Outlander in Otherworld

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Outlander in Otherworld

Status: In Progress

Outlander in Otherworld

Book by: Amy F. Turner


Genre: Fantasy



The world Jax knows literally falls away. Inexplicably, she finds herself in a different world much like ours but more fantastic than any dream. This is her daring adventure through bizarre lands of this alternative earth to find her way home.


The world Jax knows literally falls away. Inexplicably, she finds herself in a different world much like ours but more fantastic than any dream. This is her daring adventure through bizarre lands of this alternative earth to find her way home.

Chapter30 (v.1) - Old Wounds Revisted

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“Kevaj reaches them,” she announced and cleared her throat trying to put any thought of Garbhan in her past or present out of her mind.

Dawn wished it were so easy. She failed to blot him out of her mind which had a great deal to do with her ability to feel the heat of his massive body while he stood just behind her with both his warm hands resting lightly on her shoulders. She sighed again. Her breathing tried to rush in and out. Dawn wanted to control it and her thoughts of what he could do to her with those large rough hands that touched her gently. She remembered anyway and cursed her foolhardy weakness.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 23, 2017





Garbhan released Dawn to her shock as she whirled to face him.  In the time since they last saw each other, perhaps a ston or maybe it was two, he looked larger and filled her entire view.  He towered over her as always with those wide shoulders, but he seemed wider in the chest with thick muscles in his arms and legs.  The armor he wore, which was maroon in reaction to his power that she sensed only lightly now, only enhanced his awesome qualities by coiling about powerful arms and stretching across his wide chest meeting his narrow waist.  Armor coiled about his long muscular legs further emphasizing his awing warrior physique.

She slapped him.  He barely flinched because of the metal mask outlining the harsh lines of his face softened by the flush of full lips.  Dawn went to slap him again and failed for his hand swallowed hers.  He brought the palm to his mouth for a kiss.  She fumed and tried to slap him with the other hand only for him to catch that one also and kiss it.

“Release me, you oaf!” she shouted feeling more than unnerved.  His lips were so soft in contrast to his hardness.  Even his hold on her hands was terribly gently though she could never remove her hands from his, which she knew had the strength to crush her delicate bones if he chose.

“Never.  I was foolish to do so before.  I shall never again, Dawn,” he uttered with hushed gentleness that belied the hulk he was.

The red woman narrowed her eyes at him but felt more than a flutter of fear well in her belly.  She knew his statement had nothing at all to do with the situation at hand with her brother and the Bree.  Dawn tried her best to control the shudder that threatened to override her anger at him for catching her off-guard and pulling a knife on her so deftly.  She preferred the sharp edge of her anger.  Any other emotion would qualify weakness, and she would never dare show that to him.

“What game are you playing, Cleric?” she accused warily.

“Nay.  Tis never a game I play with ye,” he replied silkly as he looked into her foggy peridot eyes without releasing her hands yet.  Her robes seemed to cover her sufficiently but outlined every curve she had to offer with more than a glimpse of devastatingly long legs.  She was still as beautiful as she was defiant.

The sight of her again made Garbhan remember a time he thought he never wished to recall.  He was wrong.  Both of them were young then and competing in the Tournament of Givah for the prize that Kevaj eventually would win overall.  The battle mage won his own order as Kevaj won his and Dawn hers.  The three of them, Kevaj, Dawn, and Garbhan had trained together briefly and created a tight bond all thought never could be broken.  In fact, it was at the tournament that Kevaj met Garbhan’s sister Meira and fell madly in love with her.  She had felt the same intensity of feelings and before the tournament was over she agreed to an engagement.  The marriage followed with several lecen of bliss before Lord Prime’s summons.

However, in the time the trio spent together preparing for the tournament, Dawn and Garbhan shared more than their mutual friendship.  An enchanted moment developed that would last a lifetime so the battle mage thought then.  It was so like the way Kevaj described his feelings in the moment he saw Meira at the Festival of Fellowship prior to the tournament.  Garbhan had happened upon Dawn serious-faced and pensive.  He sat with her…all joking aside and really spoke to her of the tournament and beyond. 

He saw her as more than Kevaj’s little sister but as a woman of surprising depth as well as beauty.  Her hair the entire time since he met her had been pinned, but on that day he met her with such brooding upon her…the hair was as he saw it then in the Keep.  Free…and she wore a dress of like fairness.  He could never have imagined she was the same person, but she was. 

Garbhan realized for the first time that she was more than just another one of the warriors but a woman.  One of exceptional beauty.  He was charmed from that moment on and still she enthralled him.  At the final festival this one of strength, they danced.  In that moment, he knew there would never be any other woman but Dawn.  That night they spent together was captivating and never to be known to him again.

