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The summer is about to get hot in more ways than one.


The summer is about to get hot in more ways than one.

Chapter12 (v.1) - Ice cream fixes everything

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 19, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 19, 2017




Lena was up before the sun, besides how much she had to drink the night before. Although she wondered why she was punishing herself the whole way, Lena ren for a jog, Kira running at her heels. Sometimes, Kira ran a little further, and then back to Lena, trying to get her human to catch up, the little show off. 

She gave Kira a pat and her morning food, then went off to shower. The dress she put on was a powder blue, again loose and synched around the waist with a belt. She paired it dark colored shorts that were almost hidden by the length of the shirt dress, and put on her flats. Kira left with Lena, and trailed around her, but was mostly allowed to go along her usual morning routine- trot to home of Lena's mother and grandmother for a hello and some table scraps. Then bound over to the Dyer's farm to chase the cattle and play with the goats, then to stick her cold snout in the local kids faces and give them a big doggy lick. Then she would go sit with the old ladies playing bridge and eat the table scraps they gave her. Kira always had a busy morning, and stopping at a coffee shop on the chance that she might catch a lonely fireman was not on the to do list.

She met Noah before he was the coffee shop's door. Forthright, she strode up to him and asked, "Can I get you a coffee?"

She kept her eyes pinned on Noah, and not his coworkers, as she felt someone of them were not happy with her at the moment, and others were still snickering about their love affiar. 

For a half-minute, Noah seemed to hesitate. Then he nodded, and Lena abruptly turned to lead them inside. When she came back to the table with their orders, Noah rose his eyebrows at Lena's cup. "Affogato?" 

"Ice cream cures everything. Carbs and proteins cure the rest," she assured him, eyeing the door to the kitchen. Even though she knew it would be ten to fifteen minutes for their food to come, Lena was impatient. A hangover and her early morning run made her stomach churn for yummy eggs and potatoes and the elaborate hangover breakfast that is necessary after a night of drinking. 

She curled her knee to her chest and wrapped her arm protectively around herself. "I met him on a camping trip to the beach right before my sophmore year of college. It felt like I had always known him, like if I reviewed all of my memories, he was there. I know that's silly, but we just felt so perfect. We met, because my best friend was dating his brother. You couldn't get anymore fairytale than that. Instantly, we clicked. I'm not saying we never argued, or fought, we did a lot of that, but we always came back together. All of those moments, the good and the bad ones, and we always moved past the bad, are what made it perfect. " 

"You don't have to tell me," Noah answered. "If you want it to be private." 

"I just want you to understand. I don't know how to move on. I haven't been with anyone else since  . . . and when I'm with you, it feels perfect, and I don't understand how both romances could feel that way. And it's worse, because when I'm with you, sometimes, I barely even think about him. Then you leave, and I just feel guilty," Lena went on. 

They were silent for a moment, and Noah realized if she didn't finish her story, there would always be a large, undefined divide in between them. "What happened?" Noah prompted gently. 

Lena nursed the mug of ice cream with coffee poured over it. "We got accepted into the same school for a Master's degree and then we got hired at the same site. He was taking risks, always. He and his brother loved all the extreme sports. He opened my life that way. I was always telling him to slow down, but he ended up taking me along for the ride every time. It's how we found Kira. She was just a puppy, and we were hiking out in the Sierra Nevada, in a place where pets really can't keep up. She was just abanoned, so we took her. Back then, she fit right into my backpack. Even now, she curles up behind me in bed, so she can nuzzle her nose between my shoulder and ear, like she did the whole hike back to our car. He was never afraid of anything, not visibly. And he was alway playing the hero."

"What happened to him?" Noah asked. 

Quickly, she swiped at her eyes. "Being the hero didn't work out one day." When she could speak again, she said, "We cremated him, and then a group of us hiked to his favorite spot and spread out his ashes like he wanted. I'm not really sure it was legal, but Vic's a DA and he didn't say anything about it. After a couple of months, I couldn't stand where I was, so I packed up his things and told his family to come get what they wanted to keep. The rest of it went into the truck, and Kira and I came back here. Out of all the places he and I had gone, we'd never come back here together. Out of all the places we went, it was the only place I could think to go. I talked to Pat, and he said he had a job if I wanted it."

"I'm sorry," Noah said. "I'm sorry for your loss, and I'm sorry I assumed you were avoiding me for other reasons."

"I like you," Lena answered. "A lot. It's just . . . I don't know how to let Amery go."

"You think you're supposed to live your whole life like a widow?" Noah inferred. "As if you move on, it says you didn't love him as much as you still do. You think there's not room in there for him and me?" He indicated her heart, and Lena hated that he was figuring her out so well. Noah went on, "He doesn't sound like the type of person who would be honored that you keep him in mind, by putting your life on hold, by staying alive and not living. Except when you do these crazy thing, right? Like run into a forest fire and leap over ravines, that's the part of you keeping him alive." 

"Yes and no," Lena answered, wiping at her eyes again. "That's mostly just me. But it was nice, for a little while, to know, that if I was going to do something like that, Amery would be right by me."

"I can't compete with a memory, Lena," Noah told her softly. "I'll never measure up." 

Lena licked her lips, and then took a drink. It's impossible to cry while having an affogato, or she thought. "I can't be lucky enough to have two fairytale romances in my life. And I can't handle it if they keep ending up a tragedy."

Noah opened his mouth to reply, only to be cheerily interjected. "Here we go! One scrambled eggs with sausage, corn beef hash and toast. And a shortstack of blueberry pancakes, topped with fruit and whip cream, with a side of bacon and eggs." 

The waittress beamed down at them. "Can I get you guys anything else?" 

Realizing what she walked in on, with two shell-shocked patrons staring back at her, she said, "Um. You know what? You guys can just flag me down any time."

As she walked away, Lena looked at her pancakes. On top of the fruit pile, was two dollops of whip cream with cherries on top, and a long, curved line of whip cream beside them. "My pancakes are smiling at me," Lena answered. 

A moment later, they both bristled at the fact, and Lena let out a long sigh. "I really want to date you, Noah. I just don't know how to be there yet. And if you can't wait, I understand." 

He reached across the table and grabbed her hand. "It's all I need to hear, Lena. It's enough for now." 

She hid a smile by looking down at her pancakes. Before she could lift her fork, he asked, "Are there going to be perks to this waiting thing, though? Do I get your cherries?"

This time, her sigh was one of impatience. "First, you need a proper date. Now you need my cherries. Where does it end with you? One cherry, I get the other."

He plucked the cherry from the pancakes' right eye, plucking it by the stem and proudly taking a bite. Lena took a piece of strawberry into her mouth. A cherry wasn't the worst price to pay. 

"Lena," he said. "I'm not going to disappear. I promise." 

Unable to look at him, she nodded. For some reason, she thought shoving a forkful of blueberry pancakes into her mouth would help her stay under control. For the most part, it worked. 

"I know," she said, when she could talk again. She didn't sound sure, because Amery hadn't meant to leave her either, and a man in Noah's line of work couldn't make promises like that and have a choice in keeping them. "I won't either."

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