The Night Meetings

Status: In Progress

The Night Meetings

Status: In Progress

The Night Meetings The Night Meetings

Book by: HisCumPrincess


Genre: Romance


It all started when Ashley felt a little frisky and called her good friend Kevin up for a little night meeting... It's a raging success: calming Kevin's raging hard-on and Ashley's raging libido but it doesn't temper the storm that brews between them after that. Just how far is Ashley willing to go to avoid commitment?


It all started when Ashley felt a little frisky and called her good friend Kevin up for a little night meeting... It's a raging success: calming Kevin's raging hard-on and Ashley's raging libido but it doesn't temper the storm that brews between them after that. Just how far is Ashley willing to go to avoid commitment?

Chapter1 (v.1) - The first meeting (Pt 1)

Author Chapter Note

It's been a while and it's a lil rough but It'll get hotter.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 27, 2017



It had been a long uneventful day so why did I feel so restless? It wasn’t stress from work, of that I was sure. Work could be tiring and tedious but never so horrible. The worst thing I had to deal with were shrieking artists, actors and the like who couldn’t get their way. I was a secretary for Glow, a private company that hired out PA's to the rich and famous.


I got home and dropped my bag to the floor; Moonshine, my black cat came to greet me, purring as I bent down to stroke her. I needed company, but not the cats. "Who to call to take me out of my misery?" I mused out loud. I ran through the options in my mind - I didn't want to buy company of any kind... nor did I want to call a girlfriend over, no, I wanted someone that I was reasonably close to... close enough to get intimate with. Ah! So, that was the reason for my restlessness - I was feeling frisky. I chuckled and wondered who I could call. As I thought, I walked to my room, shrugging off my clothing as soon as I entered my room. I threw the clothes into the laundry basket in the corner and reached for the black silk gown on my bed. I loved the feel of the cool silk against my bare skin. Suddenly it hit me: I would call Kevin! We were close enough and he was rather delicious looking... Mmmm, I will call him. Picking up my phone, I dialed his number and waited through the ringing for him to answer. As I waited, I pictured Kevin in my head.


Kevin was tall and though he might have been gangly when he was younger, puberty treated him well and he filled out. He was broad shouldered with a tapered lower body. His eyes were a deep blue and they held a mischievous light. His face was chiseled perfection; in fact, he looked like a hotter version of that Alex Pettyfer. His black hair was always tousled, as if he didn’t own a brush and didn’t care to either. He truly looked delectable; why he wasn’t a model of some sort confounded me but each to his own. He answered on the third ring; his voice was incredibly sexy - it was way too husky and... it sounded as if I had woken him.



I giggled before breathing out his name

"Kevin?... Did I... Did I wake you?" I finished off meekly and was surprised to hear his answer as he chuckled

"No, you didn't really wake me… What's up, cupcake?"

I cringed at the nickname as the memory of how I got it assaulted me: I was hanging out with Kevin and I started craving cupcakes, not because I was high or pregnant but because my period was due in a few days. We bought approximately 12 cupcakes, all decorated like Disney cartoon characters. I ate 9 of the cupcakes on my own and then promptly dragged Kevin to the local sports club and buzzed around madly. Shortly after that, my sugar dipped and I had such a headache that I refused to talk to anyone for the remainder of the day. My nickname had been Cupcake ever since.

"Well... I was wondering if you could come over..." I looked up at the clock in my room - I had one in each room because I was perpetually late - "I know its late but I could really use some company... but if you’re busy, don't cancel anything, I’ll survive"

A chuckle on the other end was the response followed by "I'll be over in 15 minutes, cupcake". He cut the call and I stared at my phone in wonder - that was easier than I thought it would be! I didn’t feel bad about using Kevin for my sexual needs – I wasn’t going to rape him and he didn’t have a girlfriend so this would be a one night stand or maybe friends with benefits... Mmmm.


Deciding to preen myself before Kevin arrived, I rushed to the bathroom and lathered on some hair removal cream, coating my legs, underarms and triangular honey pot. While waiting, I ran to clear the house - I cleared the counters of the papers that were on them, moved my bag from the floor and made sure I had enough food. Having grown up with 4 brothers, I knew that whether they were deemed boys or men, they were always hungry! After making sure the place was clear I rushed to my bathroom, grabbed the in-shower moisturiser from the cupboard and stepped into the shower cubicle. It was one of my favourite places in the world; I switched on the radio and opened the taps, as soon as the water was right I started wiping off the hair removal cream while shaking my booty a bit in time to the music that played. After making sure I was as hairless as a baby I started lathering the in-shower moisturizer, taking my time to gently massage my breasts and work my way down to my stomach and the further down south until I had lathered myself fully. I waited a few minutes as per instructions on the box before getting out, closing the water, switching the radio off and towel drying myself. I trudged back to my room, feeling refreshed and more than just slightly frisky.


