In the Case of Adelia Rose

Status: Finished

In the Case of Adelia Rose

Status: Finished

In the Case of Adelia Rose

Book by: darkenedfairytale


Genre: Romance


"We have a problem," a dark, yet honeyed voice told her. "You've lied to me. Just how exactly are we going solve this problem?" Adelia swallowed and her heart was pumping out of her chest. He could probably see it thumping right through her sternum, but he was a hard man and she doubted she was likely to get compassion. Can a heart out for revenge ever be softened?


"We have a problem," a dark, yet honeyed voice told her. "You've lied to me. Just how exactly are we going solve this problem?" Adelia swallowed and her heart was pumping out of her chest. He could probably see it thumping right through her sternum, but he was a hard man and she doubted she was likely to get compassion. Can a heart out for revenge ever be softened?

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"Does that sound good?" Adelia asked, a puzzled expression directed at her laptop. 

Liam tilted his head at her and raised his eyebrows, which caused Adelia to chew her lips with worry. She looked at the paragraph of her dissertation she read aloud to Liam. "Is it bad? Does it not sound good? I guess I could change-."

"Adelia," Liam cut through the insecurity. "What do I do for a living?"

She hesitated trying to figure out the most elegant way to phrase it. "Security."

"I don't know physics from chemistry, and you've explained it, quite patiently, five times," Liam replied. "It all sounded smart to me."

Shutting her laptop with one hand, he leaned in close, pressing his weight on the other hand. Close enough that she felt his hot breath on her even hotter skin, "And you know what you are when you say all that smart stuff I can't understand? Really, fucking, sexy."

His lips captured hers and they fell backwards on the bedsheets. She moaned and then panted beneath him, "But you said I had to be done by midnight! Now you're distracting me."

Without a verbal reply, Liam wrapped an arm underneath her and drew her to his chest, his lips recapturing hers. Molding to his form, Adelia gave in with sweet surrender, and was rewarded with delicious kisses laying claim to every inch of her being. She guessed she was going to get that punishment he threatened, and she'd regret it later. It was a little hard to complain when he was kissing between her breasts and making a trail that led straight to her clit, the very one that was pulsing with need. 

"Liam," she arched her back, and panted. "Please."

He stripped away the sheets, and pushed away the sides of his business shirt, the one she plucked off the bathroom floor once she had towled off. "Please what? Please let you finish your final draft, or please, fuck me."

"Fuck me," she exclaimed, her voice incredulous that there could be another motivation to her pleading. 

He chuckled, grabbing her thighs and tugging her closer to him. "It will factor into your punishment later, pretty girl," he promised darkly. 

She didn't dwell on the warning, however, because his mouth was right where she wanted it to be. 

Yes, she'd regret it later, but until then . . . she moaned, one hand running through her hair, the other running down her body, searching for his. 

He stirred around midnight to see Adelia furiously clicking away. Groggily, he raised his eyes to see the clock, and an evil grin spread on his face. "No, please," Adelia typed even faster, and clicked send. "See? It's done! Submitted."

"But what time is it, princess?" Liam said with a dark happiness. 

"Twelve fifteen, but if a standard deviation is fifteen minutes, then I'm only one standard deviation away from what I should have been, then I did really good," Adelia rambled. 

Raising his brows, Liam said, "Standard deviation? Audience, Adelia, who are you talking to? What do I know of standard deviations, and by your logic, couldn't I say a standard deviation is one minute? Or a second? How many standard deviations would that be?"

"Um," she swallowed. Nine hundred. "Maybe we'll just forget the standard deviation."

"You're so sexy when you smart words, like standard deviation," Liam chuckled. "Hm, but you tried to distract me with your sexiness earlier, didn't you, princess?"

"Nmhm. I'm good. I'm always good," Adelia answered.

"Really? Then what's about to happen to you, princess?" Liam asked. 

Hopefully, she answered, "I'm about to get hugs and cuddles?" He shook his head, and she glumly answered, "I'm about to get punished? For being productive, despite your distractions?"

"We'll disagree on the why," Liam said, "But I won't be unreasonable. You can go to the closet and pick something out and get fifteen lashes, or you can get a fifteen minute spanking."

She gulped. Fifteen minutes? Liam's hand could do a world of hurt, especially since the leather glove he sometimes wore protected his hand from the same sting her ass felt. Anxiously, she slid out from under the sheets and walked to his closet. She pushed away the clothes and the ties and revealed the mean instruments of discipline. Picking the least scariest, she walked away with a simple, classic, black riding drop.

"Against the window, sweetheart," he said, coming to meet her halfway across the room.

Her jaw dropped. Yes, it was dark in their room, but that wouldn't matter if she was against the glass. She was nude! Although she looked pleadingly into his face, he wasn't as malleable as he was before he found out about her relation to George.

 Timidly, she moved to the window and placed her hands against the glass. She arched her back, and then did so even more as he ran the crop down her spin. Liam wasn't going to say it, but Adelia was so good, so pleasing. Her position was perfect, her ass . . . he realized he was caught up massaging it, and Adelia was getting antsy, rolling on her toes back down to her heels as she tried to calm herself. She gasped at the first strike. It felt like lightening. Three more quick ones followed and she pressed harder against the glass. 

The crop teased her, or maybe it was trying to soothe her as it caressed her skin, down her calves, and then up her spine. It ran across her hip and circled her belly, before coming to- oh no. 

Adelia bit her lip as it struck her breast. She whimpered as she soaked in the pain, and it confused her when her clit jumped. A similar strike hit her other breast and her toes curled as her clit pulsed twice. The white lightening pain that had stretched across her ass had dulled into a strange kind of pleasurable feeling. 

