deep in his chest, "Yes sir..." There was no mistaking the quiet wet sounds and the smacking noise as he my ass hit hips.

My belly was tightening and my orgasm was going to take over me any second. "Are you going to cum?" He asked and the pleasurable squeal I let out was enough to answer his question."Ask." He chuckled devilishly and slowed his pace to almost nothing.

"Sir." I begged and he let go of my hair, holding my hips at bay when I tried to thrust against him. My head fell forward and I could have cried in that moment. So...mean and teasing."Ask." He  repeated, slowly moving inside of me. I gritted my teeth, annoyed and detrimended.

"May I cum?" And just like that he was at it again, fucking me like this would be the last time ever. My hands clawed at the duvet.

"Yes." Sir told me and I did. My entire body exploded into a million little pieces and I screamed. He groaned when I clenched around his cock, even as it was already sealed so tightly around him. Funny that item that dangled between his legs could take over my entire body like this. His mouth did, his hands did....He did. Before my climax could subside his hand circled my neck and he never ceased or changed rhythm. "Now what do you say to me?" He asked against my ear as his fingers tweaked my nipple.

"Thank you, sir." If felt so fucking good having him inside of me.

"Good...girl." He had stopped moving and with one last thrust I could feel the beating of his shaft as he emptied out built up...whatever. 'Mmm' I gently aided him with the little sway of my hips against his.


How coincidental, when I reached the condo parking garage and got out after class. Xander just happened to doing the exact same thing. I hoped he would not hold the elevator but he did and I felt doomed as the doors closed the both of us in.

I did not acknowledge him. Didn't want to look up at his handsome face or hear his voice...but hadn't I mentioned the luck I had?

"Have you thought about my offer?" He asked simply as we reached the second floor and continued on.

I sighed, seriously thinking about ignoring him but I didn't. "I can't..." I replied and looked up at him. Bad idea! Yummy. "I...you know I can't. I have a fiancé and besides I don't even know you..." I continued, biting my bottom lip as I frowned up at him. I perfectly remembered last night. Sol had tore into my ass yet here I was...talking to Xander.

"Don't do that, Caroline." Xander he commanded dryly and stared down at me like I had offended him or something.

"Pardon me?" I was beyond Fucking confused. We were almost there, thankfully.

"Don't bite your lip." He answered me. I was shocked and I looked away from him. Certain my cheeks had become rosy. His eyes promised that if I did so the outcome would not be good....for me anyway. I didn't say anything as the doors slid open and I stepped out. I gritted my teeth as he followed me. "Caroline-"

"What do you want? Why are you doing this?" I snapped as I stopped and spun around to face him. He was closer than I expected. So close I could smell him and it was pleasant.

"I want you...why else?"

"Well that sounds like a personal problem." I laughed breathlessly and shook my head at him. When was he gonna get the memo? I expected him to reply but he just stared down at me, a look that said, Till next time. I watched him turn on his heels and walk back to the cart.

He was bad news. Simple as that.

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