Instead of putting on clothing, I slipped on another silk gown - a red one this time - and went to the mirror. I peered into it and gazed at my reflection. I wasn't exactly ugly - my skin was caramel colored and never looked too white nor too tanned, my face was somewhat oval shaped with long black hair that cascaded down to my waist, hazel-green eyes that changed colour per my mood, a full mouth with rose pink lips and when I smiled, I had slight dimples. I guess I could say I was sexy too – I was short but also had an hour glass like figure. At 5ft1, I had a rather large bust, a small waist and a round ass that came from the many hours I spent in the gym and running up and down stairs instead of using the elevator. I smiled as I ran my hand along my silk clad body. It was just then that I heard the doorbell ring.








Ashley called me and though it woke me, I lied and said she hadn't woke me when she asked. Her voice was like music to my ears and I wished that I could wake up to her voice everyday but I didn't think that would work. She was gorgeous, outgoing, smart and charming. Hell, she could turn the devil into a sweetheart or be his right-hand woman. There was no way she liked me as anything more than a friend. I wasn’t the ugliest brute around: I had a model's body, blue eyes, unruly black hair and I've been told that I ooze that bad boy vibe - which I think is completely untrue as I happen to think I am actually a very nice person even though I'm not one for large crowds.

Ashley asked if I could come over and I said I would be there in about 15 minutes – thinking about seeing her just made me want to smile and tell the world that she was amazing! I laughed and shook my head to clear it of the thoughts I was having. I looked to the clock, it was already 23:20, I had just 10 minutes to get dressed and drive to her apartment.


 I dressed in record time and practically shot out of the door and into my car. The drive was short; I parked my Mercedes in her driveway and walked up to the door, besides the trailing pathway to her door were various small bushes of roses which gave the air a very fragrant smell. I knocked on the door and waited expectantly. What greeted me when the door opened was NOT what I expected. There stood Ashley in a blood red silk gown that stopped just before her knee and her legs were smooth and they looked so soft that they could have rivalled the softness of the silk gown she wore. The deep red made her skin seem flushed, almost as if her entire body were blushing. I gazed over her entire profile, my eyes greedily soaking up this image of her. I wanted to pick her up and hide her away – there were too many people that would desire her. I suddenly felt possessive, I felt the need to protect this tiny girl and really, she was tiny compared to me. She barely came up to my shoulder!

“Well, are you going to come in or stand outside? Y'know, I AM in my gown – not exactly something to be wearing out in public.”

I chuckled at her irate tone then leaned in to hug her before stepping in

“Sorry, Ash, I was lost in thought for a moment. What are we gonna do tonight, Cupcake? I have some movies in my car?”


She smiled at me, totally ignoring my question and asked if I would like some coffee. Her proximity was doing dangerous things to my body, awakening parts of me that ought to have been fast asleep. I followed her to the kitchen and stood against one of the counters while she moved about the kitchen. I smiled every time she dropped something and then bent at the waist to retrieve it. Her ass was simply sublimely round.


“Do you want anything to eat, Kevin, darling?” she crooned in a mock-motherly voice. I laughed “I'm not hungry, Cupcake.”


She nodded her head like a typical Indian then, bobbing it side to side as she started to make something out of crackers, cheese, pepper and tomato. Soon enough she needed me to move away from the counter I was leaning on so she could get to the cupboards beneath the island. I wasn't sure if it was me or if she was deliberately rubbing against me gently, touching me lightly every time she passed me. The touches were intimate and playful, feather light and they heightened my senses to such a point that each touch was starting to give me a slight sensory overload. It seemed like her touching would never stop. Eventually her crackers were ready to eat – we walked to the lounge and I sat down.


“Kevin, love, could you hold this for me please?” she whispered as she held out her plate to me. I wondered why she was whispering but this was Ashley and she was the epitome of weird. I took it from her and she sat down – she threw her silky soft legs across my lap and leant against the other arm of the couch then she took her crackers back and with childish delight she began eating. We were silent for a while as she ate and I drank my coffee before I decided to break the silence.