The trio went their separate ways soon after the tournament promising to stay in touch.  That never happened.  Kevaj never knew that Dawn and the battle mage shared more than friendship.  Dawn and he parted without a word of the passion they found with one another.  Again Garbhan met Dawn, but she never acknowledged that they shared anything more than friendship during those many ryn of the tournament, and he never bothered to mentioned what his heart dared to feel for her and failed to feel with any other since.  He thought of it often even when it was known she had taken a Bree as a lover.  Garbhan never expected that the feeling of his youth would surface so strongly to stir his heart again.  However, there seemed no help for it.

Dawn felt uneasy by the admiring directness of the Cleric’s gaze.  She turned away wishing he would never look to her that way.  It would make her remember a time she never would.  To take her mind off him, she conjured the mist again to see of her brother and saw he made his way to the outside already as she gathered he would.  Kevaj was nearly by the southwest wall where he would find Jax and the Bree.  She wondered what her brother would do when he found them.

Garbhan touched her shoulder gently as he came to her side.

“Ye hate him still?” he asked in the same hushed tone the sounded intimate.

She gulped down in her dry throat.  “I needed only to know his heart,” she said using a neutral tone.  It was safer.

He frowned.  “I fail to understand.”

“My brother had been so lost since he killed Meira.  It killed something good in him.  It killed my lover, too, the madness in him, which made me hate him for a time I imagine.  I needed to know if it remained in him or if he was healed.” 

Dawn fought the reaction her body felt at the Cleric’s touch, which was strong but gentle and warm.  She remembered when he touched her in such a way at the Tournament of Givah.  She shut her eyes closing off the memory with the clench of her jaw. 

“And what have ye gathered?” he asked while studying her.

“That he is the man I love again.”  She smiled a little still focused on the mist depicting her brother.  Dawn added quickly and regretfully, “And, so are you.”

Garbhan turned fully to her, astonished.  He then turned her to him.  Dawn failed to meet his eyes. 

She cursed her foolish tongue and her wayward emotions building like a storm inside her.  Dawn wished that she could cut out the way this particular man made her feel even after so much time.  Why could she never do it?

“Dawn…” he said nearly breathless at her words echoing through him.

“The madness took you, too, Han, over this Bree and made you hate my brother even as you loved him.  Does it now that you see he is himself again, and you both are able to let Meira go?”

Garbhan smiled slowly.  “Ye be clever, Dawn, and I underestimated ye.  I shall never again.”He lifted her chin to see her beautiful eyes.

“Do you hate him still?” she asked without looking at him.

“Nay.  One finds it hard to hate a man that would give his life for another he knows nothing of.  There is much honor in him.”

Dawn nodded in agreement but never looked to him.  She could never trust herself to do it without reacting to what she saw on his face or the look in his eyes. 

She said after a time, “Yea.  Even as I stabbed him I felt it so.  His mind was on the lanisha and his worry only for her.”

Garbhan cupped her face so that she would look to him.  He stroked her soft curly hair and sighed when her green eyes met his at last.  She hid behind them.  Her lips parted, and she sighed also for his dark eyes seemed to search hers.  Hope.  She saw hope there.  Sweet Prime help her!

“Ye anger was merely a ploy to test him,” he said with the tilt of his head as if he were reading a book in her eyes.

“In part,” she admitted, “I hated what he did to me, but could never fault him.  I saw into his heart and knew he loved me truly and only wanted to protect me as he had failed to protect Meira from the Bree.  In that moment my hate left me, and only pity remained for I know that more than his charge fuels him with this lanisha.”

She turned from him just when she noticed him lean into her and his lips part toward hers for a kiss.  Dawn looked to the mist in terror as she clenched her skirts in a fist and tried to regroup at the thought and feel of his lips on her own.  How long had it been since she felt anything so dangerous as a kiss?  She dashed the thought from her mind the instant it came and knew to her great disappointment that she faired poorly with the Cleric. 

Like her, Garbhan had the power to look into the heart of a man or woman for his order was trained in the ways of the Wielder and the Warrior.  He had been looking into Dawn’s heart then and acted on what he saw there.  She sighed at her defeat.  Garbhan must have discovered how much she really wanted to feel those full lips of his and the sweetness of his tongue, she feared.  He must have known how she ached to feel his mouth as much as his hands on her again!

Dawn shut her eyes and clinched her fists at such weakness.  She vowed that she would never let her emotions rule her ever again with him or any man.  She never wanted anyone to have such power over her heart.  However, Garbhan being there with her again was something she never expected or the feelings that rose in her at his touch or his heated gaze. 

Dawn failed to believe seeing Garbhan again would erupt so many old memories of a passion she could compare to nothing she had experienced since…even with the Bree she adored that her brother killed.  She wished that she could forget she ever felt anything for the Cleric.  It hurt too much when she would think of him leaving her for his charge.  Like Kevaj, Garbhan was bound to the service of their Lord Prime Shadmir Prov, XI.  Duty, for him, was always more important than anything else…even love.

