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Genre: Romance


The summer is about to get hot in more ways than one.


The summer is about to get hot in more ways than one.

Chapter7 (v.1) - Under duress

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 19, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 19, 2017



Lena groaned and grabbed her pillow and threw it over her face. Usually, her head would drop to her mattress, but this time, it was snuggled softly against Noah's shoulder. 

"Where's your dog?" Noah asked, after he chuckled with Lena's enthusiasm for the morning. 

"With mama, getting spoiled rotten with table scraps," Lena answered. "She likes to stop by the Hennity place and play with the kids before she comes back. During the school year, she'll even drop them off at the school bus. On the way back, she chases Drake Pollard's cattle and plays with his goats. She'll probably flirt with some tourists, hang out with the old ladies playing bridge at the Maine Street Corner, before she gets chased out. Finally, she'll beg Mama DiMarco Santinos for some food. Sometimes, Mama Santinos is especially nice enough to give Kira a box tied with a bow, so Kira can bring me something." 

"Your dog has a better social life than you," Noah replied. Honestly, it sounded irresponsible to him, to let Kira roam unsupervised. What if a car hit her, or someone took her to animal control? He didn't say anything, because he knew what she was going to say. 

Shrugging her shoulders, Lena said, "Girl's gotta life. Am I supposed to stand in the way? Besides, Kira doesn't have to pay rent, so she doesn't need to come up with five eighty big ones at the end of every month." 

"Fair enough," Noah murmured into her hair, until he realized what she said. Bolting up right, he said, "Five eighty? We live in California, how do you only pay five eighty?"

Again, Lena shrugged. "Small town."

"My rent is two times as much, and I got a deal for being a fireman," Noah told her. "No where in California is that cheap."

"Okay, jeez." Lena took the pillow off her eyes and admitted, "I did something."

"What?" Noah pressured.


Rising to her elbows, Lena's eyes roamed the room, looking for a lie. "I  . . . slept with Old Man Jansen."

"Don't call him that, and no, you didn't," Noah told her.

"He introduced himself as Old Man Jansen, and you're right. I didn't. I stripped teased for him, and then his pace maker went all wonky and now his knees shake whenever he sees me, so we came up the number five eighty for the lifetime of joy I gave him," Lena replied.

Lightly, Noah popped her on the hip. "Stop telling lies about Jansen," he said, unable to keep a straight face. He fell back on the mattress and covered his face with his hands to keep from laughing.  "Come on, what's the real story."

Making a noise of exasperation, Lena fell back on the mattress next to him. "You're not going to like it," she prefaced. "When I came to town, I was in a really bad place. We're not going to talk about why, because it still feels raw. Pat said he'd give me a job if I came back out here, so I did. I was looking for places to rent, and the people who used to live here were not good people. They were into bad things. Jansen wanted them gone, but couldn't get them gone. Kira and I took care of it." 

"Care of it how?" Noah asked. 

"I busted the door down, cocked a rifle and told them to get out with Kira growling next to me," Lena answered. 

"No, you didn't." 

"No, I didn't," she agreed. "At the bar, I told them about a murderer who lived in their apartment fifty years ago. After that, I played spooky music and rattled chains outside the window. Drove them crazy, but they were already out of their minds on drugs, so they thought they were imagining it. I even started a chain saw. It had way too much kick for me, that's why there's a dent in one of the poles holding up the porch roof. My last trick was setting off smoke machines beneath their floorboards, which freaked them out. They ran outside, but I was prepared. I had Kira covered in flour, so she looked like a ghost dog. When they saw her, they screamed." 

Lena was laughing at the memory. "Anyway, they moved out within a week, and I moved in."

"You made up a gruesome murder story and engineered a haunting to get your apartment?" Noah shook his head. "You were dedicated."

"Yeah, made up," Lena said, in such a way that made Noah think it might have been real. "It was therapeutic though." 

Deciding that he didn't want to know more, Noah let it go. Out of respect for her request, he didn't ask why she was in that dark of a place. Her future and present were another matter, they were going to involve him, so he felt no qualms about asserting himself there. Besides, her story, if anything, corroborated her pattern of reckless behavior. 

"You're a troublemaker, aren't you?"

She snorted, "I'd argue that this apartment proves otherwise. I chase away the riffraff." 

"A thrill seeker then. You run into the fire, because you need that adrenaline. You take on some drug addicts who won't leave, because you need the rush. If it hadn't worked, you really would have kicked down the door and pointed a rifle at them, wouldn't you have?" Noah asked. 

She started to protest, but his hand found it's way between her legs and past her labia. "Tell the truth," Noah coaxed, his finger strumming her clit, making her writhe slightly in the bedsheets. 

"No! Okay, yeah. I probably would have," Lena answered. "Not for the rush though."

Noah rewarded her by quickening his pace for a couple seconds, then moved to tease her entrance. "So," he said, slowly drawing his finger around her opening. "Then why?"

"I don't know. Maybe a little bit for the rush," Lena panted. "It lets you know you're alive, you know? But what was I supposed to do? Just pathetically scream after Kira? Just turn a blind eye to Jansen's problem?"