“How was your day, Cupcake? Anything interesting happen at your office? Did you get to meet anyone famous?” I asked as I rolled my eyes.

She chuckled at my jibe and responded

“I only met ordinary people, Kevlar boo. And the only interesting part of my day was when my boss yelled at me because the printer wasn't working... although it might have helped if he wasn't standing next to the shredder y'know?” she laughed gaily, her laugh like the charming melody of a wind chime


After eating her crackers, she got up, took the plate and my cup to the kitchen before returning with a grin on her face. She looked excited about something and the excitement exuded off of her almost as if it were a tangible force field. I was still lounging on her couch when she suggested a movie. I shrugged and she went to get a movie. I made myself comfortable on the couch and the next thing I saw was Ashley racing towards me at such a speed. She crossed the space between us before I could even react then she jumped at me and landed so that she was straddling me. The couch groaned a bit at the impact but held. I placed my hands on her waist without thinking.


“How about we do something... more exciting?” she whispered. My manhood swelled beneath her. Praying she hadn't noticed it, I shifted and enquired what she wanted to do. In answer, she started nibbling my earlobe. I shut my eyes as all my blood flowed south. I couldn’t let this happen. We would have mind blowing sex, of that I was sure but I was sure that she didn’t want any emotional ties. I wanted emotional ties with her and sex was only going to make my feelings intensify. She was giving me what I wanted but only for a little while. I didn’t want that, I wanted all of her. I pushed her away and was dismayed to see her looking all sullen and dismal.


“Don't you think I'm attractive, Kev?” she pouted

I could feel my resolve waning, I wanted to please her but I also didnt want to be nursing a broken heart when I left her. Rather we remain friends than ruin a friendship with sex...

“Of course, you’re attractive, Cupcake but we shouldn’t do this.”

“But why? I want to” God, she was like a petulant child that couldn’t get candy in a store and I so wanted to give her the candy. My resolve was waning with every second that passed as she pouted. Her soft lips beckoned me, I needed to know if they would be as soft and pliant against mine as they looked to be.

“Tell me, Cupcake, what DO you want to do?” I murmured.

She shifted her weight so that she was on me and there was no escaping. I had no doubt that she could feel my hardened rod through my jeans.

“I want to fuck you” She whispered hoarsely into my ear. I nearly groaned as those words left her lips. Not only was her voice terribly sexy but she had also started to kiss my neck; warm sloppy kisses between licks and soft suckling had my toes curling. My resolve had dissolved and all I could do was allow her to have her wicked ways with me.

She trailed kisses along my neck and shoulders but soon my body was demanding that I devour her in every way possible. Impatient with her, I grabbed her face and crushed my lips to hers, demanding entrance with my tongue. She gladly gave it to me and let her tongue tangle with mine; her soft hands cupped my face as she turned the kiss around and suddenly she was demanding entrance into my mouth and I was the one obliging her. She tasted of pepper and something uniquely Ashley. She moaned into my mouth before pulling away and gasping for air. Her hazel-green eyes were green and almost liquid like. Her soft hands raked through my hair as she caught her breath and gazed at my face. I smiled at her as I let my own hands roam, going under her gown and grazing upon her thighs which were as soft as silk.




We made out for a while, his hands always staying on my thighs. I wished he would move them up and touch my womanhood but he seemed determined not to. As I kissed him, I growled in frustration: I wanted more and he wasn’t giving it to me! I broke the kiss on the pretence of coming up for air but instead of gasping for breath, I leaned in further and whispered

“Kev... I want you to fuck me like I'm your little fuck doll. Be a man, Kev... And take me as a woman... unless you’re chicken?” I nibbled his earlobe before continuing “Don’t you want to fuck me until I’m screaming and writhing? Don’t you want to hear me scream your name as you pleasure me? ...” And then, dropping my voice so it was barely more than a whisper “Don’t you want me to wrap my lips around your cock? I could lick it or massage it with my breasts for you... I could take you to heaven, baby”