The crop caressed her again, until it slid down to her pussy. She groaned, not at what was to come exactly, but at her own submission as she widened her legs. Behind her, Liam smirked at the submission, as her pussy as presented beautifully for him. 

She yelped. What? Just because her submission pleased him didn't mean he was going to be any easier on her. Eight more to go, they silently reminded themselves as Liam teased her clit with the crop. She rolled onto her toes as Liam struck the top of her thighs, and then squirmed as he hit right below the resulting welt. 

Her twin whimpers made his cock harden even more as he struck each breast again. When he hit her ass again, she arched her back, presenting it more fully for the next strike. She whimpered in anticipation as the crop rubbed against her pussy again. She whimpered as the last strike came, and then willed herself not to shift around, looking for relief for the soppy hot mess between her thighs. Punishments were so confusing sometimes. 

"I think you want to cum," Liam said, "But what kind of naughty girl cums from a punishment? What kind of lesson would that be?"

"The kind that sticks?" Adelia guessed. 

"Hm. Someone hasn't learned her lesson. I'll tell you what. You can cum, but only after you've made me cum. And you'll do that on your hands and knees, with your hot, little mouth around my cock. Since you obviously haven't learned your lesson, and a naughty girl can't be allowed to cum, you'll just have to be punished until I cum, and you've proven yourself repentent." 

"You mean?" Adelia's voice drifted off. "Is that safe? For your penis?"

"Any teeth, little girl, and your ass will be raw."

She gulped. 

"It's up to you, princess. We can go to bed, and that pulsing, hot little pussy can just wait until-," Adelia hit her knees before Liam was done speaking. She shifted to her hands and feet, and then took the head of Liam's cock into her mouth. 

The crop came down with a searing kiss for her left buttcheek. 

Oh god. That shouldn't have felt good, but it did. The muscles of her vagina were starting to quiver, almost to the point where they would clench, even at its own emptiness. Realizing she needed to make him cum fast, she reached up with her hands to cup his balls. The crop came down with a harshness that made her gasp and take more of Liam's length into her mouth. 

"No hands," he commmanded.

Moaning around his cock, she put her hands back on the floor. For the most part, the crop caressed her, providing encouragement by reminding her it was there. The strikes were lighter, considering the preciousness of what was in her mouth. One extra hard strike might make her bite down as a knee jerk reaction. 

She was more concerned with the pleasure she was providing, however, than the pain she was receiving. Before he was about explode in her mouth, he groaned and grasped her hair, pulling her back. Lifting her into his arms, he carried her to the bed, his tool of punishment was left forsaken. 

As he entered her, Adelia sighed in relief. She kissed whatever her lips could find, his clavicle, his shoulder, and his neck. Liam pulled out of her, and then pushed back in. Her fingers dug into his back, and his hands kept her steady.

"Liam," she moaned, her hands moving up his back, into his hair. 

Grabbing her wrists, he pinned her hands to the mattress as he sped up, feeling his release coming. He felt himself release into her and kissed her mouth possessively as he did. She was so close, so ready. He kept moving, murmuring, asking if she was almost there, ready to cum. Desperately, she clung to him, caressing his skin as his grip on her wrist loosened. Grasping it again, he pinned her to the mattress, and demanded, "Then cum." 

He kissed the erogenous area of her neck and she felt herself on the precipice as his cock struck her g-spot over and over. Her pussy clenched around his cock, fluttering around it, strumming against it and making it semi-hard again. 

Pulling out of her, he rolled over and pulled her on top of him. Tenderly, he kissed her and then ran his hand down her back to massage her butt. "Are you okay?" he asked. 

Spent, she nodded against him and drifted away into the darkness. 


"Really?" Adelia asked when Liam presented her with a warm chocolate donut, covered with hot chocolate fudge syrup and three large strawberries. "For breakfast?"

"Would you rather have quinoa oatmeal?" Liam asked. 

"Nmhm," Adelia said, accepting the take-out box before he could change his mind. Happily, she cut into it with a spoon. "Post-intimate Liam is so good to me."

Furrowing his brow, he asked, "How so?"

The realization that she was in dangerous territory, Adelia swallowed slowly. "You spoil me like this. You let me eat all the food you haven't let me eaten since we were first dating. Milkshakes. Donuts. Hot fudgy goodness." 

She moaned as she put the spoon in her mouth again and made a show of pulling it back out. Whistfully, she said, "I would suck your dick everyday, if this is what I get."

Although he wanted to press her for the details she edited out of her confession, Liam dryly replied, "I'll keep that in mind."

Beaming at him, she took another bite. Leaning over her, Liam whispered, "Do I get a bite?"

Shaking her head, Adelia pulled the spoon from her mouth. Tilting her chin up, Liam kissed her lips before the taste of chocolate was gone. 

God, that was good. 

"You need to eat an extra healthy lunch. What did you pack?" Liam asked. 

"Uh, peanut butter and strawberry sandwich, one of your yogurt things, and . . .," she trailed off, and then admitted, "Gummy bears." 

For a minute, Liam considered what she said, and then shrugged. "It's healthy for you."


Eugene frowned as he watched Adelia climb the stairs to the second level. Liam used to drop Adelia off every day, he'd come by with homemade lunch for her, and then he would pick her up. He hadn't done any of those things in several months. Of course, Eugene knew things between them would have to fizzle out eventually, but he sensed something was off between them. Adelia had . . . become more out-going the first few months she knew Liam. Then a switch came, and she had regressed. How long before she regressed back into George's grasp?

How long before Liam replaced George in Adelia's life. He'd seen this pattern of behavior before, and it was when Adelia's mother fell underneath George's thumb. 

It was time to talk to Liam.

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