She almost screamed when Noah pinched her clit. "Yea. You were supposed to turn it over to the law. You were supposed to tell Tony DiMarco-Santinos, or the sheriff."

"Oh, if that had worked-," she was cut short as Noah's finger entered her. 

As his finger slid inside her, he asked, "What was that? Hm?"

"It didn't work," she squirmed in frustration. 

Noah slid another finger in, and she moaned at their ministrations. "You shouldn't have run off into the fire. You should have let my crew do their job," he said, his thumb brushing over her clit. 

Lena bucked in her sheets. "Is it going to be this way every time we have sex?"

He leaned over her and brushed his lips over hers. "So you think we should have sex again." 

"No- I-." Why was she floundering? Sex with Noah was good. "Yes, we should." 

He kissed her as a reward, and then said, "So we are dating, then?"

"Casually," Lena answered. 

"I don't want casually," Noah said, pulling his fingers from her and swirling them around her clit. It begged for Noah's attention, but was careful to only trace it, not touching the sensitive nerve endings screaming for him to give them release."

Writhing, trying to get him to finish her off, she said, "Fine. More serious than causual. Why do you need terms for everything?"

"Because I like you. I like you a lot," Noah pulled her so she was centered on the bed, and then brushed her legs apart, wide enough for him to kneel in between. He lowered his mouth and she widened her knees, willing him to bring her to orgasm. His hot breath was on her clit, as he demanded, "So are we serious, or casual?"

"I don't want to be anything," Lena complained. 

Noah licked her clit. "I do."

His tongue teased her clit for a what felt like a long moment. As long as it took for her to say, "Can't we just be semi-serious. Like casual, but exclusive? Can't we just see where it goes?"

"Sounds fair," Noah answered, lowering his mouth fully on her hot, needy, wet pussy. 

She clutched the bedsheets and took in a deep breath. That man knew exactly what to do with his tongue, his hands moving to her ass, pulling her closer to him. 

"Wait, wait, wait," she said, releasing the hand that had been tugging on his hair desperately. "I want you inside me." 

"I'm not wearing a-," he started. 

"I don't care. I'm so close and you're not. I just want you inside me," she said. For a minute, she thought he wasn't going to do it. 

She made a noise of surprise and protest when he pulled away and flipped her over. Pulling her hips back, he positioned her on her knees, like he had the night before. That damn finger was back to teasing her clit. "So you want me inside you?" 

"God, yes, please, Noah, don't tease me," she begged, lowering her forehead onto the back of her hands. 

"Tell me again, are we dating?" Noah asked. 

"This isn't fair, I'm under duress," she complained. "It doesn't count if I'm under duress!" 

He positioned him hardening cock against her quivering channel. "Are we dating?" He asked. 

"Yes! We're dating!" Lena replied. 

"And we're exclusively dating?" Noah said, slowly pushing his cock in. 

She groaned at the torture. "Yes."

"So we're going to have a second date?" Noah clarified. 

She tried to push back onto him, but Noah held her firmly. "Yes."

He pushed all the way into her and she sighed with satisfaction. He pulled out, and started the agonizing process over. "So you'll stop doing reckless things?"

"Noah, I'd cut off my nose to spite my face," she said. 

It was a good thing she couldn't see his face, because Noah was grinning. Although he hadn't heard the expression in a while, it was quite fitting to Lena. "Will you think about your actions before you act? Will you find some other way to get that thrill?" He finished his demand with two quick pumps into her. 

"Yes," she moaned. "I'll try so hard. Noah, I promise, please, just-." 

He thrusted into her with the speed and intensity for which she begged. Leaning over her, Noah kissed her neck, and breathed. "Don't you dare retract that promise later."

She tilted her head to kiss him, and true to her word, she wasn't that far from orgasm. As he pulled out of her, she dropped to the mattress, the warm waves crashing through whole being. It made her toes wiggle, and she felt as if an ocean wave was carrying her out to sea. 

After an indulgent minute or two, she pushed herself off her mattress and saw Noah's hardened cock. "I guess I should take care of that," she said, leaning forward and taking it into her mouth. Noah's head rolled back and his hand clutched her hair. 

She popped the cock out of her mouth. "I don't know though. Are you going to stop using sex to torture me into agreeing to things under duress?" She licked just the head, and said, "Hm?" Licking from the head, all the way up and then back down, she asked again, "Hmmmm?"

He pinched her nipple. 

"Ow!" she complained, pouting up at him. 

He raised his brows and looked down at her. "I think I play that game a little better than you, sweetheart."

She glowered at him, and he made a move towards her. Whatever he planned to do, Lena wasn't going to wait around for it. She took his cock back into her mouth with vigor. His hand shifted from whatever it was going to do, to smoothing back her hair. The hand that was free ran as far down her back as it could, then shifted around to tease her breasts. It wasn't long before he released into her mouth, and Lena licked his cock clean. 

She curled up next to him. "Do you want to shower here?"

He thought about it for a second, then grabbed her wrist. "Yeah, I can take you there too."

She laughed as he dragged her to the bathroom. "That's not what I meant!"  She didn't protest once the warm water was falling over them and Noah's arms were around her. 


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