I honestly didn’t know when I'd gotten so bold but it seemed to be working: I could feel his cock stiffening further beneath me and I wished he would just take me already. My patience was wearing thin and as soon as I pulled away from his ear and gazed into his eyes I knew that he would take me tonight. His eyes were blazing with desire. He stood up and carried me to the kitchen table. He put me onto the table and spread my thighs. My breath hitched as we gazed at one another, the heat in his eyes was nothing less than scorching. Breaking the eye contact he started to undo my gown... when he saw that I had nothing on under, he groaned my name and that was almost enough to make me combust. He licked his index finger before parting my pussy lips, which were already slick with my arousal. He slid one finger into me and I moaned. It felt so glorious, my hips started to move of their own accord: humping his finger. He chuckled but I was too far gone, too lust crazed to wonder if he was laughing at my neediness or if my readiness amused him. Taking his now wet finger out of me he started trailing it upwards, stopping at my breasts and tweaking the nipples, that simple action sent fire through my body. Still he hadn’t broken eye contact and his gaze was so intense it made me even hotter for him. After tweaking my nipples, he put his long elegant finger by my mouth. He breathed an order that I could not have disobeyed, even if I tried.

“Suck, little one”

I opened my mouth and let my tongue swirl around the tip, watching his expression before taking the entire finger into my mouth, letting my teeth gently glide over it as I sucked. He pulled his finger from my mouth and I pouted. He then took the same finger I had sucked and put it into his mouth.

“Mm, you taste like honey, Ash.” His voice was thick with arousal, husky with need and I wanted to sate that need, I wanted to deal with his arousal. After sucking his finger, he leaned forward and captured my mouth with his. The kiss was hot and demanding. It wasn't a kiss that a boyfriend gave his girlfriend in high-school – no, it was demanding and claiming. The kiss a man gives a woman; the claiming kiss. His kiss sent me into a frenzy and I started to yank at his clothing, trying to get it off of him. While I was still trying to unbutton his pants, he thrust his finger into me and began furiously pushing in and pulling out; I cried out, the sensation of being claimed along with the pure carnal bliss I felt as my pussy was being invaded was too much. Kevin pulled away from the kiss and started littering my neck with kisses and showering my breasts with little bites all while he fingered me. My breath came out as garbled pants. He slowed down, teasing me, testing me; our gazes locked and I said the first thing that came to my mind

“Please! I need your cock inside of me!”

It was the first time I had ever been so crude. Even when I had sex with my previous boyfriends, I had never begged so wantonly. But I was passed shame. Kevin just shook his head at me and withdrew his finger. I was dismayed, I wanted to cry

“Kevin! Why did you stop?!” I cried.

He just looked at me and smiled.




Ashley practically begged me to fuck her. I couldn’t believe my ears. Did she know what she was asking of me? My thoughts rambled about in my head as I stopped fingering her and pulled my finger out. Not only was she extremely tight – tight to a point that she might be a virgin – but she was also so lust crazed that I doubted she was thinking clearly. When she cried out asking me why I stopped I simply smiled and I could see the confusion on her lovely face, the desperation in her eyes as she silently begged me to give her carnal bliss.

Before she could question me anymore I pushed her chest away and yanked her lower body closer to me by yanking her by the thighs. Her thighs were already spread and I could see the glistening pink of her pussy lips. I longed to devour those lips, to savour them, to suckle them as if they provided liquid heroin and I were an addict. I bent down and heard her suck in her breath; I licked the folds gently, my cock swelling even further at the taste of her. I had to remind myself to be gentle, it went against my instincts – I wanted to eat her out with such gusto that she would remember it with every move she made. I gently opened her pussy by prying the two sticky lips apart – they were like a mouth that had been eating honey. I stuck my tongue into her hole, wasting no time with pleasant licking. She was ready for my tongue and she writhed against my mouth. I held her still and continued to savour her: her juices were sweet and every gasp that she made as I continued to thrust my tongue into her was like music to my ears. Wanting to hear her scream out in ecstasy, I started to flick her now swollen and sensitive nub with my tongue. Her moans got louder and her gyrating hips more furious. I was in heaven; I wanted to push her off of the edge that she was on. I grabbed her breast with one hand, palming the nipple gently as I started to suck her sensitive little nub. Her body started moving in a staccato pattern but I continued pleasuring her until she yelled out my name while her body stilled and gave up its sweet nectar to my waiting mouth. I licked her clean, making sure not to waste any of this precious delicacy that was her nectar. As soon as her orgasm finished rocking through her body I felt her body relax, I smiled before kissing my way up to her mouth. Then I kissed her deeply, trying not to let my cock poke her.




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