Knowing well Garbhan’s position, Dawn decided after the first that it would be the last time she ever opened her heart.  If she loved, it would be on her terms or not at all, and so had been her relationship with the Bree.  But, with Garbhan...  Dawn shook her head for with only him did all the rules seem to fog.  With Garbhan, all her vows to herself lost their sense.

“Kevaj reaches them,” she announced and cleared her throat trying to put any thought of Garbhan in her past or present out of her mind. 

Dawn wished it were so easy.  She failed to blot him out of her mind which had a great deal to do with her ability to feel the heat of his massive body while he stood just behind her with both his warm hands resting lightly on her shoulders.  She sighed again.  Her breathing tried to rush in and out.  Dawn wanted to control it and her thoughts of what he could do to her with those large rough hands that touched her gently.  She remembered anyway and cursed her foolhardy weakness.

“Yea, so he does,” he said without interest in the mist viewer she conjured of her brother’s progression.  Garbhan caressed her dark curly ribbons of the sky and inhaled the strand’s enthralling scent.  Just as he remembered.  Sweet Prime!  Wild and free like the night sky and open sweetness. 

He exposed her slender red neck by lifting the silky hair away.  What he found was the rapid pulse at her throat under his gentle kiss.  Garbhan felt her shake if ever so slightly under his lips and touch.  He smiled knowing then with certainty that he still had the same effect on her that she had on him.

Dawn shut her eyes to her protests when her head fell back against him.  She felt tired of the fight especially since she never wanted to, and knew he felt exactly the same. 

Why fight it? she heard him question as much as she did.  Dawn shook her head without an answer.  When Garbhan was involved, reason fled in use.

Her breathing came in a pant when his hands drew boldly about her and secured her against him.  His every muscle felt taunt and in the ready.  Raw strength cradled her causing her to shiver in delight of him.  His warm breath seemed to encompass her.  Inhaling deeply the scent of her hair, his lips found her offered neck with soft kisses.

What happened next occurred in a blur of movement.  Her dress fell to the floor revealing Dawn’s naked curves to his hungry eyes.  She wanted to turn and face him but there was no use of that.  His strong arms locked around her own binding them behind her.  The only sounds in the chamber were those of their rapid breathing and the only thing seen was heat. 

Dawn felt him freed and stiff at her curved woman flesh.  She could not help her eager movement against the mountain behind her.  She grew wetter by the swaying grind she made against him.  Could it be that he grew still between her wanton thighs?

Garbhan gritted his teeth with his growl deep at the back of his throat.Her sweetness filled the air around them and coated his length liberally with each of her pleasing movements.  He allowed her to tease him for as long as he dared.  Gripping her throat, he curved her head back toward him where he might see the green eyes that haunted his dreams.  And they were just as they had been then, lost to the moment of their desire.

With one cry, Dawn felt him thrust fully inside her.  He was bigger!  So much so she felt overwhelmed as her legs buckled under the power of his thrust and consumption.  He moved in agonizing increments to withdraw only to fully thrust inside her heat equally torturous.  Her eyes never left the intensity of his face.  Both breathed as one in a rapid pant.

Before either could believe it, the race began slow, but then ran to the pounding rapid beat of their hearts.  Cries echoed the chamber and they belonged to Dawn.  Garbhan stretched her in each delicious thrust, filling her beyond her ability to cope.  It was too much after such loneliness encompassed her existence after the loss of her lover.  Even what she had with the Bree could in no way match the lust this Cleric always summoned to her. 

So long ago, she knew such abandon in a younger woman.  A foolish one she believed.  The way they freely offered each other pleasure in secret, she could never recreate no matter how strong her magicks.  However, there was more here.  Had there always been? 

More than she could ever imagine she viewed through his eyes that shined into her own.  Garbhan surrendered to his lust bending her, making her entire body jar with the strength of his full length pounding inside her without paused.  Dawn saw the window opened into his soul and what blossomed within begun so long ago. 

Insignificant?  Never… 

Dawn could hear his chuckle of amusement at her thoughts!  The softness of his laugh made her body quake.  She tried to stave it, but heard his whisper again.


She flowed with it and the burst of tears that shattered her heart.  How could it be?  Was this the truth of his heart?  That there was no one in the whole world he wanted more than her?  There never had been and would never be?  No matter the lovers she took…  The Cleric cared nothing for the others because just like her, he knew her heart always belong to him and it always would. 

Garbhan laughed again all in her mind yet said not a word.  The past meant nothing.  Only this moment with them taking what they needed from one another.  And what he did do was continue to fill her tight little entrance through each tremor gripping his cock in a vise.  He was hardly done, but wanted to be sure Dawn gathered the extent of his desire to mollify any doubt of his feelings for her.

Each wall Garbhan conquered, the barriers around her heart tumbled.  Dawn could not fight his power of a different magic.  At his realized orgasm came his pouring seed and his hardest thrusts.  Also what poured into her were his feelings that were as tangled and varied as her own.  One thing was clear… neither of them found a way to purge the love they still harbored deep within for each other.

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