Loving Again

Status: In Progress

Loving Again

Status: In Progress

Loving Again

Book by: Imspartina


Genre: Romance


Sloan Mitchell is young, beautiful and fun. She is also terribly heartbroken. Her middle school sweetheart died at war, four years after she has yet to open her heart to another. Until Bo Tyler dances his way into her heart...literally.


Sloan Mitchell is young, beautiful and fun. She is also terribly heartbroken. Her middle school sweetheart died at war, four years after she has yet to open her heart to another. Until Bo Tyler dances his way into her heart...literally.

Chapter24 (v.1) - Twenty Four

Author Chapter Note

I'm real sorry for the ridiculous delay, I have a hoard of children that's my only excuse.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 04, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 04, 2017



"Don't be gone so long next time Cupcake, promise?" Dad whispered as we hugged close in the doorway. 

The week flew by, and before I knew it it was Saturday morning, Bo and I had a mid morning flight. We visited all my old stomping grounds and had our fill of all my favorite places to eat. Bo and I indulged in mind altering sex in almost every place. Including Marcy's diner bathroom, I can't get enough of him. It's like a weight has been lifted, after I got my letter from Drew. I have been able to really let myself go of all the fear of loving Bo. 

"I won't Daddy, I promise." I say kissing his head. "Thank you for having us here, I know Bo really enjoyed getting to know you."

"He's a good man, baby, keep a good hold on him, he's perfect for you." Momma says. 

"I think you're right Momma." I say as I watch my hunk of a man load up the rental. 


We pull ill into the rental place and I unload the trunk while Bo goes to settle the paper work. He's been quiet the whole ride, reality of going home must have settled. I don't want to be away from him either but I miss Duke, and my job. That is if I still have one. I haven't heard from my boss at all, I keep calling and texting but maybe he's just enjoying his vacation. I have no desire to go search for another job if he fires me.  Checking the car one more time for any forgotten things.

As we climb into the shuttle I squeeze into my seat next Bo. The shuttle is full of travels checking their phones, probably making sure their loved ones will be waiting. I look up to see Bo staring at me, I give him a small smile which he returns. I feel sad that we won't be waking up together tomorrow morning. 

"Is it strange that I miss you already?" I ask

No sighs, "I've been missing you all day."

"mmmm, so that's what the moaping is about?"

"I am aren't I? I'm sorry, I can't stand the thought of not waking up to you." He groans

"I know what you mean, but we have a reality to get back to, I hope I still have a job." I worry

"Still nothing?" He asks

"Yes and it's so not like him, even the new him keeps me posted on everything. He can't be having that much fun with his wife, he doesn't even like her that much." I fake laugh

"How lovely." Bo states dryly, "Well my guy hasn't gotten back to me either, I'm sure everything is fine. Once we get to the airport we can try again." He kisses the top of my head and pulls me closer, the comfort of this week has been amazing. I had fought this feeling for so long but now that I've allowed it, it's like I crave it like I need air. Every time Bo touches me, I feel this overwhelming sense of peace. 

"Stay with me tonight?" I blurt


"I know, it sounds clingy and crazy but I've loved this week, I don't want it to end, and I know you have the dogs but bring them, Duke is great and I don't want to be in bed without you." I beg and he smiles, he doesn't answer, he just tilts my face to meet his, lowers his face to mine and presses his glorious lips to mine. All worry of rejection gone as she snakes his hand behind my neck pulling me closer. Involuntarily i moan. I don't even care we are trapped in a shuttle, what I wouldn't give to strip right here. 

"Baby, I'm gonna drag you to a bathroom if you don't stop, people are watching." He breaths in between my assault. 

"I think that sounds like fun." I giggle

"Don't tempt me gorgeous."

"Stay with me Bo."




"What do you mean he never made it back?!" I scream

"I'm sorry Sloan we have no more information than that, his wife confirmed it, I'm surprised she hasn't called you."

"I have been trying our office for a week, I have called his personal line numerous times, you're telling me he is just gone?! Why isn't everyone out there looking?! Forget it I'm calling his wife, this is ridiculous." I scream and hang up the phone.

"What's the news love?" Bo asks bringing me a glass of wine,  after we returned from our trip I called the office to find that Max never made it home from his vacation, his wife left early after a huge fight and he still hasn't turned up, he hasn't returned any calls and his phone has been shut off. I have a feeling it has to do with the client he was helping but I can't prove that either. Does this mean I don't have a job?

"Nothing is new, his wife won't answer me either, something is really going on, I don't know what to think, Bo what if he's dead?" I look at him in horror. 

"Let's not get too CSI yet, we have nothing. Let's go to the police station after our bath and we can see if they can help." He coos

"A bath?" I ask

"Yes beautiful, you're stressed, and we didn't get to finish what we started in the shuttle." He says while lifting the hem of my shirt. Yes this is what I need, I'll figure out the rest later. 

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